Saturday, December 31, 2011


I would say the past one was a better year.

I was jobless in the beginning.
Now working, even though its with some real a-holes.

Moved to the City.
Loved it. Then hated it too.

Single status is still a status, though not much needed anymore.
Desp? May be.

Published a short story. Paying one.
But i think they'll publish next year.

The book reading was phenomenal.
Record breaking.

Got an android.
That was like last week.

Lost a few friends. And mostly because of me.
And i warn you, as you age, the worthy ones will get sparser.

Two lady babies to two friends.
They are so beautiful.

The year was faster than i thought.
May be its an age thing and 'age' is the word i hate the most in the world.

Planning something awesome for the future.
I just hope that i can see it fruiting.

And for 2012,
Please don't end.
Some of us got plans.


Friday, December 23, 2011

Universal language

I have a French student now. One Mr. Thomas. I like to think of him as thumnus. You know, of Narnia. Usually I don't have language barrier with my students. They all are more well versed in English than I am. Thomas talks well too. But you never know.
So one day we were discussing the things us humans do, that I'd say not fit for delicate ears. Regular work.
Me: so, there's faeces, urine and sweat.
T: what's that?
Me: faeces?
T: yeah.
Me: umm. You know, human waste.
T: what waste? I don't get it.
Me: Stools?
T: what's stool? Like a seat?
Me: how do I say this. Gaad... Like we go to toilet everyday, u know? Well, some every day. : /
T: like poo?
Me: Yes Thomas! POOP it is! You poo poo head!
The last bit was all in my head.
I am afraid to think what I will do if he starts akibg questions about the rest.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I am ME.

I believe true love exists
I am cynical
I read wikipedia for fun
I believe in ancient texts of wisdom
I love gadgets
I am clumsy
I don't believe in  music genre 
I like finer things in life
I also am not crazed about money
I am childish
I like sick adult jokes
I hate latecomers
I am always late
I am stingy
I like surprising my loved ones with gifts
I am orthodox in believes
I read gay romances
I believe in Karma
I find hate tiring
I am spiritual
I gossip
I am cuddly
I forgive easily
I find peace in temples
I seek attention and approval
I am calm
I am materialistic
I look for deeper meanings in mythology
I talk to my gadgets
I don't talk to strangers on transit
I am expressive

I am Complex
I am ME

Monday, December 12, 2011

Kovai Sky.. in the evening.

Took this on my Elmo on a stroll with a friend. It was too beautiful to just watch. I had to share. Click to zOOm.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Bitchology- Lesson 1

Never underestimate the Bitch. The bitch is equipped with devastating weapons of ruthlessness, cold-heart and knowledge of your weakness. The second you underestimate it, it scores and you are history.

[NB- Bitchology obviously is a lecture on the aforementioned character who are recognized not by their look, but solely by the bitchiness. Surrounded by them means death and if you have to survive, you need the tricks.]

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Bitchology Lesson No. 17

Know what the Bitch likes. And keep a healthy supply of it with you. Shower it generously, but always make it clear that you worked real hard to get this to the bitch. Bitch is mollified that you are working for it and is happy.
Remember, A happy bitch is a less trouble bitch.

[NB- Bitchology obviously is a lecture on the aforementioned character who are recognized not by their look, but solely by the bitchiness. Surrounded by them means death and if you have to survive, you need the tricks.]

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Celeb Encounters

So, i met this guy.
[don't be fooled by the picture. Can be really ugly]

He is under treatment near where i work.
Not a fan. But curious in a way you wonder about the lion-tailed macaque.
So, saw from distance a few times.
Haughty airhead a-hole.

Then this girl got admitted in next room.
Only saw from afar.
For those who don't know, Mallu heroine.

Now we are waiting for the gossips to start.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Friday, November 25, 2011

10 Day You Challenge- Day 9

Two Songs

  1. Lucky by Jason Mraz feat. Colbie Caillat- Best friends-became-lovers song ever. You feel bouncy and happy listening to it.
  2. Baby Its Cold Outside- Its so comforting listening to this. And it does reminds you of holidays. I like the glee version better because (a) huge Chris Colfer Darren Criss fan and (b) the two male voices removes the male-female crossover irritation i have when i hear others.

    These two are in my 'most played songs' list.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

10 Day You Challenge- Day 8

Three Films
Here is three movies that i watch over and over again and doesn't get tired of.

  1. You Got Mail- My favorite feel good movie. Cute Meg Ryan and sensible Tom Hanks. And to boot it all, me myself had a huge crush on my penpal.
  2. Kal Ho Na Ho- Say whatever about KJo's drama theatrics. But the movie is doing old bollywood cliches and mocking them at the same time. I have laughed and cried with it. And to boot, SRK. I first started crushing on the guy when i was 8 years old. And first crushes die hard.
  3. Finding Nemo- I think this is like my all time favorite movie. I can't stop watching it once i start. Besides being the best entertainer that was ever made by pixar, it reminds me of my own Nemo aka Rudra. Dory says 'Hi! Do i know you?'

It is with pain that i am not including so so so many of my favorites. Jeez, meme's are gonna get me only grief.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

10 Day You Challenge- Day 7

Four Books
[Four books?? Four? This is cruelty towards a bibliophile!]

  1. Harry Potter Series- I am, like everyone else, is a Ka-Ray-Zee fan. I love Ron and my college desk was covered with doodles of Ron's name and hearts. But more than the best book series ever, HP brought me back to serious reading again. And i can't thank JKR enough for that, ever.
  2. Chetan Bhagat's FivePoint Someone-I love all his books. Even with his bollywood masala stories and predictable endings, i still love him. Because he inspired me to write first. And to start a blog.
  3. Julia Quinn's Bridgerton Series- Fun-Fucking-Fantastic read. That's what this was. My favorite is Colin's story. Also Anthony's.
  4. QI Anthology- This book is not out yet. But its still in my Fav-Four. Why? Because, Yours Truly has written a story that's gonna be in it. Say with me, "YAY!!" :D
That is it then.
Adios, amigos.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

10 Day You Challenge- Day 6

Five Foods
[Five? That is one extra short list!]
  1. Biriyani- Who does not love a good dum Biriyani? My favorite is one made by aQQui. He is an awesome cook. Sadly all my family's cooking gene went to the boy.
  2. Cake- I make cake and i love my own plum cake. But my favorite has to be black forest. Just thinking of it, all black white and red makes me have a foodgasm.
  3. Different Chaats- Who doesn't?
  4. Chocolate- Any form, any day! Bring it on.
  5. Ice cream!- Me big baby!! :P

Five Foods i want to taste some day
  1. Pancakes and maple syrup.
  2. Belgian Waffles- Real hot ones.
  3. Ribs
  4. Crème brûlée
  5. Anything from Mexican cuisine.

Monday, November 21, 2011

10 Day You Challenge- Day 5

Six Places; I want to visit.

  1. Italy- Rome, Venice, Milan... All the countrysides... Wine... I just wanna go there and relax... Ooh, did i mention the hot Italian guys?
  2. Greece- All the blue seas and white buildings... Picturesque. Did i mention the hot Greek guys? :P [I think i read way too many harlequin and mills and boon in my late teens. I think all the guys in the mediterranean are tall, dark and handsome and rich to boot.
  3. India- I live in India. But the country is so vast and wide and it holds so much culture and beauty. I especially wanna see Eastern India, palaces of Rajasthan, Leh, Temple towns of Tamil Nadu, Puri, Varanasi, Kolkata... With Mom. :-)
  4. Russia- Not so much now, but during my college days, me and Di had this romanticized version of Russia with the white nights and grey surroundings. Now i would really love to visit St. Petersburg and Moscow for all the art and the churches. With Di, of course.
  5. United states- just because of the food, i swear. I think they don't have any cuisine and they make it as they go along and they have come up with some real crazy combos which i watch regularly on TLC. Damn it i wanna go. With my partner in crime, aQQui.
  6. Home- At the end of the day, there is no other place you'd rather be. :-)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

10 Day You Challenge- Day 4

Seven Wants;

  1. To publish a book. Fiction; and have at least one person i don't know like it.
  2. Fall head over heels in love, and have the favor returned. Well, who doesn't want that?
  3. Go into business with Di, and enjoy every crazy minute it. It will be crazy. She is as neurotic as God makes 'em.
  4. Own Sony Ericsson Neo V. Which i will most likely fulfill before all the rest. And a Galaxy Tab. Greedy much?
  5. Travel around the world. And go to all the amazing food places i watch on TLC.
  6. My parents to be really really proud of me. Not the "aww, my baby" pride, but the "Wow, she's really awesome" version
  7. Have a Genie appear before me and ask for my 3 wishes. Or 10. :P
Would it be too much asking the Genie to look like this?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

10 Day You Challenge- Day 3

Eight Fears;

  1. The Apocalypse- i am serious. I really believe that the world would end next year and then i will leave without making a mark on this then-nonexisting-world.
  2. High heels and bike riding- This is fairly recent.I am not the tallest person and i am afraid that when i get off from the back seat, the heels would trip and i would fall with the bike on top.
  3. Commitment- Ehm.

  4. My loved ones departing- I used to have nightmares of it, though its a lot better now.
  5. Thieves, burglars and such- I am always paranoid when i come back to a vacant house.
  6. Horror movies.
  7. Snakes- They are the creepiest creepers of 'em all.
  8. Ending up alone for the rest of my life- That is, if the world by chance did not end.

Friday, November 18, 2011

10 Day You Challenge- Day 2

Nine Loves;

  1. Books

  2. Coffee

  3. Tiger cubs
  4. Music. No specific genre, but anything that sounds nice and don't hurt my eardrums.
  5. Monsoon
  6. Baking
  7. Writing [Blogging]
  8. Home cooked meals, especially festive ones, with my family
  9. Talking with loved ones; Di, aQQui, Mom, Nemo, H, Sony, AD.....

Thursday, November 17, 2011

10 Day You Challenge

I admit that is a ruse to get me to blog regularly. Fingers crossed.

10 Secrets
  1. I hate when people show me their family photo albums. Looking at ugly strangers is not my way to spent time.
  2. I am mighty jealous of my work friend who is engaged. Am not jealous of her relationship status. I am J because her fiance is buying her a smartphone. I want a smartphone!!
  3. I think coldplay is mediocre. And i like westlife. I know. :|
  4. I hate almost everyone i work with. And they think i like them
  5. Sometimes on weekends i forgets to brush teeth in the morning and remember it around noon. You think i am gross now, do you?
  6. I eat a tub of ice cream and watch HIMYM when i am sad or depressed.
  7. I cry reading romance novels. Judge me.
  8. I believe that world will end in 2012 and all my future big plans is set for 2013 so that if world ends, i am not in the middle of something.
  9. I have googled "the most painless way to suicide".
  10. My story which got accepted for publishing is queer themed. The publisher is Queer-Ink Press. So Yeah, i write queer stories. I am not queer.

Phew. Too much sharing?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sickness Blue

Its been four months since i arrived in this City. And its my second fever in as much months. I think Cities make me burning hot. :P
Honestly, the cities have a way of attaching itself on you. Make you so crazy about it, even with all its imperfections. It grows on you slowly, and one day you realize that you don't want to go back, even though you hate the place and the people here.
Its like a sexy mistress, seductive; you know its not good, you know more times than not it is not so fond of you, you know you will have much more peace and understanding from the good old hometown where everyone knows you. But you cant leave. You live for its better moments, even though it is far and fewer in between. Its like a really bad addiction.
I know i am not the first to feel this tug o' war. I like living here, but there are moments when i miss my smalltown life like mad.
Especially when i am sick. And lonely. Fever is not some deathbed scene for me. But it makes me want my home and family with an intensity that is quite fierce.

Things i miss from Home- especially when i am down with fever.

  • Amma- Whenever i am sick, she gets on like an overprotective orangutan mom. She checks on often, and sometimes scolds me for being a careless baby to get the disease, which makes me crazy. I miss the scolding. Even though in the past few days she has called like fifty times, i miss her random checks and poor-baby pats and hugs.
  • Mom's chukku kaapi- Chukku is ginger and kaapi is, of course, coffee. Its a dreadful spicy drink, after drinking which you will run and mouth some sugar to cool your tongue. Mom feeds us that hourly while ill. We think she is being rather sadistic. But it makes the fever go away in like, a day. Here also i make something that tastes like that. How ever i try, its not as awful and it not as effective either. Sigh.
  • My Bed- Which rather hard, with a me-shaped dent right in the middle, but its the place where i get maximum rest and sleep.
  • My room- The one thing i hate and love in my city room is the pouring sunlight. Some days it makes my days brighter. But the fever photo-phobia makes my eyes crave my room with a huge mango tree right near the windows which makes it virtually dark at noon.
  • My dog, who knows when i am sick and in companionship comes and lies down on my feel. Which is rather painful, but i like it anyway.
  • Dad who runs after me with a paracetamol, which is something i abhor. His belief in modern medicines in something i didn't inherit from him.

Taking care of yourself is something you need to learn sooner or later. But it doesn't mean that you stop wishing someone would do it for you at your most vulnerable.

PS: The one thing i love most about the city is also the family. Them and their over-intrusive, overprotective, overbearing ways are a few hundred kilometers away. Aw, shucks.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Sometimes it lasts in love, Sometimes it hurts instead.

I forgot YOUR birthday this year.
This is the first time i passed a September 3 without wishing you since I turned 16 and came to know you.

It's moving forward, or on, right?

Then I hear this amazingly sung Adele song and I remember you.
Vividly and Painfully.

Never mind. I'll find someone like you.

[PS: I am gay for Adele. ]

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Friend-cheating And Other Vices

Can you cheat on a friend? If not, what is this guilt i am feeling that i shouldn't at any case feel?

So, i went out today. It was a beautiful Sunday, clear sky and and rather cold weather. I had made plans with Barbara (you remember Barbara, right? The dog lady), accompanying her on her shopping trip, which was incidentally to Bhima Gold and Precious stones. [I admit it. I love gold. I love the shine, the intrinsic artwork and the beauty of it. I love how it makes one pretty. And i love how confident the yellow metal makes you. Fuck it, i love how it is actually a status symbol some despises, but secretly craves. There, one of my vices.]

So, we went to Bhima, then to another handicraft store, which had good but seriously overpriced products. Lets face it. Barbara is a foreigner. But she is from Brazil, which is not much richer than India. And she came to study here, not shop and enjoy the sights. And Indians are waiting with sharpened scalpels to cut off from any non-Indian that actually wants to shop here. It made me little angry and a lot ashamed. And then i had a fight with the shop guy. [That is another vice. I hate when people push on low quality things and demand four times the original price and act like i am too stupid to understand the goodness of it. Fuck you. And i hate more when someone try to cheat my friends.] Barbara had to interfere. Hmmph. I am still pissed.

Then we went to Hot Chocolate. The hot chocolate was delicious, but it was like dropping 1kg wet cement in my stomach. That heavy. And then she bought me a chocolate brownie. [This is the third vice. I can never, to save my life, say NO to chocolate. Even if i am full of stuff, i will still have space for a little more chocolate.]

The thing was, we both enjoyed the trip immensely. It was nice, walking around, commenting on guys and assorted things you see on the street (seriously our taste in men makes us opposites. I like foreign boys and we came across two, who, in my opinion were too pretty and most probably gay and i literally blushed, whereas she pointed a very ordinary next-door-joe at the coffee shop and said he was so hot and i was like, what is wrong with your eyes, woman?], and bad mouthing this mutual friend, and this was the most fun i had in a long long long time out with anyone. The last time i had this much fun was may be when i went out with Di on one of our Calicut movie trips.

So after it was all over, i kinda felt sad that i enjoyed these thing which I and Di shared, with someone else. Di goes out a lot now, with her hubby, in TVM and in Mumbai, but its not the same because he is not her best friend, i am and it is not the same. I missed the old carefree me who would wander around with her. Yeah. This makes no sense. I know.
Di is Di no one is ever going to replace her in my life. Though i honestly wish that Barbara would stay here, (bring her cat, whose name is Tofu and her boyfriend, who is this tattooed up Biker looking nice guy), and i am absolutely sure that if they ever meet, Di and Barbara would love each other at first chat, as their common things begin at their imperfect but cute English.
Ah, may be in a parallel universe.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Just so you know, if you wondered or something, I am ALIVE!!!
Isn't that great?

Well, the computer was not working and i was waiting for it to comeback to life before starting posting again. And blogging from phone is so.. meh!

Well, Mr.Q is back and i take this opportunity to warn everyone who has ever thought of buying a compaq lap... JUST DONT!

So, enjoying 2 days of vacation midst a heavy work schedule..
Will get back to you right after. :)

Stay Pretty!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Puppy Love.

As you know, I am in a city now. Actually working here. Here the life is nice and i've made a few friends as well. One of them is a very beautiful and very nice girl from Brazil, named Barbara. Since the first day, I knew that she is brilliant and hard working, but the following incident brought to me something entirely different to my focus.

One day, in the afternoon, I was approaching the workplace and I saw this big commotion at the corner outside the clinic. I went and saw a very teary Barbara, and I was truly bewildered. What would make this seemingly strong and empowered woman cry?
I went to enquire more and I saw that she was clutching a very little and very sick stray puppy. Not to mention ugly.
She explained to me that she found him in a ditch and she just couldn't abandon him. He didn't seem to have any sibling or parents. A truely lonely soul left to die. She picked him and brought him to the clinic, where truly the raising of a dog was one thing that can get you fired. I thought of explaining this to her, but left that idea then and there.
Barbara went and brought some pedigree dog food puppies. But this puppy was even smaller for that. He hadn't weaned yet. She gave someone some money to get the dog milk daily. She said she couldn't take the dog to her homeland but wanted to do something for him as long as she was here. In a matter of days, the dog got better and was playing and prancing and doing all sorts of mischievous stuff a healthy and happy puppy is supposed to do.
In all of this happy-happy story, something was not right and someone was in a very difficult position.
Of course I am a dog lover and I wanted the best for the dog. But the problem was, if the office(a short walk away) found out that the place was harbouring and fugitive puppy, it was going to be my head under the axe (not a pretty picture.).
So I was pro adoption. Actually it was the only solution to the whole issue. Someone has to give the puppy another home. And fast.
We'd place the dog near the dog everyday evening so that some kid would take a fancy and take him in. Days passed. There were days when some boy would say he'll ask his parents and then we wont see the tail of him. We were getting a bit desperate.

Finally, yesterday a kid said if he can come a little after 4 after asking someone at home and take the dog. We shouted a very relieved "YES!". I had to leave shortly and didn't hear what happened then.

Today afternoon, like always, around 3, I said I am going to play with the dog. But then someone told me, "a boy yesterday took the dog home, you didn't hear?".
I was ecstatic. "Did anyone tell Barbara?"
"We didn't."
I ran off and told her the happy news.
"YAY!" She jumped in joy clapping hands, and swear to god, so did i. :-)
Finally, a happy ending! To all party concerned.
To the unnamed dog- Hello buddy, where ever you are, stay happy and healthy. I hope you have a loving family now, and a funny name too. And never forget Barbara, because angels work in mysterious ways.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Notes From The City

Well, this is the first time i am living in a city, so obviously i have some things to say about it! (Well. when was the last time i hadn't?). I have been on short visits to many, but staying, is indeed a different experience. This will increase as days go on, i suppose.
As first impressions go...
  • Too much people. I knew about this. But this makes everything rather sucky. No one has time for you! Even when asked an info! And Queues! J effing Christ, just kill me before one more line at any place.
  • I never thought crossing a road would be difficult for me. At crosses.
  • Street food: Yummmm!!!!
  • Choices in restaurants and bakeries: Yummmmmm!
  • Price of food: Not so Yum.
  • Living alone is scary. Especially when you have just read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, which details crimes commited against women in a very detailed manner.
  • Living alone meant having to clean my apartment myself, unlike home. But to be honest, i loved it. Felt very self-sufficient like. (Not so alone now. New room mate. Me don't like much.)
  • Chlorinated water makes my hair like rough fibers. Not a fan.
  • Missing family like crazy. Which can be translated to four times the phone bills.

Life is good. Shopping next week. Should be fun.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Smalltown_girl meets.... City!

Your very own STG has moved to a city recently for professional reasons. The name of the city is hidden to preserve the anonymity of the said super-person and for a variety of other reasons. Those amongst you who know the destination is requested to keep it to themselves and to wish her good luck.

So, as the news is out, the question is, am I a STG now? I guess I am. In my heart I will always be a small town girl, where ever I end up finally.

Now wish me the best! Everyone!

Sunday, June 05, 2011


Do you remember that story i was sending to be included in an anthology?
Well they accepted it. Nothing big.
*deep breaths*
Its not that big. Be calm. Graceful too. Smile.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Life And Death Of An Internet Friendship

I've had it, you have had it. I bet there is not a single internet user who hasn't experienced this. The internet friendships. There are those that go years long. Or those that die in hours. But there is always the similar pattern.

The Circle Of Internet Friendships.

Stage 1 - Casual Curiosity
The time you are aware of this new person on the horizon. You are not dying to know more, yet you are not shying away or deliberately avoiding them either. You don't change your profile to impress them or don't seek to know if they are online. Or Schedule your net time so as to suit this person. And you definitely, most certainly DO NOT THINK ABOUT THEM OFFLINE.
This stage is what you share with many many people. Some relations die at this stage, not getting into the next stage. That is good too. But if i did get into the next stage, it will complete the cycle.

Stage 2- Insatiable Obsession
You come to know a few things about this person and you like what you know. You are hungry for more. You are intrigued about this one and is happy when this person is online. You two make time to hangout together and you are on time for that. You schedule your offline life for your online time. With all the new found love, you are still insecure. What if all this is one sided. Is your friend as happy with you as you are with them?
You are doubtful. But its all worth it.

Stage 3- Delightful Comradery
You reach a stage in the friendship where you are secure with your friendship. The time of doubts have passed. Nothing can come between you and your friend, as tight as you two are. You share almost everything online. You have contacts offline too. Your friend randomly access your brain space and make you smile. You two touch bases because its wrong if it is not done. You are proud of your friend and this makes you feel better about yourself. You are happy with yourself and your friend.
You think nothing can go wrong. Nothing can burst this moment. Can it?

Stage 4- Insatiable Obsession- Reprise
Something is wrong. You can't pinpoint it, but it is there. You know you two are drifting away. You don't want to, but you can't help it. You are compelled to find something via social networks again, the way you first connected. You try to read between lines. You try to be online when the other is. You don't want it, but you know the fight is going out of you. You are resigning to the facts all these present. But you are escorted to some last attempts of saving the normalcy, hence the obsession.

Stage 5- Casual Curiosity- Reprise
Yes,you guessed it. The relation comes to a full cycle. You know this person and they never leave your mind wholly. You see each other on networks. You get the news and you 'like' or retweet each other. You are interested in them, happy to know their success and new moves, but you don't sweat after it. Finally they are another number in your phone and another person in the mailing list.
It is finally what they say, 'OVER'.

The whole point of this exercise is, life goes on. Nothing is stationary and it is not a bad thing. But enjoy the little joys when it lasts. Lord knows it is not going to last forever.
PS: This is, in some ways related to my past experiences and some people in my life. But by no means is it accusatory or poking with the wrong end. I thought this was funny, when looking back on some of the happiest and saddest times of my life.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Plane Issues

My mom in no way is an illiterate village folk. She is well educated, worked as a teacher for over 30 years and is well read and up to date on current events. But there are times when she appears a bit naive and inexperienced in worldly things. Like on this fine afternoon when we(Me, Mom and aQQui) were on different stages of reading paper and siesta-ing after lunch.

Mom: So, do Aeroplanes have bathrooms in them?
Me: No mom, they don't.
Mom: Really? I don't believe it. Don't they aQQui?
aQQui: No mom, think how it is even possible. Trains open to tracks na? How can they do that with a plane?
Mom: But... that is really terrible!
Me: Yeah. You know why they ask people to check in 4 hours ago on internationals na? They make them stop drinking or eating then.
Mom: Really?
Me: Uh uh. And they advice people to 'go' before entering the plane too.
Mom: Wow.
aQQui: If the planes have stops on the way, we can go then.
Mom: So why they talk about food on planes on TV?
Me: That... they only give that right before you have to get out. So that there wont be any 'incidents'!
aQQui: Yeah! They are trying to invent something to stop these. But as of now, nothing has happened.
*By this time we both, but me mostly had started snickering*
Mom: You two are such nasty kids for tricking your mother! I don't even know why i bothered asking you. *huffs and walks away*
aQQui: So, when do you think we went overboard?
Me: Around the food serving?
aQQui: Probably.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Heat and Ice

Seriously! What the eFF is with the sun? One more day with blazing sun and no electricity, i swear i am jumping into some local waterbody after writing a suicide note to sue the Sun to the next galaxy!
And Iced tea is divine! I was always the cold coffee girl and you just cant make it at home, never mind the gazillion calories! But iced tea! Refreshing, cool and surprisingly less chance of gaining you pound-a-cup.
Nestle has this NesTea, which the brother bought on a whim. It caught on until we started getting caught with a glassful every two hours. Not so economic, dear.
So i am trying to make the right iced tea at home. I tried half tea half water thing, full tea with different amount of tea powder and lemon extract... Nothing works as good as the NesTea! That tastes like CocaCola but tastier, and mine tastes like, well, Tea. With Ice. Damnit!

So, any tips? Best recipe? I am going to conquer this monster while the summer lasts. And after that i can go back to my hot black coffee, which is great.
Ah, June and Monsoon can't come faster, can it?

Sunday, May 22, 2011


How often does miracles happen? If not in your life, in someone else's?
I will tell you about two of my friends.
Sruthi and Haari.
Sruthi and Haari were my college mates. Not best of friends, but they had two good friends in common. Me and Sony. And you know about Sony, who gave birth to Joe 2 years ago for which i am still pissed off at her, because i specifically asked for a baby girl to spoil. It is not too much to ask, eh? And how is anyone supposed to spoil baby boys? Am getting off track.
So, Sruthi married 4 years ago, to this guy who scares the shit outta me. But he thinks she walks on water and her smiles generate angels, so we tolerate him. They have been trying to have a child for eons and after two consecutive abortions, Sruthi was depressed and was losing hope.
Haari married last year. To another guy who looks imposing and scary, about whom i am not passing any comments on. She went abroad with him and got back a few months later. Why? She got preggers faster than she wanted to. It was a happy news, which i was one of the first to receive. (She stayed abroad for 4 months because, apparently, unlike in India, they do tell they sex of the child after the sonogram. And she was told it was a boy!)

Well, she came back and told us that her due date was May 19.
Who calls the next day and says her EDD is also on May 19?
Apparently they got a positive and as they had been cheated by fate before, so Sruthi and Mr. Sruthi kept it secret for a while.

Anyhow, the dates were a match! And after some awkward ribbing from us nosies, we forgot it, as people rarely give birth on EDDs.

Towards the last few days of the May, Sruthi informed us that she was scheduled for cesarean section on May 16th. Haari said that her doc is pushing on 19th for a normal delivery and asked to get admitted then.

On monday, around 9.30 in the morning, i got a prearranged sms from Sruthi's scary ass hubby, informing us they had a girl child. Rejoiced, i called Sony. And then we both called Haari, to whom the call went unattended. Sony and I were both doubtful, but we let it rest.

Around 6 PM, i got this call from an unknown number.

Me: Hello!
Unknown rough voice in phone: Hi dear, this is Haari. I just gave birth. I was all an emergency.
Me: *gasp*
Haari: Would you call Sony and tell her?
Me: *gasp* Yeah!
Haari: By the way, i guess the tests went wrong, it is a girl.
Me: *GASP*

So, that is it folks! One day, two girls(who are mothers now) and another two baby girls. Guess i have enough little ones to spoil now. And a wonderful story to boost.

Miracles do happen.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Look who is back and talking!

Ah, In case anyone is wondering, I am not dead (one of the things i KNOW about Internet is, no one misses you. That's a maudlin thought and i am too perky to be moody now).
Well, as you last know, i was in some sort of eating disorder control thingy last time we met. It was not pretty folks! I survived on just juices(twice daily) for nine whole days! There were days i thought i would go ka-razy and there were nights i dreamed of indulging in nothing but the finest cuisine. Now, i am truly back and is refraining from over indulgence. Most of the time. Oops. :|

And when i came back home after the, my bro says the modem has died and went up on a crack of thunder. Really monsoon? The best you could do was the modem? Now don't take it out on the computer please. So thats the delay in the blogging.

You remember the story i was talking about writing? Well, i sent it last month. Now fingers crossed!! You too do it na? Okay, now uncross it. :P I am having some crazy thoughts like, Did it reach them?(it was sent via email, not snail) or was my font readable (it was calibri, one of my fav) and such bullshit. Its my first time na? Allowed hai.

So, what you think of Yoga? This being the some health related day and all(see, i watch news! while playing on mobile) i wanted to know what you think. My friend Pallavi just started Yoga. And i am doing it these days. You have any experience? Hearsay? Let me know. I will let you know how it goes for me. :)

And a promise.
I'LL BE BACK. SOON. *shwarzenn-whatsthatdude style*

Friday, April 22, 2011


I am the kind of person who, if i were living in a country any less morally uptight that India, would have done some really shitty things and ended up in a rehab. And not the cool kind the Hollywood things go to. And since i live in the morally uptight India, i am not a alcohol/drug/anything addict. Yet i manage to go to a rehab.
To cut the story short, i am obese and before i make some really shameful Guinness record like 'the youngest person to die of heart attack'(Oh wait, some stupid 10 year old kid already got that. F***) I checked myself(more like my family and extended family forced me to) into a facility that will monitor my diet and hopefully make me a better eater. Damn, a better NON-eater.
Basically its just eating some fruits from time to time and a lot of water. And i think i am doing pretty well. Even though i occasionally have dreams of masala chicken and chocolate cookies.

So all you pretty people, watch what you eat and stay healthy while i curb my insane love for edible things.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vishu Kaineettam!

Ah, Vishu.
You know all about it if you were reading this for an year or so. But if not, its a Farming related mallu festival which begins with a delightful view in morning to begin the season ominously, followed by getting(or giving) some pocket money to youngsters, and then a fab lunch and some tv time which can be replaced by an afternoon nap.
As usual I make the Kani, which looked awesome. (Go me!)

Then there was the Kaineettam, aka pocket money. Mom and dad gave me and i gave bro. So it was a marginal profit for me where as brother totally aced it. :(

Then came the sadya or the awesome feast. Mom made the dishes, i made the Kheer, which turned out better than usual. Since usual is good, better means, oh yeah!. ;) Lunch spent withOUT talking politics, thank you lord.

Then came the afternoon nap. You know how the dog has been sort of not-so chummy with me? I went and laid a mat in a side room and lied down with a book to read. After a while Rocky came, after his feast, and he sort of lied down next to my feet for the cool floor and the cool temperature inside. I didn't see this and when i turned, my leg hit him and he got up and went outside. Did i mentioned that he hates crackers? Well, neighbors burst something and he came back and after a while i too slept. With Rocky at my foot.
However nice it was, now my brother have an embarrassing picture of me and the dog, sleeping on the same side. :-/ Which i will never post anywhere. :|

Then came evening and the IPL. Yes, i watch IPL, but mainly the Knight Riders matches and from this season, the Kochi Tuskers matches. And last day there were one each. The first one, Knight Riders won comfortably. Then came the tuskers match. They haven't won anything till now and the opponents were Mumbai Indians, the mighty. They posed a mighty score, with a Sachin century, and what we did?? We won!! YAYYYY!!!! Totally my day. \m/

Feels like this year will be massive. Lets wait and see, shall we?
Have an awesome year ahead, you! Yes, you. Don't you know how amazing you make me feel by reading this blog? :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rickety Rocky

As you know, Rocky is my very handsome, rather temperamental, much loved German shepherd dog who is 4 years now. As our longest lasting dog, he is totally ingrained to our life. We don't leave him alone, even cancelling trips and visits.
The dog obviously love my mom. She is the one who gets him the food, so no surprises there.
He loves my brother like something crazy. He only sees him when he comes from hostel. And they have some sorority-brother thing going on. The dog is all over him when he is home. Rocky, who lives in the dog-house and rarely enter the house when he is out, is sneaking in when ever aQQui is home. Yeah, the dog loves him pretty fierce.
The dog almost hates dad. Well, dad is not the most dog-friendly person in the world. He don't do caress and massages. His general show of affections will leave you painful.
Then there is ME. Usually i come after Mom and Bro and waaaay above Dad. I guess i am not that fascinating. I get him snacks and chocolates when i go out. I sneak him biscuits and everything, so he likes me fine.
Or used to. Now i think he hates me.
It all started with the Summer. Its hot and sweaty and he scratches. And thus injures himself. Then this slowly grow and before it gets really out of control, someone has to find it and apply some medicine. The medicine is generally a flea repellent plus antiseptic. As you guessed, it burns when you apply it.
And in case of Rock, i do it. Me being in health care makes everyone think that i am the personal doc of the Dog.
Whenever dog gets any health issues its me who end up feeding him pills the size of USBs and apply whatever that needs applying. Do you still wonder why he hated me now?To the dog, i am synonymous with pain, burning, awfully shoveled tabs into his mouth, cheating him by covering the same tabs in stuff like jam....
This time the wound is fierce and he hates me as much. To a point he avoids me, runs in the opposite direction and generally not approaching me for petting. And he barks. At me. And looks really angry.
Well, i thought it was for the betterment of the dog and i would take one for the team. I know somewhere inside his brain he still got feelings for me. (GSDs are the 3rd most intelligent dog in the world.) But however much i am fine, it hurts so bad when he barks at me and avoids me. I never thought my dog's feelings would matter much, but it does.
You know what will hurt more? One of these days he is going to plan a surprise attack on me with improved guerrilla tricks and modern technology. And i would talk about it of i survive the ordeal.

Till then, Adios!
Keep yourself in the good grades of your dog.
He loves you, but he can overpower you in a flash.

Monday, April 11, 2011


The summer is damn hot. But you know what is hotter? Politics. The elections are upon us, and as the child of two local political parents, life is hell. Some snippets off it:

Mom: Molu, make some lemonade.
Me:Yes ma. *scrawling*

Mom: Molu, some tea. 2 suger-less.
Me:*scrawling* Yes amma.

Mom: Can we get some lunch order in short notice?
Me:*scrawling* I was working at a Tea-shop, i will be making as much tea and lemonades, and they will be paying me to do so.
Mom: *scrawling*


Mom is really into baseless slander, as they do in politics.

Mom: The opposition candidate is a Prof at a college. He can get a decent income by just working. He is doing politics only because he get more from it.
Me: Ma, you are a retired govt employee. With handsome pension. If you work in politics, does it mean that you get some cash from there?
Mom: *ANGRY* You don't know anything! For all i know, you will go and vote for him.
Me: *hiding*


Mom: *after a day of running around and getting home at dusk* Where is the soap in the bathroom?
Me:In the bathroom outside. Dad took it.
Mom: Get it for me na?
Me: Now? Am watching cricket!
Mom: Am so tired, i cant walk that much.
Me: *getting up* its only 10 steps!

Mom: *after bath* *on call* Yes Jaya, we need to arrange that room by tonight.
Mom:Un huh. I know. I am coming too. Lets get some help and arrange all the chairs.
Me: :O You cant go to bathroom outside! and you are going to arrange chairs? *scrawling*


Dad: I joined politics for your Mom.
Mom: ...'s destruction.

Dad:I am leaving the party.
Mom: I dont think i will be that lucky.

Dad: I dont think i am coming to the meeting tonight.
Mom: That is because i am getting a seat in stage and you are sitting in audience.
Dad:I am not jealous!
Me and Bro: Yes, you are!


Bro: Ma, rocky likes your candidate.
Mom: Gr8! How so?
Bro: Your election symbol is the palm na? He did pasted his own on that poster of the candidate.
Mom: :-/

It had been crazy mayhem. With mom and dad being too busy and house getting cluttered with Request sheets and posters and a lot of men i wish i would never have to see again.
But in their old age(mom and dad are 60) i think its the feeling of being wanted and the thrill of doing something is what keeps them so energetic and happy. And as long as they are happy, i am happy too.
Though i am still not decided on whom to vote.
Don't tell mom!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

While I was not Blogging...

So... Where was i???
The same smalltown_girl, who was dead on blogging crazy over this year and was doing just that for the sheer joy of pestering you guys was not so at it lately. Why? A gripping question indeed.

1. World cup- As you all know, India is playing semi today. With Pakistan. Sheer pressure match. Since someone said over twitter that no one will blog today, I had to. Swimming against tide and all. Its the slog overs now. I had been watching it while tweeting. Have to say it. Twitter makes every celebration double. Its a funny ride and I urge everyone who like cricket to it. So this match. While I got tensed and got off twitter, India played well, so the Superstitious Me is not tweeting anymore. Anything for the team.

2. I had been reading this book series. Special Forces. I wont recommend it to anyone. But it has been an absolutely wonderful ride. I am amazed that I did daily functions at all, let alone blogging. And as a promise to myself, gonna read more action and less romances. Word.

3. Now good news. A press has accepted my synopsis for a short story in an anthology. Awesome na? Well, now they need to accept the story. Hmm. Its on works and you, cross your fingers for me.

Thats all for now. Am jumping all over the house finding spots to sit that'll win the match.
Yes, am crazy. But you all love me anyway.
Have to say, I love you more.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Adult Talks- Mono and Polygamy

[Adult talks while by no means explicit, deals with serious topics i don't usually discuss in this blog. Family and friends, get the hell out now. You are still reading, aren't you?]

[Cross-posted at Seriously Saying]

I was reading a book in which the characters were in an open relationship. Together and separate. Since it was a book series and the first book featured them in a closed relationship, this new open sex disturbed me a whole lot and got me thinking about the issue a lot.
Is monogamy so overrated? Can humans be happy in a monogamous relationship? And since the majority of the relationships that we see are closed and monogamous (at least to us and their partners), are we pretending to be happy while monogamous?

When i did the research (means i read wiki), i found that only 7% of mammals were monogamous. There are roughly 5500 mammals. You do the math. This means the majority of upper crest of the living beings on the earth prefer to diversify their sexual choices. Interestingly, 90 percent of birds are mammals. No wonder they call the ladies, birds.So what does this mean for us humans? Are we really monogamous? Or are we restricting ourselves by social boundaries and hiding our true sexual appetite? Many of the scientists and other anthropologists believe that humans are actually polygamous. This polygamy does not mean the Mormon polygamy, where there are more than two sexual partners, but it is still a closed relationship. But here it means the literal word. Many sexual partners. Since the website airs my views, i am not going into the ‘anthropologists says’ part. But to my own.
Humans differ from other animals in a verity of things, including a large number of emotions and the control over them. We feel deeply for the things that we consider our own. We don’t give up easily. And we definitely have a possessive mind and emotional attachment.
I don’t believe that humans are meant to be polygamous. We can have a real game picking the one mate that suits our mental and physical needs, but that is that. I think its absurd to play around after that to destroy what you have with your partner. There consensual partners who are open to each other straying, alone or together. They might have a lot of fun and good times in the meanwhile. But i am doubtful about it working in a long run.

The thing is, when animals mean sex as a reproductive method, humans mean sex as way to connect with each other and show their affection. That is why we do more sex than that to ensure progeny. Thats why we do birth controls. Thats why there exists homosexuality in humans as a life long relationship mode, where as in animals, when it exists, it is another way of showing dominance. The emotion humans invest in sex is the reason polygamy has the chances to fail. When ever there is sex, there are increased chances that you might get attached to the person who is not your partner. Since we humans do so much for love, it is likely that you are going to go beyond the boundaries for the new person, thus destroying the initial relationship you had.
Polygamy, in a careful form gets you a lot of enjoyment and thrill. But it might make you distant and alone if you are trying hard to stay unattached. If you are in an open, no holds barred relationship, it can go even better, but it can also grow sour. There is nothing that destroys a relationship faster than jealously and possessiveness.

Can humans stay happily monogamous is another question. We are easily swayed people. Our eyes are always drifting. While looking is not an error, cheating definitely is. I believe that when we want, we can stay faithful to one person, if that is the right person. If your partner/spouse engages your mind and thoughts and fantasies, why you need to look outside? But while in an otherwise wholesome, but sexually incompatible relationship, your choice to stay monogamous might feel constricting to you.
When i am not a prude as this talk might make me sound like, i would any day prefer monogamy, since human minds and their connections are fragile, and i believe they are to be treasured.

[PS: i got a new blog at wordpress called Seriously Saying. I made it to say few points i would rather not say here in my family friendly blog. I might cross post not so offensive to thou sensitive eyes topics from time to time where as that would comprise of all the articles in the AdultTalks tag and some more. * fingers crossed *]

post note:

Friday, March 11, 2011

Belated Birthday Bag

One of the past few days i got this from Di....
My very belated birthday gift.
But its all good. She waited till she went to the mighty Mumbai to visit her hubby to buy me the present. After bitching how pricey the Mumbai shops are. Hmmph.

After i got the gift and immensely liked it, i called her.

Me: Got the gift. Awful bag!
Di: I too thought so. Well, its a done deal.
Me: :O What is with you? I loved it. I was kidding! The bag is so me!
Di: Thats what i thought too.. Its not the awesomest bag, but it is so you.
Me: Thanks. But what is with the card?
Di: What?
Me: Some cutey-cutey thing? I thought you only sent me funny or emo cards.
Di: Oh yeah, last year when i sent that awesome birthday card na, i bought 2 more to save another visit. But ya know, i do these birthday-gift-card thingy only with you.
Me: Gee, thanks.
Di: So, guess whats coming?
Me: I know, the third card. Next year. :-/
Di: Exactly. Its rather economic you think?
Me: Grrrr!!!

Economic, my ass. She doesn't know whats coming her way! You remember the MFPA cards? Guess who is getting them for the next, oh i don't know, 10 birthdays!

Ahha! Gotcha!

Ohkay. Calm down. Deep breaths.

Thanks Di. Awesome bag. I take it everywhere now. And I love you.
And don't kill me now. *cute smile*

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

How to Hide the Dirty Secrets in your Gadget

Last week, friend of my brother, Chembu, smsed me at night. He asked me if i had ever stored a personal email as a wordpad document. He said he found one while rummaging in a folder in his computer, which he had copied from my computer when i gave it to him for some repairs. I said yes and asked him to delete it as fast as possible. I hope he did that, because that was a rather embarrassing letter to "A".

So, i wanted to give a few points to gadget users, to avoid embarrassing situations.
How to Hide the Dirty Secrets in your Gadget
  • Never ever store porn in your mobile. How ever deep you think you hid the folder. There are people who can always find it, especially those who look for them. Like me.
  • Never leave the phone alone when you are in the midst of reading something racy in it. Don't minimize the OperaMini or pdf reader and give it to someone. Its always safe to exit. People will never think its a plot in the story you are reading. To them, its just erotica.
  • Do not, for the love of god, create folders inside folders thingy. Easiest trick on book.
  • Personal letters, passwords, other details... store it in google notebook or just in your mail. And at least never lose the google password.
  • Do not surf your files while in front of 15 year old cousins. Or do it carefully. I still remember them laughing as a naked chest of this dude came on screen.
  • Always, always clean your download list. And/or torrent list. Name is more than enough to get the wrong idea to anyone who checks.
Now a few tricks to evade detection. Old school, but effective, i think. I am not saying i use these.
  • Racy reads (including erotica) if in word format, store it after a very normal text and save them together. No one is going to read till the end of anything to find what is in it.
  • Videos, to save them from appearing in media search, store as winrar. And take it out when you want to see. (this one was all thanks to a friend of mine who does not wish to reveal his name.)
  • Photos can also follow the above option. Especially if its nekkid pics of you. I personally suggest not to save any nekkid things of you anywhere. Its not worth the humiliation on detection.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Race of Life

Do you ever feel like you are in a race you don't know about and the time is running out? You have to make a move, you have to make choices, you have to think, everyone is getting way ahead of you but you don't know what the hell you need to do to stay away and/or alive?
I am in such a race. I don't know if i want to be in it. I am almost sure i don't want to be. I don't know when it started and when i fell so behind. But nonetheless i am in and i am losing.
Time is such an important factor in a crowd that doesn't believe in late bloomers or last laughers. You finished the race? Are you checking the milestones? Yes? You win. No? You suck.
And i suck big time.
I was always late growing up. I learned to take care of myself when i was 16 or something. That too barely. Considering i was living in a boarding, it created some pretty nasty episodes. I still am not an expert in it. I arrive for anything and everything late. I am a perpetual and professional late comer.
Does anyone get that? No. I am always asked, "where in the race are you?". I say "i haven't begun," and i get, "aw, poor girl! get going."
Come on!
May i won't ever run. May be i don't want to run. May be i am too scared and lazy to run.
But the race is on and until you reach the milestone, or die trying, you are nothing but a big freak.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Why I hate MFPA

You haven't heard of MFPA?
Mouth and Foot Painting Artists? Well, apparently, this is a group of handicapped people who paints with their mouth and foot. And thus, this association provides them a monthly salary and all and then they live happily ever after.
How is it any concern of mine, you ask? Good question darling.
This year they sent me a few of their paintings in card form. Its free. I can use it as greeting cards and sent it to whom ever i please. Awesome, right? Total win-win!
The catch is that, i have to send them money for it if i want to. IF I WANT TO. Like i am the salazar slytherin who doesn't take pity on the poor peoplewho don't have hand and foot. See, if i were more practical, i would've avoided this and put the whole thing behind me in a flash. But i bet they didn't had that in mind when they chose me to slaughter.
The thing is, unlike the MFPA guys, i don't earn much money. I don't even have regular income. I am, like any other practitioner, trying to establish a practice, and there are days when i earn a lot. And there are days when i don't. I like think that my life is like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's. You know that story.
So the thing is, when people send me abso-fucking-lutely beautiful cards, i pay for them. I have to. And i even though they kinda dragged me into the middle of this, i am going to.
What i want is, i want you all to go to their website.

Join their newsletter program or just buy a few paintings. Its gorgeous and you are helping someone.
If you want to help more people, you can send ME money. *batting lashes*
Just drop a line and i am so going to get in touch. I take checks or credit cards or free food. :P
And these are some cards they sent me.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


My neighbor Niranjan (who refers to himself as Ninju) is rather talkative these days. Well, whats new in that? He is 2. And he was not talking until recently. This was a worry to everyone in his home. but Happys Endings, he is talking, and is not stopping.
As a person who is perfectly friendly to kids when they are not whining or eating, me and Ninju get along well. Its nice that finally we can make sense of whats coming out of his mouth.
His favorite word is "Bye", or rather "BAAAAAI"!!, as he says it. And latest is Whatsthaaat? Or "Athenda?" in malayalam. And its pretty much all he says these days.
I was returning from work and while passing near their house, was really charmed to hear him praying.

Ninju's mom: Om Nama Shivaya.
Ninju: Oon nasshivava..
Ninju's Mom: Om Namo Narayanaya..
Ninju: Oon nao nanananana..
Ninju's Mom: Om Sree Durge Nama..
Ninju: Athenda??


Saturday, February 19, 2011

When Life Deals You a Lemon, You Need to Know What It Means

The kitchen tap was left open and the sink overflowed. Mom was looking at it despairingly.
Me, the Sunshine girl, took over the matter.

Me: Amma, dont worry. Lets take this chance and clean the floor, its already soaked. Haven't you heard the expression "If life deals you lemons make lemonade"??
Mom: No.
Me: Well, life gives you a lemon, you can make a sourface or a sweet lemonade. Its how you look at it.
Mom: Ah. So what if I don't like lemonade?
Me: Its a proverb!!
Mom: Ooh! OK.

After five minutes.
Mom: Diabetic people really don't like lemonade, you know?
Me: MAA!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Award with the Homework

There are awards.
Then there are awards that come with homework.
Today, Purple Moonbeam gave me just that.

The award is:

The homework is,

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
2. Tell us seven things about yourself.
3. Award 7 recently discovered new bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and let them know they've received the award.

1. I thank Purple Moonbeam for thinking me worthy and versatile enough to present me with it! Linking back - Done!

2. Glad to tell you about myself at the end of the this. It is, after all, my favorite topic of discussion. Me.

3. Award other bloggers? No. I give awards at the end of the year, and i promise i will hold a special place for this one. And, as a penance, i do another, not so boring list. :)

4. Irrelevant because of 3.

7 Things about Me
Since i have already done 25 facts about me twice, here and here, this is going to be really nonsense.

  1. I love to watch fairytale movies. The Disney princesses. It is very immature, my dad says. But i don't mind. My favorite is, of course, the Beauty and the Beast, and my least favorite is Aladdin.
  2. I want to write a novel. That is not a big unknown fact about me. Every blogger whats to do it. There are days when i feel like i can. And then when i start, I am plagued by insecurities and i drop the project. How depressing.
  3. My most favorite TV hunks are Neil Patrick Harris, Luke Macfarlane and Matt Bomer. You know the common factor? They are all gay men. And i didn't knew this when i started watching their shows. That's the third thing. I have an uncanny ability to pick gay men to love. Just my luck.
  4. I have had frog meat once in my life. Its the bizarrest food i have ever had.
  5. I don't like the smell of jasmine. It gives my headaches. But gardenia! It was my favorite smell since childhood where there was a Gardenia bush near my then home.
  6. I google for everything. The strangest thing i have googled is "how to kill myself painlessly". Honestly. I was engaged and i was depressed.
  7. And that is the biggest reveal about me. I was engaged last year. For about 2 months. It was the worst time in my entire life. I was not myself for the entire time and the day it ended, i was the happiest. And to add, that thing put me off of marriage for ever. Not my thing.
Now the Penance listing.
Since the last list was rather depressing to lame, i am doing an Essential list.

5 Must have things on a long trip for me:
  1. My phone: I take it everywhere. I mean, everywhere. Yes, that too.
  2. A moisturizer: dry skin is not so pretty. Especially when it ex-foliate.
  3. Earphones: Can't travel without music. No no!!
  4. Dart: the tablet i meant. I can't tolerate headaches. :-/
  5. A notebook: I have the randomest urges to write. So i always keep with a notebook. Cute, little one. The day someone steals it, i am so dead.
That's all for tonight. Adieu my lovelies!! Ah, what i shall do without you!