Tuesday, February 22, 2011


My neighbor Niranjan (who refers to himself as Ninju) is rather talkative these days. Well, whats new in that? He is 2. And he was not talking until recently. This was a worry to everyone in his home. but Happys Endings, he is talking, and is not stopping.
As a person who is perfectly friendly to kids when they are not whining or eating, me and Ninju get along well. Its nice that finally we can make sense of whats coming out of his mouth.
His favorite word is "Bye", or rather "BAAAAAI"!!, as he says it. And latest is Whatsthaaat? Or "Athenda?" in malayalam. And its pretty much all he says these days.
I was returning from work and while passing near their house, was really charmed to hear him praying.

Ninju's mom: Om Nama Shivaya.
Ninju: Oon nasshivava..
Ninju's Mom: Om Namo Narayanaya..
Ninju: Oon nao nanananana..
Ninju's Mom: Om Sree Durge Nama..
Ninju: Athenda??



Karan said...

i love small kids. they are so lovely and cute and all other such awww adjectives.
but only if they can be returned to their moms when they need to be cleaned,fed and or for any other maintenance!!

Sinner said...

sweet ;)

smalltown_girl said...

@karan: my sentiments exactly
@sinner: :) u too

anix said...

it was a cute post ... :D

(i don't know if cute make sense :P)