Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dog Love

Today I saw MARLEY AND ME. I know its a bit late seeing this. Trust me, usually I dont miss such pep movies. I haven't seen terminator-the-last yet, but I dont want that with Chris Bale and without Arnold Shwatwashisname. But I do watch romcom aka Jennifer Aniston.
So, I read the excerpt of Marley and me earlier and found that a bit meh. Dog and couple, usual fun, blah blah blah. And I decided I am not watching that. Big mistake. If someone comes to flick me for that, i'll gladly place my head in any position you might want me to. So what I was telling was, I missed one of the best pet movies ever made over a rash decision. And today, I was bored and looking for something on tv and I happened upon Marley and me. It had started a few minutes ago, but I decided i'll see it anyhow.
First I thought this too would be one of those film in which the dog talks in gruff voices, acts goofy and saves some ass. You know, the kind of dogs we never have. The ones we have are adorable at times, trying otherwise, disobeying, too hungry and always climbing on body when you wear a new dress. Exactly like marlay. I laughed a lot. Remembered my old dogs, and Rocky, and cried a whole lot towards the end. Its terrible when your dog passes away. Been there. I wont wish that on anyone. Especially because no one gets why you are sad and crying so much. They go like- "Dog died?Thats sad. But why dont you get a new one?". No one gets it.
The whole movie was about a normal(he might seem crazy, but all my dogs were exact same) dog through the eyes of a normal dog owner. The film touches you somewhere deep. The same place that makes you cover the dog's tablets in jam and buys him chocolate when you are at the supermarket counter.
After credit roll, I regretted ever raising my voice at rocky and resisting his ploys to get me to play with him. All I wanted to do was go out, find him and give him a fierce hug and chase him when he runs around with my chappal. Motivated, I found him chewing on a new bone at the backyard. I went and nudged him and said 'hey Rock!'. My dog looked at me, in anger, fiercely protective of his bone(like i am gonna at it), and says 'Grrr..'.

Yeah. Thats about all the dog love I can get until that bone is history. :p

Friday, September 24, 2010


I've been watching How I Met Your Mother for a long time now. Bro introduced me to the funny-but-relateable gang last year and i'd been curious. Nay, more than that. I love it.
Off all of them, Barney was always my guy. The womaniser. His magnanimous quotes and cute similis, I could always relate to him. The most depraved but yet the most child at heart. I am that in my gang. Though compared to the lion that is Barney am like this rat. A lab one at that.
Oh, am going off track here. So back to Mosby. I didnt liked the guy much. He is just a minor loser. Yeah. Concentrate on that word. LOSER.
Now imagine my dismay when I realised my life, mostly and sadly is like his.
This so going to be a sorrow train ride. Step out if you dont want the tea in my pity party.
I was watching the show in tv, season four, episode second last or third, I guess. Ted lost his job. He dont have any. Well, nice. I'll see him at this club of ours, for the unemployed super awesome freaks. He is trying self employment and working from home. Like me too. Yay! Without any success too. Yeah.
Then there is the romantic side of the guy. He waits for this amazing thing to sweep in and make him feel complete. Get in the damn line. And also he doesn't know what he is looking for, and is according to me, really lazy. Pretty lame that line is, eh?
Well, there is the fact that he lives in new-freakin-york and me in a place only some in tax department knows.
Anyway in major fronts, i've been been as lame and unmotivated as ted has been, in dealing with the clusterfuck that is also my life. But I know Ted's life will get better soon. He'll meet the Mother, have kids with her (meh) and live in this beautiful home. I only hope mine gets half as good. :-)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy and Gay!

Is it me reading gay romance fiction and watching Just Say Love(beautiful film by the way, I wish I had seen the play), or do these two look totally gay? (Apart from the boobs, of course.)

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Two days, two movies and Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor is one of my favourite bollywood actress amongst the current lot. Hadn't seen much of her films except the first abysmal one, Sawariya, but to me, she comes off as a warm, genuine not so stuffed person, unlike the others. Also, i'd admire anyone who has the will power to lose 30 pounds.
So, in yesterday and today, I watched two of her latest films, thought i'd do a review of those. Since two films have collected enough sledge to sink the Titanic without the iceberg, I thought i'd do it in points. You know, to appear less boring.


1. I am going to start on how ridiculous the title is. Everyone has done it before me, but my blog, my say. I hate when people say LUV. Its definitely not a cute version of love.
2. Imran Khan. I hate his mamu, but I do like mamu's acting. The nephew can act as good as a skate board. And Arjun Rampal. Casting a cat would've made the pairing cuter.
3. The plot of this is film is like the grand canyon. The gaps are huge. But unlike the canyon, not so awesome.
4. I dont know his name, but the cute dude from sprite ad was wonderful :D. Even his dialogues were awesome. And to make a point, the hot-crazy graph is Barney's. But almost everything in the film is a copy, so, meh.
5. I thought the whole idea of love story in the background of film industry would be awesome, but they ruined it with too much cliche. Can there be too much cliche? Yes, this film is the answer to that question. Way too much to go down in two hours. So, comes straight back up. Sounds awful na? It was.
6. Music - really good. My taste.


1. Chicflick. You can never have too much of chicflick.
2. Looks like Emma, feels like Emma. And what not to like about Emma? Except that you've seen it before. Loved it!
3. Abhay Deol. I love this guy. If there is a Jane Austen hero material (subtle, strong and silent) amongst current bolly-boys, its him.
4. Casting of this film should get a whole new award. Kya kamal kiya hai. Everyone is good in the character's shoes. Even the new ones.)
5. Loved the climax. The director could've made it tacky, I thought it was going to be almost tacky, but it is really nice. After the I Hate Luv Storys tack overdose, I needed this film.
6. Its a lovable film. Its chicflick, its emma, its a happily ever after, but we admire so many western romcoms, is this much worse?

That brings an end to my blab. But I didnt talked about Sonam. Loved her in Aisha. Charismatic, classy and in character. About her role in I hate I hate luv storys(that was not a typo), no actor is better than the script, so, its as good as the whole thing. Tad better, since am a fan.