Tuesday, December 21, 2010

SAAG- '10

Did everyone forgot about the SAAG? where i give out cool awards and quite a bit of cash prize around the year end? How can you forget that people!!! Its like filmfare awards, but a bit more star studded!
For those who arrived late, its Smalltowngirl's Annual Award Giveaway, my way of saying that i am thankful for your support and i really really love your blog and i am really glad that this platform brought us together! Yeah, the idea is patented.
So this year, the SAAGs goes to... *drum roll*

1. Fezi the Kitchen Boffin: Isn't it strange that amongst all my college mates i was the sole blogger for like 3 years? And ours is not in any way a lame college. Its just small. That's why i rejoiced when Fezi, my classmate and my bench mate in final year(yes we had benches and desks) joined me in the blog sphere this year. We knew we were special when in our second year we published this very funny(for only us) and handwritten class magazine. She is a great cook these days and i will not embarrass her by telling how she ate rice flakes at alarming rates and didn't knew how to brew coffee during the time i knew her. I am glad that she found a way to unleash her creativity and i know she
will go a long way.
Well, check her blog for cutting edge, but easy to cook recipes with nostalgic takes on them. Simply great!
For that, she receives...

2. Ramu the Lamenting Wimp: How can i not mention Ramu when i say the people i have met through this blog. Names can be deceiving. It might sound like diary of a nobody, but he is one with the brightest brain which is short circuited in a way to generate some of the craziest and funniest blog posts ever. If this guy goes on to be a stand up comedian, i wouldn't be surprised.
Check Ramu's blog for funny outtakes and crazy theories which probably won't make much sense but are guaranteed to make you laugh your ass off.
For that, he gets....

3. The Deranged Superior brain: Jobin is one of the people who genuinely care about my blog no matter how crazy i get. We had some interesting conversations which rather winded up due to, i don't know, the usual reasons, timing and time. But his blog is like a curious and unfeigned look out into life by an innocent person. He is not innocent and has seen a lot of life, but he still has that wonderment to the life around him. He has been in my support system this year and it makes me a lot happy when i see a comment from him, because i know he means well and is commenting just because he has to say something about it. Thanks man.
And there you get a....

4. Destiny's awesome child: Rajlakshmi and i started around the same time i think. But we have been together for a lot of these years and still connect via our blogs. I know she got an award last year, but this is brand new year and a brand new award. She has been there with her comments and then there are her photographs and poetry(with and without shape) and her takes on trips and lookouts through her office pantry... too much things in there, you got to check her blog!
For one awesome blog, she receives...

5. Not so sublime Karan: Karan deserved an award last year. He has been there for me you know, and i cant thank him enough for that. He seems a little busy this year, and a bit stuck with writer's block. But he never ceases to drop in with a few words of encouragement. About that block, write your way through it buddy, there is no other way.
Wishing a speedy recovery, here's to you...

I think that about sums it up. But i thank all of you who has been there and just dropped to read or say awesome to nasty stuff about my blog. And if i left anyone out, its all my fault and i give you permission to chase me down the street with a taser gun and stun me silly. Ouch.
Enjoy the Christmas and the few days that's left of 2010.
Adios, amigos!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Smoking a Cigar

I have this zest to try out new (and possibly not good) things in life. Smoking was something i was postponing for a long time. I had to do it one of these days. Not because i was stressing, not because of peer pressure. Its a thing. I had to try it.

Steps to take while smoking a cigar.

· Get a cigar first

a. Don't go to shops you know.

b. Don't nick from people who keep count.

· Find a lonely but comfortable place.

· Don't forget to carry a lighter.

· Don't take the first drag too deep.

· You might cough. Relax.

· Don't do fancy stuff at first.

· After doing it, dispose evidence, go back to your life, and don't tell anyone.

Well. This was the general plan. I suck at plans.

The first step was the easiest.

Dad smokes and its easy to nick from him. I was running around in morning chores when i saw an abandoned cigar and decided that its time i smoked one.

So i took it, grabbed a matchbox, ( where is the sophisticated lighter when i need o

ne!) and took off to my parents' room. Open doors. Well, i was lazy to climb to my room. I just came down. And my parents know i am crazy.

I sat down in peace, lighted it. Took a shallow drag.

How Did it Went:

·Its not so awesome. Its not an instant high(like pot, which i have not tried, yet ;) ), its not tasty like wine( which i love), its not comforting as food. Actually i don't know why people smoke. I will get to it later.

·Watching smoke coming out of your nose is cool. I saw it in mirror, and promptly started laughing like a hyena. Doubted for a sec if it was indeed pot.

·It burns you somewhere in pharynx. Intense and not in a good way. Made me think of smoke inhalations. Well, i was inhaling willingly, cant complain.

·I did not cough. If its my very unshakable lungs or careful maneuvering, i don't know. I like to think its the former.

·I was thinking, i am so going to blog about this, and then was not paying much attention to the butt in my hand, except occasional drags. so it stopped burring around the last 1/3rd. I didn't bothered to light it a second time.

I am probably going to sound like a very prude person or a very unadventurous one, but i think i am never going to smoke again. Its not because of the health risks. I am obese, if i had any thoughts on health, i won't be.

Its just, I didn't get why people smoke. Like i said, no high, no pleasure, no comfort! Just burning in nose and the smell of smoke. I guess its them boring people who just do it for the sake of doing something gets stuck with it as a habit. I am too lazy for habits.

So i classify it as a waste endeavour and is going to move on with poise.

The Laters:

After i disposed the butt, i waltzed into kitchen and announced, " Well, i didn't think i was going to do that!"

Mom: What?

Me: I am not telling.

Mom: *Skeptical look*

Me: phew *blowing at mom's face*

Mom: You smoked???!!!

Me: Yeah, i tried.

Mom: Krishna!( thats not my name, its the god's name, clearly in vain) What is with you kid??

Me: I just smoked, i am not going to again, because its awful! Isn't that great news? Blah blah blah( this constitutes of all the things in said earlier)...

Mom: *Staring*

Later later:

Me: Dad, it burns behind nose when smoking! WHy you even do that!!

Dad: Well, for beginners it might. Not for me anymore!

Me: Hmmm.

Dad: You smoked?

Me: Yeah. Its awful.

Dad: Ok.

Note to my future kids:

If you are reading this, i want to tell you a few things.

1. Notice that i didn't smoked till i was almost 28. I will give you one year lax. If i caught you with a cig before 27, i am going to be really angry.

2. I did it once, so if i caught you twice, you have an entire different thing coming. I dont care if you are a biker chick or a scientific reasercher on the advantages of smoking.

3. You can not use this as a leverage against me. Well, not more than once.

So what's next?

Wouldn't you like to know. :P

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My D(i)ay of Friendship

All my friends know me as this very loud, very confident and very friendly person who is never alone in a room and is loud, a bit bit obnoxious and a lot of fun.
But there was a time when i was none of these. I was gloomy, sad, alone and confused. My high school days. People say high schools are the best of their lives. Mine was hell.
This post is not about my high school. Or even me. Its about friendships. And Di.

Between my tenth grade and the time i was joining college, i had become this overly smart, loud person. Someone who needs a lot of attention from a lot of people. Someone who is afraid to stand alone. But even then i was lonely. I understood the phrase alone in a crowd.
Thus, when i started off to my college, all i wanted was a friend, who was solely mine. Not a public figure, but kind of personal. When i got to college, there were a lot of people, all of them friendly and fun, all of them accepting me as i am. I was part of this awesome gang, who shared a room and a lot of fun together. I was close with all three of them and after all the glitter has settled, i started feeling lonely again. I wanted someone real bad. I wrote letters to my imaginary best friend. I even made a list of all my classmates to find the one, like a contest. I was not mental, but someone who never had a close friend in life, i was rather desperate. Amongst all these, i was not paying enough attention to this one girl. She was everything i was not. She was bold but not outspoken, loud but shy and bloody brilliant at studies. She was also cute as a button. But looks can be deceiving. She was not afraid of anyone or anything. Her style sucked and she liked to be a loner. A true anti-social. She used to stare at me rather rudely, watching all the rucksack i made. She was old school, rather set in her ways, introvert, and a true kill joy. I was mad to even go talk to her, with my flamboyant style.

That was Di.

I am not getting into all those things that lead to us being joined at the hips for the 5 out of 6 years of my college. We were inseparable and happy as two chimpanzees smoking pot.
I think after getting to know her, i never even wanted to make friends with anyone. Whats the point? I was taken. She was it, my best friend forever and I won't let her go. And truly there was no place for a third one, and this feeling was mutual.

All this is too dramatic for a tale of friendship, right? Well, Friendship is a lot like love. May be there are people who doesn't understand the sentiment behind my words. But they don't really know what i share with Di.
I was and is completely, completely in love with her. Warts and mad tantrums and all. (She doesn't have warts. She'd kill me if i implied that.)
If in finding love, we mean finding someone to share our life with, i will say that i found my love when i was 19 and started spending every second of my free time with her. Because i share my life with her, even with the whole geography of Kerala between us. Because i truly cannot imagine a one without her.

Happy birthday Di.
Love you forever.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Life Changing Device

(Written for Life changing Device challenge at Blogadda).

I am literally going to go with life changing device and not a particular incident.

A few note worthy points before i start.
1. I have never owned a blackberry. because,
a) i don't trust CDMA because i have this freedom to change sim notion, which is ironic since the last sim change i did was 3 years ago.
b) i am poor.
2. I love gadgets. But don't own many. Refer to point (b) for why.

So it is my last phone, Sony K750i, he Life changer. It was rather a beginner's mobile, though i bought it after selling an S60 device. I dont think many goes back to just sony OS and java after using a symbian. But i did.
It might look lame but it is one of the most sold mobiles in the country(used to). However much i don't wanna be in a crowd, this was worth it i think.
This mobile becomes special because it was bought by my internship money. Which was not much, if you know anyone who has interned at a hospital. I wanted to get a sony walkman series, but this was all i could afford. But this has pretty much all the specifics but less looks, so much like me. (Backhanded compliment to self. Yes.)

How this mobile changed my life

I was in the last legs of college life and was getting to know Internet. Even though i had my laptop then, i used to hook to Airtel net using this phone here (word of thanks to airtel,unlimited net at 250 rs per month, it was a great plan, if a little slow). So i got into this whole social networking/blogging/just browsing all through this phone. This phone pretty much taught me how to handle internet. And have a social life and almost everything i know about web and mobile web.
After college i was really lonely. Having studied your entire life away from home will make you pretty much friendless in your hometown. This phone kept me busy. I had net, i had the phone. So i always had something to read or someone to chat to.
I reinvented my love of reading in this device. And through wattpad. Its not so awesome now, i hear, but it was great then. College was somewhere i got lost myself as a person. I found books via this phone. And its going great these days.
I had a best friend whom i only knew through chats. And my job don't allow me to carry the lap. So you can guess. The ebuddy and nimbuzz rocks.
People who know me will always complain i don't keep my eyes off the phone. I always carry it around. Its true. Its because i have so so much to do in it! I was never bored with it. And even when i bought my next mobile, i went for a better Sony phone. With 3g and all, (stupid, since no carriers for the network in my town) but i was pretty much comfy with the sony's style of doing it.
That phone made my life happy, and better and whole lot wise. Any day i would call it my EFB.
Electronic Best Friend.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Lazy lazy lazy me!

Hey fella!
I am really surprised that you are reading this. I am so sorry that i had been away. But i hope your time was pleasant in the mean time.
So, December! Whats cooking in your kitchen? You remember i told you that this was my favorite month in an year? Oh, i said it was January, right? With my birthday and all? I was lying. Truth to be told, i frikkin hate January. Its not a disease amongst woman to hate their birth month na?
Well, jokes aside, January does make me miserable. But December hosts the birthday of two of my favorite girls in the world, so and its so damn festival! Ahm. I have written all these last year.
But what to do? Nothing new happening for me na? You tell me what i should write now.
So, i mentioned cooking, right? Yup Christmas plum cake. Last year my kitchen-savvy but not-so-baking-savvy brother dried my supposed-to-be-soft cake, so i am doing doing it all alone this time. The dry fruits and all are in the Rum jar and it smells so heavenly! I hope my dad doesn't sneak up on it!
You must write me what is going on on your life. Did the stars hung? Wine cellar opened? Posted the letter to Santa? I love Christmas!! Too obvious, right?
Well, adios love, enjoy it all. And keep an eye open for me!
Your Smalltown Sree!