Sunday, June 26, 2011

Notes From The City

Well, this is the first time i am living in a city, so obviously i have some things to say about it! (Well. when was the last time i hadn't?). I have been on short visits to many, but staying, is indeed a different experience. This will increase as days go on, i suppose.
As first impressions go...
  • Too much people. I knew about this. But this makes everything rather sucky. No one has time for you! Even when asked an info! And Queues! J effing Christ, just kill me before one more line at any place.
  • I never thought crossing a road would be difficult for me. At crosses.
  • Street food: Yummmm!!!!
  • Choices in restaurants and bakeries: Yummmmmm!
  • Price of food: Not so Yum.
  • Living alone is scary. Especially when you have just read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, which details crimes commited against women in a very detailed manner.
  • Living alone meant having to clean my apartment myself, unlike home. But to be honest, i loved it. Felt very self-sufficient like. (Not so alone now. New room mate. Me don't like much.)
  • Chlorinated water makes my hair like rough fibers. Not a fan.
  • Missing family like crazy. Which can be translated to four times the phone bills.

Life is good. Shopping next week. Should be fun.



Ramanathan Kannan said...

Good luck with the big city... Enjoy...

purple moonbeam said...

while out on shopping excursions, don't miss the street stalls and don't forget to haggle ;) hope you get some sweet deals!

Archana said...

Happy haggling. Its my favourite thing to do! Enjoy yourself dear.

Rajlakshmi said...

fiber hair ... welcome to the gang :D
enjoy your time gal :D

fezi said...

now thatz wonderful.. u became an urban girl at last?