Saturday, November 19, 2011

10 Day You Challenge- Day 3

Eight Fears;

  1. The Apocalypse- i am serious. I really believe that the world would end next year and then i will leave without making a mark on this then-nonexisting-world.
  2. High heels and bike riding- This is fairly recent.I am not the tallest person and i am afraid that when i get off from the back seat, the heels would trip and i would fall with the bike on top.
  3. Commitment- Ehm.

  4. My loved ones departing- I used to have nightmares of it, though its a lot better now.
  5. Thieves, burglars and such- I am always paranoid when i come back to a vacant house.
  6. Horror movies.
  7. Snakes- They are the creepiest creepers of 'em all.
  8. Ending up alone for the rest of my life- That is, if the world by chance did not end.

1 comment:

Vaisakh P S said...

The apocalypse - I will leave with out - watching all those movies that are yet to be released.. all those restaurant dishes that I haven't tried :P ...