Monday, September 29, 2008

Ah Men Are Not From Mars, Can Be From HELL Or Any Other Place Worse Than That! [Harbouring A Strong Sence Of Feminism Now.]

My goodness! Managing work, studies and blogging is tough. How do people do that?? Someone experienced, tell me!! 

The last post was all crap talk on my so called LURVE!! Well, as always, it didn’t worked for me and I am out of it and functional as fast as a bullet train. Man, I am so cheap! I guess time is a guilty party here as I don’t get much to be mushy n moody. Well, my "old" lover is an old tale now, and we went on to became very good friends, more so with his wife (girl friend actually, but he said wife first as he knew about India and the small towns). 


This post am dedicating to social issues. Not HUGE ones, but small, like manners and being a good citizen.


Today morning, to get to my work place before 9am, I had to catch a direct bus at 6.45 am. As I only reached the bus station at 7 ( I was never a morning person, never will be!), I missed it. The next bus I wasn’t so sure about, so I caught a short distance one, which would get me to a township from where I can get a straight one. This was a 20 minutes journey, and as it was Monday and morning, bus(karnikaa KL 10 AA 5250)  was relatively full. I saw a row of 3 seats reserved for ladies occupied by a lady, her hubby, a child and an aged man who can be a parent of either one (who cares!). So I politely (I am usually not so polite in early mornings, today I was!) asked him to please give me and a senior lady the seat. The guy started talking n playing with his son, the elder man started staring ahead and the lady, was so attracted to the scenery (yeah, right) on roadside. So i waited patiently till the conductor came to me, and asked him if it was possible that he can get me these seats. Then he said its ok and in a hurry, went to the back of bus (it was a feat, considering the crowd) all the while pretending to write tickets. And he totally ignored me. I started seeing red and once again asked them to stand up (this time, I tell you, I wasn’t so nice). Then also they ignored me and when i persisted, they told me that the conductor got them those seats and promised them that they will be seated till the end. By this time, i was nearing the end of my journey and i still had all mind to call highway police [9846100100] and get the conductor in some serious trouble. I  so wanted to. But i had to reach work place at 9, so it was quite impossible if ran after this. I know i should have done something. I cannot make such idiotic excuses and let people get away with crimes. Still I haven’t forgiven myself. And next time, am gonna do it, even if that’s the last thing i would do in my life.

What i wanted to say was that, don’t we have any custom and manners any more? When we were younger, did our mothers (or someone) taught us what we should do and shouldn’t do in life? Simple things like 'do not throw waste in road' to sacrificial things like 'leave your seat for old, pregnant and ladies carrying children'. Do men these days don’t know how to respect woman, or be a good citizen or to help a weaker person or just abide a bloody law?

 What i was so sad about was that, they had a boy aged 4 or 5 with them. What sort of example does his father sets for him? When he grows up, will he feel guilty when he sits in a seat and an elderly man stands? I bet he wouldn’t.

I hate to see men like that. That’s the only time i feel the adrenaline release in my blood. I am so glad that my brother does all that s good. The one important thing i would certainly want from my future soul mate is to be respectful to fellow citizen and have some decency in life. I swear i cannot respect a man without that quality! Never!!

This is a pic i clicked on the bus. You can see the "ladies" mark and you can see that I’ve to be standing to manage such a photo!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Guys.. I Fell In Love... Unexpectedly. (Its Nothing Serious, Am Just A Drama Queen ;) )

I never thought myself to be the kind of girl who would fall in love with a 50 year old. Even though it’s hard to admit, i am the one who is crazed over the young cute chocolate boys in my friends' circle. I propound the idea of marrying the same age guy, class mate etc, and not in my weirdest dreams I think of even liking a middle aged man. Well, brain proposes and heart disposes.
This new German guy at the resort is totally hot. As my previous experiences with European men are limited only to ogling and whispering behind their backs, getting to talk to and joke with this guy was a new thing, and it didn’t hurt that he is totally charming. I met him on his first day here and then H was on holiday. The next day I was on leave and H came back. And on the third day, when i came back, i saw that i have competition as H looked totally taken with the guy and we sorta competed for the attention a bit. (If she reads this, she would disagree immediately.)
Well, he is a doctor, looks intelligent, cool and hippy-ish (in a good way). He has this small bead necklace which is really cool. Even though he is 51(aehm..) but looks younger and cooler than the 25 year olds i know. And he looks at you with his piercing eyes and its really unsettling [shite, I sound like 15 years old in her 1st crush]. It all started as the small talks and on the way greetings. Then also, this guy is the most interesting, funny and good looking man I've ever met. And please, such combination is quite hard to find. And he takes such care when he talks. He looks at you like a lady, makes you feel like you are not a little girl, yet some times pamper you as a little girl. Ah... And I tell you that he has no idea that there is a part of me who gets glassy eyed and jumpy when I see him. Well, we are good friends, and I am cent percent sure that it would remain that way and only that way. It’s only a passing fancy, yet the feeling of the youthfulness and the innocence is amazing.
Did i mention that this guy has a wife? Well, he has one. She is a very sweet lady, funny and quite a friend, and he is hmm... Totally spicy and mouth watering.

PS: Actually the thing is that, the place has a lot of awesome and sexy ladies and no men at all. And if at all a guy comes, he looks 70 and is as adorable as your grand dad. So when finally a half cute man came upon, we pounced on the chance.

PPS:we got the first prize in the pookalam competition.[ i wrote about it in the last post.] The prize is some ├ęclairs and some regular ball point pen. What a load of crap! Looks like the front office either have no idea of what to gift, or is still sour that they lost to us. But hooray!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Onam This Year.

The long fight with internet provider was won yesterday night. It was started so that I could at least get to the blogger. Everyday I had so much to write and its all gone into oblivion now. Will they ever understand me?

Well, now when I think back on the past week, I don’t remember much. Now I just wanna call the damned provider and shout at them.

The last week was ONAM in kerala. Its not a temple or religious fest, it’s a family fest. [does this sound like those essays we used to write when we were 6 or something? ] Well, for short, its like thanks giving in States, with more days, fun and rituals. Well, due to the job (all the seniors get holidays, so it was me and H working) and dad’s hospital stay, I was kinda missing it all. Home Onams are always about 10 days holidays, the pookalams (floral designs on courtyard) its competition [at college and home], the delicious smell of home made fried bananas, the feast, sitting on floor and eating from banana leaves, TV specials(recent addition), kheer (and its verities).... This year, nothing. so i was really getting sad.

Then at the resort there is this floral design competition. So when our wing's chance came up, me and H were told we are to help. so we tried by downloading new designs, and coming to work early to help. but there is this rude bad-boy(not in a sexy way), who just brushed us away and went on with the stupid designs of his, and made rude comments at us for being 15 mins late all the time. (this guy is so rude that none except us came to help him,knowing him well enough.) so we got really pissed off and so we went to the office and asked them to get us another chance.

while me and H with Lee(a new friend at resort) planned the designs, went to shopping, and arranged flowers at night, it felt like ONAM. We were all working hard, tensed yet joking, fighting and laughing, the tiredness and late night works, the arguments, the sublime scent of orange flowers, the tiresome job of cutting the leaves, the offbeat songs the radio played while we did was the same as it was at college. [did i mentioned that our batch were a regular winners there? No credits to me, but we were the batch who had the most fights, but also had an insuppressible urge to excel at whatever we did.]

at the end, everyone LOVED our work, even though there were serious jabs and comments which we now account for sheer jealousy, as the same guys commented on us were later found in a photo posing near it pretending to make it.[Idea acha tha.. but didn't escape us and the taunts]. the office later said ours was the best. So Yay!!!

Then there was this sadya (onam feast) at the resort, and it wasnt that good, and again i missed ONAM. On the Thiruvonam day, the beloved uncle and aunt (yeah. sooo mallu, calling elders uncle and aunt) who lives downstairs gave me this lavish sadya with 2 kheers and everything soo tasty, i again didn't missed much of onam.

And finally, i was given this one day holiday at the resort on the last day of onam and now am back at home!!! Yo baby, and here we took the new BIG TV by reliance and even though am watching more of their manual than the programs(all thanks to bro), and they are running Jodha akbar 24x7 and we are not getting any english movie channels by them, its cool. Dad is ok and we all are having so much fun plus the kheer and food items...

Yeah. Its Onam. How ever hard and different the life is, Onam will come to you on its own way. And Happy Onam to All mallus...

Friday, September 05, 2008

Finally...I made it here!!

Me and H came here and got settled into this apartment they have rented for us. It isn't anything flashy or heavenly, but we are happy with it. A bit hot but not an oven. There is a family downstairs, an Uncle and Aunty, and 2 doggies. Tommy and Tippu. (Way to honor the legendary king. actually its a popular name for Dogs here. Tommy too. But 'this Tommy' is a girl and the smart one. She is cute). The family turned out to be a distant relation of H and so we are getting all this free stuffs like sweets and chocolates, kettle, coffee mate etc. So all is ok here.

We have food at the Resort. Its buffet everyday, every meal. Honestly, they have spoiled all the magic of buffet for me with in 2 days. Actually i think its too much pressure on the taker. All this brain work and shuffling in front of dishes, fuming the brain about 'to take or not to', the worries on taste, questioning the boys on everything, looking at the end table when starting, keeping all the bubbling urge to discuss every fish with H bottled within me...... it all is too much. How uncomplicated is ordering a meal and having obscene and loud discussion with your friends, commenting the cute waiter etc at your own table..

The guests who visit this resort is 90% ladies from Germany Swiss and Austria. (yeah boys, all the hot europen girls. I know everyone of you will fight to be in my shoes.) And NO MEN! thats sad. absurd. tragic. outrageous. All those Cute European Boys, rush to this Resort. Now!

The resort looks really nice. see some pics i have clicked.

The work isn't much and it isnt indecent. So i am cool with it. And having H with me helps a lot. Those things on with i would have worried a hell of a lot if i were alone seems serious laughing calls now with H. And boy, we laugh a lot.

All about the work fun later.

Preview- A compulsive talker as the Boss, The German girl's insights on indian woman. And how laughing near a myopic patient can get into trouble.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Ranbir Kapoor n me!

Anyone heard a song titled 'small town girl' in bachna... Now, there is a hindi song in mah name?? Yey!! thank you folks..(Its by vishal sekhar right?)

BTW, isn't the looks and wardrobe of Bips totally small town in the film? yeah right. If thats small town, am thinking of changing my name to village girl. Apart from that, i wouldn't mind if i get Ranbir to cater to my each and every whims. Isn't that boy cute?

In personal fornt, dad went from ICU to Room, Mom went from sad to mad(dad is as whiny as it gets), me, from Lake shore to sea shore. Joining the resort tomorrow.

so, Life is GOOD.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Dear friends, all is well and dad is making excellent progress. Yes we are still in the hospital and he is still in intensive cardiac care unit, but when i saw him today, the old chap is back in form, by which i mean he is teasing the nursing staff, commenting on doctors and criticizing almost everyone. So i am not going to narrate the past 2 days of heart aches and depress you and myself. And there were so many new experiences. Of friendships made outside the ICUs, the Gossips about the staff and the patients, meddling relatives and the problems they make, my new job of attending calls 24x7 from people i've never even heard of....some other time folks..

Then what? Hmm.. we are at this hospital called Lake shore Hospital at Cochin. Its HUGE, beautiful and is at a lake shore. Its totally posh, i mean you guys should see the cars parked in the lot, and they are definitely way out of my league! But i heavily recommends it as the medical service is superb, patient care is high level and even if everything here is costly(costliest in this state), they make us feel that its well deserved. And above all, they saved my dad.

5 points which will come handy if you ever have to come down here(i sincerely pray that you would never need this info)-
1. Do not order the regular coffee. order cappuccino, and u get regular Indian coffee.
2. Do not order food to room, they serve you one or two dishes less than that at the cafeteria. Also at higher price.
3. The way in through the room service ordering place and lift there is less guarded (in case you forgot the pass).
4.There is a plan layout in every floor, go through with a well oriented person(my case, my brother, he is a civil engg student), connect with the floor above and below, investigate and find new new paths. Its interesting and the best time pass available.(My blog will be banned if anyone from there saw this.)
5.DO NOT order hot chocolate, espresso, and any other listed coffee if you are a coffee freak. It will destroy you.
You might be thinking what the hell i am doing in this hospital. I tell you, you don't even know whats going on here, and they say they take care of EVERYTHING and you can give over your loved ones to them and relax. They do an exceptional job.

I only pray for Mom to have a safe heart when the damn bill arrives.