Thursday, January 29, 2009

New year

This would be my first post this year...and January is ending.
This year I've missed nothing as much as I've missed this blog. Basically, BSNL is a bitch. So is airtel GPRS. Airtel more so. And i would soon go to an Internet dry patch. Again.
January will be my favourite month of the whole year. Its one of the 2 months when its actually cool in my part of the world. Also it is a fresh start to a fresh year. new hopes, dreams, resolutions... Am a Resolution enthusiast. i always make these at new years(its mostly the same in every year) and follow them for like, 4 days, and then wait for next year to do that again. I am only lazy bitch. i know.
So, this year started with "the mystery of the missing mobile" and which was later found, 3 days later, from under the couch. It was funny when i think back on it. I never thought i could survive without my phone for 3 hours. My friends were all sympathetic, thinking that i would lose it this time. 
The rest of the month went 'yoon hi'. (rude boy says my Hindi sucks. And i know he is right. Damn it!!) May be that's as much the"fun' a jobless, staying-at-home, small town girl would have. Friends are still there.. Sony's pregnancy is advancing.. i truly hope its a girl! Di is trying hard to avoid any *snickering*. Rude boy and me are becoming fast friends. And he is the best person I've met in 3 years :)
Life is good, yet not exciting.
PS:for the first time in last 9 years A have forgotten my birthday. He has moved on. And may be, its for the best :)