Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yes, there is a big news.
Yes, its what you think it is.
Yes, really.
Yes, i am nervous as hell, i even had IBS.
No, IBS was not easy, the worst days of my life. Thank God its over now.
Yes, i am afraid more every day.
No, nothing is solid fixed, no dates etc.
No, it will not be so far.
Yes, You are invited, of course.

Yes, i hope it will all turn up good too.
*fingers crossed*

Thursday, March 15, 2012

No Bounderies...

The relation that knows fairly no boundaries. 

The girl inside the house is a well protected, well behaved, indulged, loved, baby of the family.
The girl outside lives a hard life. Her parents work at nearby construction site, she plays there with her brother. She is always covered in cement powder and wears shabby cloths. 
They both are from different worlds, like we all were, when we get to a college or school or work place.
It started with shy smiles, showing off their toys and then stepping over the shyness and talking..... {TBH, sounds a bit adult, but it was totally childish and cute}
It was beautiful to watch  across the road from my work place. 
It was like watching a flower bloom or the sun rises. 

[ Reading this with my last post would make me sound kinda crazy with a dual personality to boost. But i was really angry at the bestie, Di, but i love her now and forever and dedicate this post for her. If it was us, i would be the girl outside and she would love me with all the judgement and prejudice.]