Sunday, October 18, 2009

Random Facts About Me Which Most Likely Would Bore You To Death -2

After the previous Random facts about me, i think its time for a new one, amazing that i know i am!
So, here goes..

  • I am super clumsy. Torn dresses, ink smudges, random cuts, fall on face.. ask me.. i have done it all.
  • I dont believe in lotteries or draws on anything that tests my luck. I am not lucky. If i was phoebe, i would say numbers are against me :P
  • I believe in ghosts. And i am scared of scary films. I really believe there is a video of THE RING circulating and if ever i see a spoof copy of it, am going to make a replica and smash the TV.
  • I sometimes read books just because i want to say i have read it. And i have loved many of those, like God of small things and Kane and abel. Same goes for movies.
  • Song can make me go nuts over them. Hearing one continuously for hours, hearing emo ones when am sad and get more emo... is all normal for me.
  • Rudra says i am a wanna be bong. I am not arguing.
  • When i am really happy or excited, i talk an awful lot. like blurting out stuff to strangers etc. I would prefer myself locked up then. :P
  • I suck at mathematics. Big time. There was this class test in 9th, trigonometry i think, in which i scored 0 and decided that i am dropping the subject as soon as i can, and i did. :D
  • I am afraid of heights. Its not like any phobia, i am just afraid. :P
  • I dont like reality shows unless they make something. Like food or clothes :P
  • I can not share silence to save my life. With strangers this gets me very fidgety.
  • When i was a child i used to think that i could sing, which caused a lot of situations which are grossly embarrassing when i look back :| The funny thing is Di cant sing at all and says she likes when i sing. It is only for her that i swallow my shame and sing out loud. :)
  • I fall in love with heroes in my books. Except Robert Langdon may be, but he is not so much interesting, is he?
  • I am a very physical person. I love to hug my beloved ones for no reason :)
  • I dont have a favorite colour. This annoys the hell out of me when i do facebook quiz-s.
  • On a stage, before an audience is my living hell. There is no other place i hate more. For proof, i have not been upstage in the whole of my college life, 6 years. Even for the send off when i really wanted to say something. And read this along with the fact that my friends used to say i had ADHD. Am weird :|
  • I do swear. More than i should. Am safer because my parents' mother tongue is not English.
  • Avoiding me really bugs me.
  • My favorite place in whole of world was room no. 212 in my hostel, small room, white washed walls with posters of Ganguly and Nadal, messy with a capital m and Di as my roomie.
  • If i grow old alone, it would be with 5 dogs. i would never be a cat lady.
  • In all my scary dreams i see snakes. They are like the animals that creeps the shit of out me the most.
  • I always wanted to live in Russia or Germany or Kolkata. It was for the love of Dostoevsky, World war and Ganguly respectively.
  • My childhood dream was to be a doctor, which i did and is very displeased with the childhood me. Not creative at all. I dont hate the job, but i think i should be in creative industry.
  • I eat a lot when i am depressed and happy. Depression hands me straight over to chocolates :P
  • I can not like someone with whom i cant have a normal conversation. I would say the best way to woo me is to be world wise and to know how to impress me with it :P
i believe i have not repeated anything, but as this is RFAM-2, it will be less interesting. So check out the first one! (yay, self-pimping!)

Take care fellas!! Love you all, especially those who comments :D


prem said...
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Rudra. said...

Now i know you :D

Sweet lord.

Karan said...

You are a doctor, WOW!! I have always been in awe of doctors,I mean it takes guts to study so much,so much is an understatement I think.

"I would say the best way to woo me is to be world wise and to know how to impress me with it :P"
A little more detail plz :)

DestinyFavChild said...

you do have a wicked sense of humor!

smalltown_girl said...

@rudra :P

@Karan- its nothing :P and details? :P

@DestinyFavChild- Thanks *blush*