Thursday, November 17, 2011

10 Day You Challenge

I admit that is a ruse to get me to blog regularly. Fingers crossed.

10 Secrets
  1. I hate when people show me their family photo albums. Looking at ugly strangers is not my way to spent time.
  2. I am mighty jealous of my work friend who is engaged. Am not jealous of her relationship status. I am J because her fiance is buying her a smartphone. I want a smartphone!!
  3. I think coldplay is mediocre. And i like westlife. I know. :|
  4. I hate almost everyone i work with. And they think i like them
  5. Sometimes on weekends i forgets to brush teeth in the morning and remember it around noon. You think i am gross now, do you?
  6. I eat a tub of ice cream and watch HIMYM when i am sad or depressed.
  7. I cry reading romance novels. Judge me.
  8. I believe that world will end in 2012 and all my future big plans is set for 2013 so that if world ends, i am not in the middle of something.
  9. I have googled "the most painless way to suicide".
  10. My story which got accepted for publishing is queer themed. The publisher is Queer-Ink Press. So Yeah, i write queer stories. I am not queer.

Phew. Too much sharing?

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survivingbrain said...

nothing to be shocked... :P