Monday, April 11, 2011


The summer is damn hot. But you know what is hotter? Politics. The elections are upon us, and as the child of two local political parents, life is hell. Some snippets off it:

Mom: Molu, make some lemonade.
Me:Yes ma. *scrawling*

Mom: Molu, some tea. 2 suger-less.
Me:*scrawling* Yes amma.

Mom: Can we get some lunch order in short notice?
Me:*scrawling* I was working at a Tea-shop, i will be making as much tea and lemonades, and they will be paying me to do so.
Mom: *scrawling*


Mom is really into baseless slander, as they do in politics.

Mom: The opposition candidate is a Prof at a college. He can get a decent income by just working. He is doing politics only because he get more from it.
Me: Ma, you are a retired govt employee. With handsome pension. If you work in politics, does it mean that you get some cash from there?
Mom: *ANGRY* You don't know anything! For all i know, you will go and vote for him.
Me: *hiding*


Mom: *after a day of running around and getting home at dusk* Where is the soap in the bathroom?
Me:In the bathroom outside. Dad took it.
Mom: Get it for me na?
Me: Now? Am watching cricket!
Mom: Am so tired, i cant walk that much.
Me: *getting up* its only 10 steps!

Mom: *after bath* *on call* Yes Jaya, we need to arrange that room by tonight.
Mom:Un huh. I know. I am coming too. Lets get some help and arrange all the chairs.
Me: :O You cant go to bathroom outside! and you are going to arrange chairs? *scrawling*


Dad: I joined politics for your Mom.
Mom: ...'s destruction.

Dad:I am leaving the party.
Mom: I dont think i will be that lucky.

Dad: I dont think i am coming to the meeting tonight.
Mom: That is because i am getting a seat in stage and you are sitting in audience.
Dad:I am not jealous!
Me and Bro: Yes, you are!


Bro: Ma, rocky likes your candidate.
Mom: Gr8! How so?
Bro: Your election symbol is the palm na? He did pasted his own on that poster of the candidate.
Mom: :-/

It had been crazy mayhem. With mom and dad being too busy and house getting cluttered with Request sheets and posters and a lot of men i wish i would never have to see again.
But in their old age(mom and dad are 60) i think its the feeling of being wanted and the thrill of doing something is what keeps them so energetic and happy. And as long as they are happy, i am happy too.
Though i am still not decided on whom to vote.
Don't tell mom!


Carpe Diem! said...

Omg, I can't imagine having someone from the family in politics and all! Is it ever exciting or always annoying?

Rajlakshmi said...

//Me and Bro: Yes, you are!// hahaha quite a garmagaram family you have :D