Friday, May 21, 2010

Games to Play during Commuting

This is for those who commute in public transport, since its boring and lonely most of the time. Those who drive themselves to work avoid these, since they can cause serious accidents and might even result in loss of your life, or skin, or both.

1. In which situation will i be caught in THAT dress game:
This is basically simple. You observe the clothes of fellow travelers. Or those on side walks. And make up situations in which you will be wearing that. Try to be original and self amusing. And take care not to giggle loudly and make others think that you are nuts. Especially guys. Giggling is not cute on you.
Some inspiring dresses gave rise to the following ideas:
  • At my funeral, where i am dead and my relatives really really hate me for some reason and wants to make me look hideous.
  • A very action filled detective dream, in which i am in a hurry to get dressed and i also happened to be color blind and wears that junk piece. And later it might save my CSI ass, as the criminal sees the bright coloured combo and goes momentarily blind and we secure him at that.
  • One of my favorite people got me the dress in a hurried shopping and then passes away quickly, so i have to wear it to honor their memory, so i undergo that torture.
Like that.

2. Why those people are together game:
This is more funny when you have a commute mate.
Make stories of people whom you see together. Fellow commuters who talk daily. Or random ones on street.
This has produced some pretty amazing stories so far.
  • There was a guy and girl about 14-16 years whom we(me and H) used to see daily. The dark guy and fair girl who used to walk to the bus stop. We made up so many stories about them. The one that made the most sense and got approval was that they were childhood buddies, who go to same school, and are slowly falling in love. Later we came to know that they were estranged cousins as his mom ran away and married a low caste guy. :| and this is the only way they see each other.
  • The bus i travel now, has a handsome driver. Ruggedly. He drives fast, sharp and still not discomfort us. I even doubted i was crushing on him. Then i observed the girl who sat opposite the driver's seat. They talk a lot, laugh even. If she sleeps, he wakes her up. She says bye before getting off. I thought, wow, nice! LOVE! Then what happens? One day i see the guy's hand. He has 2 rings. One is a big silver one with a pink stone. BIG stone. The other is plastic. PINK. Which has Love written across. :| I don't know what to assume. Is he gay or straight? Love or fraanship? God knows.
And mind you, a friend makes fabrications better.

Actually i don't know any other. If you know any, kindly contribute and make my comments page lively. And my commute too.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Thats life.
When i can say more, i will spill.
or it will be a permanent move or shutting up.
Because i cant lie in blog.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mamma's Squiggly Bundle of Joy.

One day, i was chatting with her in kitchen when she was fussing with lunch and i was playing lazy.

Me: Mom, you have known me a lot of time na? Saw me in all my looks, all my moods, all my make overs.
Mom: Yeah. Every ugly look included.
Me: So, which one do you remember the most? Think hard and answer.
Mom: *Thinking* Hmm, The best one i remember is the time i just gave birth to you and they showed you to me right after. Squiggly and small and dirty :)
Me: Aww!

I can script this dialogue. But honestly, i didn't. Even though we two fight more than anyone else in the world, we also share moments to true love.

Happy Mothers Day Amma. Have a long life. Be with me always. Seriously, a life without you scares the crap out of me. And i wont swear again. :P

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Summer Distress

Summer this year was excruciating. The heat.. the sweat.. the thirst.. the distress.. It was a season from hell. It usually is. But this year summer outdid itself. I could actually see the steam coming off road and the layers of air.. I am not exaggerating. It was wild. In african terms. Thank god its almost over. Almost. Sigh.

This is Ayshu's baby. At AJ's wedding 2 weeks ago. She is usually bouncy, laughing, playful and serene. But not in a summer midday at a busy place. She was disturbed, restless and near to tears. She didn't came on to me and sat bewildered with her mom. With reddish face and hot skin. That too after 5 minutes of exiting the car.
And nothing describes this summer better.