Wednesday, March 09, 2011

How to Hide the Dirty Secrets in your Gadget

Last week, friend of my brother, Chembu, smsed me at night. He asked me if i had ever stored a personal email as a wordpad document. He said he found one while rummaging in a folder in his computer, which he had copied from my computer when i gave it to him for some repairs. I said yes and asked him to delete it as fast as possible. I hope he did that, because that was a rather embarrassing letter to "A".

So, i wanted to give a few points to gadget users, to avoid embarrassing situations.
How to Hide the Dirty Secrets in your Gadget
  • Never ever store porn in your mobile. How ever deep you think you hid the folder. There are people who can always find it, especially those who look for them. Like me.
  • Never leave the phone alone when you are in the midst of reading something racy in it. Don't minimize the OperaMini or pdf reader and give it to someone. Its always safe to exit. People will never think its a plot in the story you are reading. To them, its just erotica.
  • Do not, for the love of god, create folders inside folders thingy. Easiest trick on book.
  • Personal letters, passwords, other details... store it in google notebook or just in your mail. And at least never lose the google password.
  • Do not surf your files while in front of 15 year old cousins. Or do it carefully. I still remember them laughing as a naked chest of this dude came on screen.
  • Always, always clean your download list. And/or torrent list. Name is more than enough to get the wrong idea to anyone who checks.
Now a few tricks to evade detection. Old school, but effective, i think. I am not saying i use these.
  • Racy reads (including erotica) if in word format, store it after a very normal text and save them together. No one is going to read till the end of anything to find what is in it.
  • Videos, to save them from appearing in media search, store as winrar. And take it out when you want to see. (this one was all thanks to a friend of mine who does not wish to reveal his name.)
  • Photos can also follow the above option. Especially if its nekkid pics of you. I personally suggest not to save any nekkid things of you anywhere. Its not worth the humiliation on detection.


Renji said...

lol.. I witnessed such an event sometime back.

And better save the winrar file also with a password.

smalltown_girl said...

@Renji- yup i forgot to add that.

Rajlakshmi said...

ROFL ... maybe i should send this to my bro... i often land up in his not-be-seen folders :P

Ramanathan Kannan said...

In college 2nd year, my friend borrowed my laptop to watch " Shakespeare in Love " with his gf. But they did more than that. They found some old undeleted torrent files with er... interesting titles. Both of them, then gave me a lecture on virtue and morals. I was very distraught and ranted to my other friend. This is what my other friend had to say... " What ? You got lectured ? You imbecile... He gets to spend 2 hours alone with a girl in a room, against the wishes of his parents... And you let him question your morals for having a few bad sounding torrent files !!???... My dear old crony, you are on the side of the angels, in this issue... "

Although there are a few loopholes in his guilt ridding speech, I felt much better after hearing his opinion. Thank God for such excellent cronies... I miss them :(

Aditya said...

lol this post was straight from the heart :D

back in the days of windows 95 and 98, we used to rename the foldernames in DOS with some hexadecimal numbers which windows didnt recognise but dos did. ergo, you could only find the folders in dos mode. :D

Karan said...

Whoa! where were you years back!
Dummy's guide to not getting caught!!

smalltown_girl said...

@lux: been there, a lot of times.

@RK:ha ha!! thats funny. and totally real. those who usually give out advices r those who do it in the dark. oooh!

@Adi: ah. but i hardly know dos. though gr8 advice for ppl who know it.

@Karan: dummy's guide alright. U wont believe the times i caught my college mates and some others with very blue phones. ppl need to hide it. it would come out sometime, but this way, it wont, always.

Jidhu Jose said...