Sunday, December 21, 2008

The question is,who does arranged marriages?

Every third advertisement in TV these days is or and even, believe it or not, is not affiliated with My foot,who cares??) 
The country which is progressing with the speed of Japan's bullet trains, its nice to know that we still follow some traditions. Even though the Nx Gen in India is in a rush to embrace the western culture, The number of people registered in such sites is alarming. The rate with which the number of of matrimonial sites are increasing, it seems that either the youngsters in this country are trusting computers than their heart to find the most compatible girl/boy(that's going superhuman..woohoo!) or are too lazy  to take the time and effort make a girl/boy fall in love with him/her. The second one seems to be the obvious. 
What sort of idiots would search for their life partner in a website? Middle class? Upper class? Big town? small town? Metro? Rich? Poor? Hot? Hideous? Apparently every tom dick and harry is there. 
How do i know? I am there too.
Not my choice i tell you. Mom is obsessed. A girl unmarried at 26 in a metro is a bit alarming. Then pray think about small town
To save myself from being shipped to the hands of geeky lazy bums, all i could do was fill all the columns with 100% original data, which mom didn't checked and is thankfully enough to scare away aspiring life partners. Actually i don't think even 10% people there is filling in their correct hobbies and time passes. Then all girls wouldn't cook well and all boys wouldn't love adventure.
What ever happens, even i die a spinster, am not going to have an arranged marriage. Now all i need to do is drill some sense into mom, which is divinely difficult. *sigh*

Saturday, December 20, 2008

A poem.

You’ve pierced my heart and left me to die
I sit all alone and wonder why
It’s hard to go on without a heart
It was your razorblade words that tore it apart
Scribbling down sentences to describe how I feel
Nothing I write can feel this real
The mirror reflects a pain that will never fade
I’m trapped in a mess that I’ve made
Duct taping broken pieces that fit into place
Mascara running down my face
At a frantic pace my fingers missed
A lose piece fell and slit my wrist
Just enough to see a peek of red
The way this night ended I’d rather be dead
-- Sad Girl by ~AkikoWeasley

the poem illiterate in me loved this one. less complex may be. my bestest online friend Rude Boy aka Rudra [with whom i have been talking daily for about 3 months. yes, daily. dont get any ideas, he is most likely the only online boy i have been this close with, yet never been hots for...and nithin too, but he was 14.] thinks that this poem is kinda absurd and too sad. He writes poems, so i sorta believe him. but, i LOVE this one. really. May be, just may be, i am A SAD GIRL.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Dry Pressed Flower which Brings Me A Spring!

Sony was my first friend at college n one of the best till now. She is more like a sister to me. Not the brightest of friendships, but rock hard, with the faint glow of trust. 
So, when we were in our 1st year at college, (that is 6 years before) she gave me this pressed flower of golden shower tree(in front of our college, there was this tree that flowered irrespective of seasons..i think she got the flower from it.God, i miss college!)
the thing was that, the gesture was so casual and irrelevant, i dont remember anything about it. she just gave me that and i put it in a book i was studying then. Somehow, for fun i think.. i put it in the 143rd page. 
The amazement started after 1 or 2 years, when i took the book again, and was quite touched when i saw the flower in there, safely resting in the 143rd page. Sony was also amazed when i showed it to her, i think. After a while i forgot it again. and though out my course, the little flower made cameo appearances.
After college, sony got married and moved to a metro, i stayed small town and single. Recently, i again took the book and saw the flower in it.. safe and beautiful. unchanged. its like my friendship with her. not much the 'lets-get-on-roof-n-shout-out-we-r-best-friends' type. the silent presence, the comfort, the trust, the confidence..
Today when i saw the flower, it felt like sony is trying to convey that if also she is not there with me, she will be there for my joys and sadness... through thick and thin, for ever. 
Miss u dear. SO much. Mmuah! And all the best with the baby. Am gonna spoil 'her' rotten!! :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Aquarian.

My zodiac coffee mug says i am..

stubborn(thats outrageous.i refuse to accept that!)

Societal(i should start going out n see how correct that is.)

Mental poise( my friends always forgot the 'poise' part)

Opinionated (am I?what u say?)

Unconventional(if i say yes, wud it look different on me?? :O )

Musical(hostel mates, thanks for that BESUREE award!)

Glamorous(Mom, heard that?now stop harassing me. i look fine!!)

Eccentric( its normal for one to drink coffee only from a particular mug?and water. and juice.)

Rebellious and unpredictable(all these sound like fart, so i broke the mug. )


Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Take care of ur laptops..

See friends, am not the kind too give out gizmo advices. i dont think myself to be a know-it-all in that area.
Once, while reading RD aka readers digest, i came across this little notes to watch out if u own a laptop. I read it and saw serious flaws in my part in handling of my machine(!) and thought of sharing it.
Those who take care of their laps like their serious appendages[;)] and those who subscribe to RD skip this ok?
So, putting on my Gyan Guru Jacket, here i Go....

1.Buy an external mouse. (And considering the frequency with which i break it, 10 will make a good stock)
2.When you close the Lap, put a soft cloth over keypad. (when they say SOFT, go for really soft, because the US guys take softness very seriously!)
3.Laptop cooler(whoa! What the eff is this?? Dont they know how i got one, and now i need to buy a COOLER? 'i' dont have a cooler!!! 
4.Shut down it after use. Do not travel while in sleep. ( this one is a genuine request.)
5.Clean it periodically.( You should try it too :D)
6.Switch bluetooth off while not in use.

As much silly it may sound, please do it, cuz they make earth a happy place to live in!

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Twilight- when the day meets the night, and where Bella Meets Edward

The only thing i seriously wish, for now, is to be Bella Swan, and to be Hopelessly and Blissfully in LOVE with a Vampire. It wont sound much strange and pig headed if you have heard of Twilight, or read it for that matter.
An advice to all those who have read the book, skip this page.
I suck at summaries, so i will call in someone else to give you one:

What is Twilight all about?
the official summary from Summit Entertainment
Bella Swan has always been a little bit different. Never one to run with the crowd, Bella never cared about fitting in with the trendy, plastic girls at her Phoenix, Arizona high school. When her mother remarried and sent Bella to live with her father in the rainy little town of Forks, Washington, she didn't expect much of anything to change.

But things do change when she meets the mysterious and dazzlingly beautiful Edward Cullen. For Edward is nothing like any boy she's ever met. He's nothing like anyone she's ever met, period. He's intelligent and witty, and he seems to see straight into her soul.

In no time at all, they are swept up in a passionate and decidedly unorthodox romance - unorthodox because Edward really isn't like the other boys. He can run faster than a mountain lion. He can stop a moving car with his bare hands. Oh, and he hasn't aged since 1918. Like all vampires, he's immortal. That's right - vampire. But he doesn't have fangs - that's just in the movies. And he doesn't drink human blood, though Edward and his family are unique among vampires in that lifestyle choice.

To Edward, Bella is that thing he has waited 90 years for - a soul mate. But the closer they get, the more Edward must struggle to resist the primal pull of her scent, which could send him into an uncontrollable frenzy. Somehow or other, they will have to manage their unmanageable love.

But what will they do when Laurent and James, the Cullens' mortal vampire enemies, come to town, looking for Bella? A modern, visual, and visceral Romeo and Juliet story of the ultimate forbidden love affair - between vampire and mortal.


END of official summery.

Thus begins my views:
1.The settings for the book is totally captivating. The dark small town. too much rain and too much snow. Bella hated the place until she meets boy, or should i say, 108 year OLD vampire.
2. Edward not shy or too manly to confess his love which is refreshing.
3. How Edward's fascination with a girl who's smell makes him crave for more of her and whose thoughts he can not read changes to Love for someone so natural and fresh, who trusts him and accepts him for what he is- its amazing.
4.Favorite dialogues- "I may not be human, but i am still a man" - Edward.
"You are the most important thing to me now. The most important thing to me ever."-Edward
"I'm here… which, roughly translated, means I would rather die than stay away from you."-Bella
5.The first half is sweet romance, and even if it lack of any serious event or thrilling story point, it still dazzles you, like Edward does, as Bella says.
6. The second half is gripping tension, well towards last, and still what you are aware of is the love the vampire has to the girl.
7. Modern day Romeo and Juliet? NO. Romeo is still not THIS romantic. Not as much as Edward.
8. The novel makes you seriously want to believe in vampires and the forever kind of love.
9. The love is so real even without a single sexually inclined scene.
10. The innocence of Bella can be seen in her views of Edward, the trust even after knowing ow dangerous he can be to her.
11. The century old english names are fascinating.
12. The movie stills look awesome. i dont know how this will work out in movies. How much cute robin pattinson may look, he wont look like Edward to me, sinfully beautiful, angelic and devilishly cruel and ghostly at times.

Well. its a good read... so get the books, snacks and coffee ready.. Its the book to read for all you romance loving, fantasy fascinated girls... And dont tell me you are not one.. I simply wont believe you.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A song for 'A'

Its his comeback my friend, ofcourse. And i dedicate this long forgotten song of STEPS to him.. It reminds me of him.. always has..

Its the things that you do
So physical
Its the things that you say
So flammable
You know I cant resist
Boy its such a shame
Do you belong to another
I dont wanna hurt nobody
But my heart just cant hold back

Its the way you make me feel
The way that you make me feel
Spinning my world around
Tell me how can I walk away
I dont care what they say
Im loving you anyway
Its the way you make me feel

Im going to make you mine
Is not impossible
Got to let you know
Im irresistible
Baby cant you see
You're the one for me
But you belong to another
I dont wanna hurt nobody
But my heart just cant hold back

Its the way you make me feel
The way that you make me feel
Spinning my world around
Tell me how can I walk away
I dont care what they say
Im loving you anyway
Its the way you make me feel

When I look into your eyes
Everytime you smile at me
Oh I go weak inside
Baby I just cant hide my love

Its the way you make me feel
The way that you make me feel
Spinning my world around
Tell me how can I walk away
I dont care what they say
Im loving you anyway
Its the way you make me feel

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My new friend... Bow Wow.. Part 1

Before beginning this post, you must know that i am crazy about dogs. I love everything about them, from the charm to the idiocy and the loyalty to light skirt-ness. And Every single one of them.

So, the main road from where i get my cab every day, my apartment is about 10 minutes walk. When i walk with H, we both comment on everything under the sun. And usually Tommy escort us to road. Tommy is our landlord's dog, who is loyal but disobedient. On this way, there is a home, which is uninhabited, and no, this is not a haunted house, as the house is quite modern and too small to interest any ghosts. Also in this house is 3 dogs. 2 GSD boys (German shepherd dog, aka, Alsatian) and a Labrador girl. Everyday, on our walks, they start barking matches with Tommy and I, who has a very sweet GSD (rocky is his name) at home, i never gave much thought on them, other than comparing them with rocky on who had more height and fur. 
When i say these dogs live in a house which is lonely, it doesn't mean the people there goes to office everyday or is on holidays. The house is not lived in for more than 1 year and someone feeds the dogs everyday. And the Gate is Locked.
Thus one day i was returning home alone, i came upon the house. Then i saw this big GSD dog, near the gate, limping. It was his left front paw, which was hurt. He looked very sad and very much in pain, I was torn between going to him to be barked at and going my own way to wonder about him later. So, taking all the dare i could muster, i went to the gate and said in my most tender voice, hello. He first looked at me, and slowly came near the gate. By then, my only hope was that i could run fast if he barked at me, avoiding my true intentions. Then, The Very Brave Small Town Girl, risking the fate of looking like a fool taking to a dog across a gate, asked him how he is and whether its paining too much. His doubtful dark eyes turned friendly and sad and he slowly extended his paw towards me. I patted him for a while and he started to moan, which i think is because of his having got someone finally who would listen to him. I comforted him by being there as much as i can, with the stares from passer by's and children going home after school. As i cant stay there on the wrong side of a gate for more than 15 minutes, i walked home. 
On the way i thought why would a proud and not too friendly dog like a GSD would come so close to me with the slightest of the invitations. Why no one is taking him to the Doc? Why is he sad?Why would you leave a perfectly lovely dog alone? When you move your home, would you leave a child back? Isnt a Dog special? What he must be feeling at his owners? Is it only the pain? The poor guy would have been so lonely and depressed, sad that he doesn't have someone to love, doesn't have a child to play with, or a M'am to tease, some one to run around with, something to chase, some one to talk to him if he misbehaved, someone to order him around..
 And as i thought about him, i came to know how worthless your life would be if you have no one to love. And i cried all the way home.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Splendid Night Life!!

Whom ever told that the Small towns do not have a night life, should be shot at sight. [Oops.."I" said that :) ]
Well, Small Towns have a night life, you just need to come in terms with it.. For example.. tonight, after dinner at 8, I had a long chat with H on absurdities in her life for a while, then when she retired, what shall i do? Night isnt over for me. i am into night as bad as a bat. So, what did i do, Had a looong bath, then studied + watched TV (more TV n less books, as you guessed) till 2.15. When the studying got no where and the TV got rather idiotic in the lack of good programmes, i switched it off and came to my fetching room.. (fetching in the sense that i have to FETCH if i need to find something :P ) i thought of cleaning my room, so silently ran about it and cleaned the cupboards, and sweeped and all ( yeah, really!) and its only 3.15 am. Night is still young, so thought i would step into internet, peep into others lives, and develop my Gossip IQ. 
So, thus goes a typical small town night life.. Well, it certainly is Night, and Isn't this Life??
Good Night Guys..

NB: Good Bye to Dada aka Ganguly..
PPS: dad's TMT (treadmill test) tomorrow, i hope he is alright.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Miss. Amoeba, 25, single and ready for binary fission!

I am tired of being single. People are kinder towards murderers.. especially in small towns.. And what happens to those who used to hang out with you after their marriage? :X
So, In my next life, am gonna be an Amoeba.. So that, when ever i feel lonely, i can just do a binary fission and create a brand new person for me! Then i would never be lonely! and, does amoebas bother each other with silly questions? :O Nay, i don't think so.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Monsoon.. The water which kindles the fire.. (ok, this was a tourism ad slogan, but true)

I know hundreds of people who hates monsoons. The monsoons in kerala. The stormy powerful destructive force of nature in full form. Its the time you hunch when you walk, before the mighty rain, holding on to your dear belongings, trying not to get angry splatters. The time your anger surges up due to piling of wet clothes, moist dry clothes, dirty window sills, water on floor, little children bringing the seal of monsoon on their shoes and decorate your home with it...

I have, for my entire life, loved rain. Once i have mentioned to a friend that water is my essential element because i never get enough of it. I have loved monsoon from my childhood, from when i was 5 years or so. I was a very silent and thoughtful kid, not like the current me.I used to love walking in rain and getting my feet wet on the way to school. The first day of school used to be the first day the monsoon makes its mark, in the first week of June. The wait to use the brand new printed umbrella, the excitement of new school days, the new books, the earthly smell of soil when it first rains, the fun of walking in puddles, the cancellation of assembly, standing in the corridor and stretching your hands to catch the rain drops.....i can still feel the sensation of cold water on my hands. Ice cold, and the excited shrieks of friends...
In monsoon period, everyone shifted to indoor games, which i loved. i was a lazy arse and running around always made me feel inferior.

In boarding (6th to 12th), i was in a daze. I don't know what was wrong with me there, i hated the boarding with a vengeance, and it hated me back. I don't remember much of those days, except that the school was closed during June, the first month of monsoon. So i spent that time at home with monsoon special fried eatables and TV. The memories of rain those times are of me not wanting to go to school and sitting in a car with all my belongings and looking at the rain splattering windows on the way and crying.

In college the monsoons were the most happiest times i remember. My college was on a hill and the wind was too heavy. When it rained all of a sudden,we would run fast through corridors for cover, as the rain just drenched the whole lengh of corridors. Most of our study leaves collided with monsoons, its damn difficult to study when it rains and all you feel like is either stare at it or curl under a blanket and sleep. Me and H used to study in the corridors and it was fun watching a calm rain, but it was more fun when the violent rain would come and rip me and H off our comfort and scatter our notes all over and we would run after those laughing to collect them. The rain also made us wear sweaters. In kerala, well, in most parts of kerala, a sweater is like a water cooler in Green land. But the monsoon was so cool that we would dig the sweaters out, and wear them day and night.
Monsoon doubled the effect of laziness in me, making me sleep all day bunking the classes and sleep through the rainy afternoon. And monsoons made me very creative. Many of my legendary letters were written in rainy afternoons by the window.

Later home and now, job..( at the resort, it rains in the sea, which is a whole new vision..)
Till now, monsoon rules kerala as well as my heart. It is an indescribable feeling, Heavenly, as well as Earthly.. I dunno if anyone got that. Just come down, and experience... You will give it better definitions..

Friday, October 31, 2008

Return of my jeDi!

Life is amazing.

When you think everything is finished, life stars anew..
When you give up hope and plans to turn away from a door, you hear the key turning again..

Di is trying hard to keep me in her life. I dunno how she does that in the midst of all the visits and relatives crushing her. 

And i have to confess i am totally bowled over by my Jeeju, Ray. He is terrific, yet i was always doubtful that as he is a possessive person, he might have problems with me.. No he doesnt.. Now its like gaining a new friend.. he is totally adorable..and funny

You must be wondering why i am so sensitive and crazy over a friend. Until and unless i am totally in love with her. I have to confess that if i ever, EVER consider going the other way..(here i proclaim that i am as straight as a ruler).. it will be for Di only. ( again, she too is very very straight). :p

so this is something which i hope will describe what Di is to me:
Di forever be the most wonderful person I knew. She would be the only person I loved so madly and passionately and without any reservations and conditions, till now. I loved her the same when she was smiling at me or angry and mad and spitting fire n totally scary ( oh.. she can be!). I love her for the feeling of security, the companionship, the urge to love someone she generated in me. For the pride of knowing that am above the rest because I have a best friend who will be there for me no matter what happens.  For Loving me the times wen I went completely off the hook and gone mad,like  wen I cried so much at midnight for the fathom death of Ron Weasly as told by some crazy fellow before the release of &th book, she sleepily hugged me and asked me whats wrong and comforted me even though she hated anything related to harry potter. Or for those times during nights when she was just an extension of hand away, for the days  when I used to come to class after OP and rushed to go near her. For knowing me as a mad, childish and insufferable person and accepting and loving me anyways. For the glint in her eyes which showed her love and amusement, the smile which made me realise I would have her what ever happens and the jabs in my chest when ever she tried to prove things by pinpointing it (she talks like that with everyone close to her, but to ray, she admits that she can only reach his abdomen).the trips and the food joints and the poultry we killed jointly(we were chicken addicts), the movies, calicut crown, the ice creams, pop corns,  KANK and arguments.. For changing my views in topics even without me realising it, like kuch kuch hota hai(how i hate that movie now!).. The times I told her my secrets and she told hers.. 
she fascinated me with the ways she can be serious and silly, childish and motherly, cute and smart.. 
And there was always a myrid of emotions i felt for her..
 The motherly me wanting to secure her when ever we went out ,hug her and comfort her spontaneously... the sisterly me sharing my secrets, others gossips and giggling all the time... the best friend me going out with her for food n movies and shopping,talking outside class and running to canteen for quick bites... The lover in me, hugging her without a reason and finding her cute even when she had one of those nose-itching-eyes-watering-oh-poor-me- fevers... the daughterly me who would curl near and fall asleep when she is studying and who would cry and run to her even for a small cut in hand...
there were so many moments of my life, i shared with Di and they would never have been the same without her, and my life also, wouldn't have been same without her.
So i think what i have for her is undying friendship, total adoration, and love.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Song which currently goes well with my state of mind..

"Here With Me"

I didn't hear you leave
I wonder how am I still here
And I don't want to move a thing 
It might change my memory

Oh I am what I am 
I'll do what I want 
But I can't hide
I won't go 
I won't sleep 
I can't breathe 
Until you're resting here with me
I won't leave 
I can't hide 
I cannot be 
Until you're resting here with me

I don't want to call my friends 
They might wake me from this dream
And I can't leave this bed
Risk forgetting all that's been

Oh I am what I am 
I'll do what I want 
But I can't hide
I won't go 
I won't sleep 
I can't breathe 
Until you're resting here with me
I won't leave 
I can't hide 
I cannot be 
Until you're resting here with me

The sight of Di as i entered her home on the eve of her wedding. As usual, the big smile on her face, that i see when ever we meet after a long duration,..

Sharing a bed with Di, probably the last time, and she holding my hands as we both drifted off to sleep...

Going to temple on early morning of the wedding, leaving a sleepy H behind, walking and talking with Di, me and her, alone, without any hurries, like older days, when life was less complicated and more lively...

Fighting with Di's Aunt and a Shadow of a beautician to make her look good.. H was very strong and fiesty...

Di, during the wedding broadly smiling at Ray (her man) all shy and coy..And the whole reception laughing with her.

Watching her being taken away by her new relatives and feeling like shite..

Di rushing to me from a photo shoot and hugging me as we were saying goodlucks and goodbyes..

And as i was crying silently up on our journey back home, her call to see if i was alright..


God, i miss her like hell.. yet, its life.. i hope we will remain as we used to be.. best friends, soul sisters....
and life will be good, for her, and me..

Monday, October 20, 2008

My Will. ( you never know when it is too late to say something!)

No, i am not in my death bed. Actually i am at the peak of my health (from where only downfall is possible. That too HUGE, consider the ways i treat myself.) So, if by chance, i get to die young, preferably painlessly and with a status quo disease making everyone sad(i am such a drama queen, i live for it), i want leave a will behind.
so, here it goes..
1. I want a cremation, not burial. I hate to think about it even, yes, i am afraid of lying lonely under 6 foot of dark soil with worms eating me away and only rats for company. Ugh! it sounds so disgusting huh? Now, anyone asking for a burial anymore?

2.I want all my worthless things destroyed. That's the things no one wants and no one wont use, ever. Give out what ever anyone wants, but dont keep anything home. I dont want anyone (by which i mean Mom) getting sad seeing things which remind her of me.

3.I want Di to have my laptop. If only my Bro is ok with it, which i hope he will be. Its not that i love Di more, but Di would never get herself a laptop if not this. Also she knows Mr.Q (my laptop) like i do, and love him and take care of him. [Bro is the worlds most careles person.] Mr.Q is a very forgetful (not enough RAM) person, but very able, clean and hardworking. And he knows all my secrets, Same as Di. And then there is the 'wonderful' times we both spent with Mr.Q, which was amazing, and i want her to remember me. 

4.My phone should go to H. There is no sentimental reasons attached. As Bro recently bought a fancy mobile, he wont need my year old phone. And H's phone is like the BAAP of all things mobile. Abacus. Antique. ( so, dear H, call the motorola company and tell them about your phone. If someone is there who survives the coronary, the thing you call mobile will be featured in their museum and you will be given a seat in the advisory board.)
Actually there is a story behind H's phone. She, in our college days had a boyfriend. Later, when her parents found out, they threw a tantrum and asked her to forget everything (some religion or something. parents can be such babies!!) They stopped being lovers and started the best-friend thing and its amazingly working. (He is a very nice guy and a very good friend, and they suit so well, so, these days i am urging H to proceed with it and forget all the shite associated with home, but she loves her parents too much.) So, back to the mobile, when H was thinking of buying a mobile, He got a new one and was thinking how he will get rid of this junk, so he gave it to her [she is gonna kill me! :) ] So she couldn't tell her parents where she bought it from, so she told home that 'I' sold it to her. How that must have hurt my ego? I EVER owning that Match box! I am still licking my wounds in private! So she wont get a new one, and I, who 'gave' her the 1st mobile will give her the next too.

5.All my jewellery, should go to my Bro.. Except the antique looking pendent, its to Mom, as she was lusting after it for so long now.So, the rest goes to Bro, and no, he isnt transsexual, i want him to sell it and go for a tour. A grand tour. Or give it to his girlfriend. And do not forget to get it back if you ever break up. ;)

6.All my accessories should go to.. hmm.. H, i think. Di would never use it, Sony too. And no one has cute daughters or those that i like.

7.My novel collection is for Di. And she should read it! [ guess she wont miss me much after this!] The texts and other study books are for my current boss, with an instruction that he should read it and try to learn something before bossing me and H around (ok, this was a joke, but the rest isnt).

8.Please do not delete my ORKUT account and blog. i would want to know if internet is available in hell. ( You wouldnt think i will get into the other place right? Even if i get an invite from gabriel, I would wanna be with you all. That's more fun na?) And everyone, Keep in touch. Via Social Networks.

9. This is a special message to Di. Send A an email. And tell him I always loved him. And ask him never to hate me.

10. Buy Rocky a chocolate on every January 25th. He will not miss me more than the chocolates i get him.

So, i think thats it. And if i forgot something, i will edit it in later. 

I Hereby Solemnly Swear That Everything Written Above Is Correct And Should Be Taken Care Of.

bye all.. 

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Once someone i really loved told me blood is thicker than water.
I laughed at her.
How can petty relations be more important than close to heart friendship?
yet, now i agree.
Friendship is nothing but convenience.
time pass.
and when a greater love comes, the easiest to set aside and move on.
The easiest to avoid.
The best to forget without any regrets.

Friendship is the baseless 'thing' between strangers.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Girlfriends and the ways to lose 'em

How is it possible for people to change their nature so randomly after marriage? I am talking about girls. I dunno if boys are the same way or not, its just that i don't have boyfriends (boy-less, friend-more) who are married. I being the unmarried one who have seen a LOT of friends getting married, and been the bridesmaid to a lot (literally, maid.), i know what i am talking about. 

Those girls, brilliant, smart, strong willed, self sufficient, cool, funny... there are so many definitions which fit each one of them, who got married and changed so much so fast.. i was mesmerised at first. Now a days i expect it. 

There was our stubborn little Sishu, who never listened to anyone and got sad mad and happy with the littlest provocations, is now a mother, and has to cater to a husband who is so demanding, even she, a very fast and functional girl, cant satisfy.[ I, now a days don't call Sishu at all. All i need is the fond thoughts of a silly friend who came running to me and Di for some chatting and to vent her absurd thoughts. I am happy with the old sishu.]

Then there was Nisha, who was so fond me and Di, it drove us crazy, who sit with us for 1 whole year, who scared us to death my proclaiming she wants to share a room with us, for whom i transformed to a bridal beautician for a night, is not even sending me occasional SMS. I earlier thought it would be good riddance, but, no, it hurts in some degrees.

Then there is F, with whom we[me n Di] were SO attached, with whom we had meals 3 times a day, who changed rooms to be near us, who asked for my advise on anything and everything, is not even invited to Di's wedding.

There is Fiza, who was a strong female, who never listened to boys, she started wearing purdah after marriage as her husband liked it.

Sony, who used to make fun of every married girls who used to skip college functions or works failed to turn up at our convocation. CONVOCATION!!! yet i would say she is the least changed of them all.

And Sruthi, who used to missed call me 3 times a day even also i hated missed calls and never called her back, not anymore!! none!!

there are girls who are less changed and more changed. but the change is inevitable. 
Am more afraid these days as Di is getting married in two weeks and i am terrified.
i can live without the rest, but i don't know about her.
i feel like joey in the last season of friends. Life is changing, yet i dont want it to. and its unchangable.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Saurav Ganguly, the Greatest Indain Cricket Captain- and me..

This post is completely dedicated to Saurav Ganguly. If u are an indian and heard about a game called cricket, ( is there indians who dont know cricket?) you will know him well enough. Well, this isn't a post to describe the feats he achieved or the mountains he conquered. Its about a girl for whom cricket meant SAURAV GANGULY.
Till 10th i was a passive cricket fan. I know thats too late for an indian to get enamoured with the game. But after my 10th, i became an avid cricket viewer and a die hard Ajay Jadeja fan[it was his youthfulness and good looks, and cricket, in that perticular order]. Then, my li'l brother, who was into cricket from when he started watching TV and started understanding anything, was a wikipedia in cricket and a faithful fan of the then-new-player Saurav. I held on to my ajay till around 12th, when the betting scam came out. then i shifted gears to Sachin for a short time. Then, Saurav was captain and my bro still worshipped the soil he walked on.

Thus, we were both happy cricket crazy nut cases. We are 5 years apart, but we always found an age in between to adjust to, when we were young. More of that was me, who behaved like a little boy collecting cards and making books with news cuttings along with my kid bro. Then, i dunno the exact reason, i started liking Ganguly. May be its because of his arrogance (he says he isnt, but arrogant men are sexy if they aren't yours), or the fact that Sachin tried to take captaincy, or some unfathomable reason, Ganguly, for me became Sourav. Two drastic things happened at once. My saurav admirer of a brother became a Sachin fan and joined an I-Hate-Saurav club, and Saurav's magical form started to disappear. The first was due as we both never like the same person, as a scope of argument dies there. Thus, me small town girl started worshipping Saurav the Prince of Kolkata, King of Off side. And the second, i dunno.I didnt see anything wrong in this obscession.
Then i went to college. At college, the juniors were never allowed to set foot in TV room, and even if that happened, touching the remote was another matter. So, my future with cricket and Dada looked like a tunnel with no lights. So, many a matches went with me rushing to morning news papers to find the news. [My seniors, well, many of them were idiotic bitches, whose TV IQ was limited to regional films and soaps]. Then I in the midst, i searched for a co-conspirator, to make impossibles happen. So, there was this girl,i found, who was funny friendly and loved saurav and cricket and knew the game more than me. (Hey, i was really good in the game and its all aspects, someone better meant the best.) Unlike other cricket watching girls who watched it to sigh at cute boys, the game meant something to us, and we started to talk hours on the game, and Dada, bitched Sachin together [her bro also loved him], and we became friends. Thus, saurav gained me Di, my final word for friendship. [ as there were two girls in our batch with Di's name, everyone started calling her Ganguly, it got stuck even after the second di went away from our college. Still, many calls her that.]

Then, along with a senior friend of ours, we started attacking the TV room. We became bold enough to criticize people who watched silly TV programmes when a live match[test too] went on. We asked friends to come support us (many a times i had to drag a sleeping H to TV room), and in time, the people who watched regular cricket increased and we bacame like Navjyot Singh Sidhu and Harsha Bhogle to them.

The Tv room hold so many memories.. The fights we won, the matches, the excitement, the perticular places to sit for us which were crucial for the indian win, the world cup, the jokes, the sachin bashing when ambu was present [her cricket begins and ends with sachin], the roars, the cries, the mad grin, the rushes in between to the mess, the nick names, the newspapers which began in sports column... And the most memorable ones would be of the fights for Saurav, against sachin supporters and others who just hated him because we loved him(Actually loving Saurav knowing 2 crazy fans like us would be impossible, as we bored everyone to death with his stories all the time). Those fights in which we shouted, bled, stormed off and 90% of the time, WON :)

Then, as the days went on exams and crisises came, course became tough, schedule tight and then the worst, Dada was dropped from the team. And we stopped watching Cricket. I mean, cricket existed for me before him, but how could i loose interest in a game just because one player stopped playing? yet it happened. i still liked Kaif, Yuvi, Irfan, Zaheer, Sehwag...yet it just wasnt enough. Cricket without saurav is like 'Lays' without salt. Not complete. Then i went into other sports- football during the world cup, tennis during many cups, and shifted to Nadal and Juan Requelme. And i stayed an F1 viewer.

Thus cricket was on the verge of an exit from my life, then HE CAME BACK. Thus came back the match craze, the schedule posters in room prior to every tournament and the averages, strike rates and the whole statitics. We were back and were loving it. He was in such a good form..

And then there was final exams and all the shite associated with it, and later the IPL was announced, and i was so sure about which is my team. The only doubt was whether i would pick kolkata/ saurav. then they both came in a parcel. Then i was afraid which team SRK will pick, as i loved him too, then the 3 came in a package called Kolkata Knight Riders. And That Is One Heck Of A Team. It will also be a very special team for me, but the associated memories will be more connected to home, arguments with bro(mumbai indians) and cousins(chennai Super Kings), mom making fun of me for crying when KKR lost any games, Orkut, our community and Rudra, and my phone calls with Di.

Today, my friend Rudra scrapped me of Saurav's retirment, i thought it was a joke. I've heard the grapevine, yet Dada retiring? Unfathomable. To Me. The Question is, Will the cricket go on? it will. for me? I am not sure. There will always be IPL and KKR, but it feels like a part of me is retiring too. The cool cricket loving girl, the one who had a book with all the statitics, the one cared for what someone said about Dada, the one who was interviewd by a major paper once as one of the most into-cricket girls in our college, the one who was so silly, she cried for days after world cup...
Guys, the passionate, crazy, cricket and Sourav loving Small_town Girl is retiring.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


On Sunday evening, i went to bigbazaar with H. We are really crazy once we get in a mall. We run around looking prizes n reading descriptions, n try not to buy anything. Actually, how many of you shop from bigbazaar? In my Bro's opinion, they have very low quality things there, but what’s wrong in looking? And the crowd and the rush never fail to excite me!
So, i saw this copy of "The 3 mistakes in my life" for sale, and being someone who loved chetan bhagat for his writing also [the good looks came first], couldn’t resist. I loved fivepointsomeone and even one night @ the call centre, even after many discouraged me from reading it. So, i got my copy of the book and slept soundly as we were really tired. The next day, early in the morn, i got a mail from H's cousin in US. He sent me a PDF of the book which i can read on my mobile. Hmm.. Money drain!! Whatever, i loved Chetan, and i thought, here I am owning the complete collection of an author apart from Harry potter.
So, i began reading in earnest and finished it around 7pm.  I loved it. Less than fivepointsomeone and more than one night. This is a more mature book, and our dear author is really improving.I loved the way each character was outlined and how it is so intricately linked with social and political incidents of India. I loved vidya and the sarcasm she brought as much as ish's laid back, macho, cool guy attitude and true to real life govind. Still, Ryan would forever be my favourite that came from Bhagat. I really fancied myself to be in love with him. As a matter of fact, Hari, from FPS is so like Ranjith, Di's fianc√©, its scary.
Some of my real life news:

Sony is gonna be a mom. i dunno if am happy for her or not. She is not the friend i envision with a kid. I was sad when she told me, and now, i think am coming in terms with it. It’s really annoying, Life and everyone is going somewhere and have some aim or anchor in their lives, while I don’t. The one thing i am happy about is I don’t have morning sickness and Sony is so miserable with it!

Di's wedding is approaching and she is busy as hell. And I don’t have a dress.

My Job is not running smoothly, Me and H have fights with management for our entertainment. And it’s not pretty.

Talking about pretty, the prettiest girl I’ve seen so far is at our resort. Pity she doesn’t know any English. We really would love to be friends with her. But she talks so much, its fun just watching.

Oh, and Dad has a 70% coronary block. Bypass surgery is inevitable. And Mom needs treatment for Anxiety neurosis.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

'Kehne ko jashn e bahaara hai' - the title was a part of the parcel.

The days are going rather dull.. Actually nothing is happening at all. I have not much work,and no new friends, So i just grabbed this question answer thingy from Trillian, (she is a cool girl. and an amazing writer too!)
So, there is this list of questions, first you turn your ipod/mp3 player/any player into shuffle mod, then for each Questions, press next, and the song that comes up, is the answer. well, sorta. And DO NOT CHEAT. I started doing it for fun and to escape studying with a sleepy H.

Some inferences you are likely to draw from it are.
1. I am a die hard knight rider. As in the fan of Kolkata Knight Riders
2. I am a sucker for bollywood songs.
3.My sense of music is rather too offbeat n ordinary. And my playlist is a century old.

So,Look what came up.. :) . And i solemnly swear i didn't cheat.

#if someone sys, "is this ok?"you say-
'korbo lorbo jeetbo re'
and thats a weired answer. i know

#What would best describe your personality?
'yeh ishq hai'- Jab we met.
Thats actually is ok..i am told that i resemble a mild version of Geet.

#What do you like in a guy/girl??
'suntha hai mera huda' from Pukar
no idea.

#How do you Feel today?
'Yeh..tumhari meri baatein'-Rock On!!
thats what i feel about H these days. But not today. I hated today.

#What is your life's purpose?
'dhadkan keh rahi hein yahaan koi aane waala hein'- Strings
Seems all i need is "someone". May be true!

#What is your motto?
'Rock on!!' -Rock On!!
wow!! am i cool or what? Its lyrics actually say a lot about me. And what a coincidence!

#What do your friends think of you?
'Aahistha aahistha'- Ahistha ahistha
It has some touching lyrics like 'yadon ki parchaiyaan tumse hi hai' and 'tum dil mein shareek huye'. actually i believe it. I loved everyone of them. Well, almost. And i think i made their life happier like they did mine.
and i like Himesh reshammiya once in a bluemoon. this film's track is good.

#What do you think of your parents?
'salaam-e-ishq'- Salaam-E-Ishq
Its more on romantic, silly love. Well, i love them, not in the 'aankhon mein, baaton mein' way.

#What do you think about very often?
'koi jo mila tho mujhe aisa lagtha hei' -breathless- Shankar Mahadevan.
I dont even listen to this song, how it got in my player? In the mean time,I seriously seem to need an affair.

#What is 2+2?
'Socho ji socho aisa hota tho'- Salaam-E-Ishq
Very Funny! But its a very happy romantic song.

#What do you think of your best friend?
'Mere Sanam' - gupt
Its for Di. when i told her, she didnt believe me. Actually i love her in a 'tujh se bichad ke mar jaayenge hum' way. Scary. But True.

#What do you think of the person you like?
'Tumko paya hein tho jaise khoya hoon'- Om Shanthi Om
Isn't that a tad extreme?

#What is your life's story?
Hamesha tumko chaha- devdas
I have no idea why this came up, but i seriously think of 'Ant' my ex-pen pal now.

#What you want to be when you grow up? (oh, come on! i'm big enough!)
Maine payal he chankai- falguni pathak.( i swear its not a song i listen to. Stored for some dance or something.)
Am I that desperate for a lover??

#What you think when tou see the person you like? (is this a repeat question?)
'Chhaliya chhaliya'- Tashan
No Idea. None.

#What do your parents think of you?
'Thode badmaash ho tum, thode naadan ho tum'- Saawaiya
This was the most amazing coincidence!! I know its mom. She loves me to bits.

#What will tou dance to at your wedding?
'sindbad the sailor'- Rock On!!
its a favourite. But at my wedding??

#what will they play at your funeral?
'Khamaj'- Fuzon
and i'll love if you'd do that. This is a special instruction to Di, H n Sony. Play it. Among Others. And put on some dance numbers. Make Amar in-charge.

#What is your hobby / interest?
'zehreelay'- Rock on!!
(weired. and i hate that song. and snakes.)

#What is your biggest secret?
'Loose control'- Rang de basanti
:D. Di laughed a lot on this. As i absolutely have none! I cant keep secrets.

#What you think of your friends?
'nihaal ho gayi'- Thoda pyar Thoda Magic
idiotic song. yet, 'seedhi sapaat zindgi bavaal hogayi,teri ek nazar se zindgi nihal ho gayi'.

#What should you post this as?
'Kehne ko jashn e bahaara hein'- Jodha Akbar
yah. right.

Pretty ok na? all of you, just try, if u have tons of free time or studytimes to escape from.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Ah Men Are Not From Mars, Can Be From HELL Or Any Other Place Worse Than That! [Harbouring A Strong Sence Of Feminism Now.]

My goodness! Managing work, studies and blogging is tough. How do people do that?? Someone experienced, tell me!! 

The last post was all crap talk on my so called LURVE!! Well, as always, it didn’t worked for me and I am out of it and functional as fast as a bullet train. Man, I am so cheap! I guess time is a guilty party here as I don’t get much to be mushy n moody. Well, my "old" lover is an old tale now, and we went on to became very good friends, more so with his wife (girl friend actually, but he said wife first as he knew about India and the small towns). 


This post am dedicating to social issues. Not HUGE ones, but small, like manners and being a good citizen.


Today morning, to get to my work place before 9am, I had to catch a direct bus at 6.45 am. As I only reached the bus station at 7 ( I was never a morning person, never will be!), I missed it. The next bus I wasn’t so sure about, so I caught a short distance one, which would get me to a township from where I can get a straight one. This was a 20 minutes journey, and as it was Monday and morning, bus(karnikaa KL 10 AA 5250)  was relatively full. I saw a row of 3 seats reserved for ladies occupied by a lady, her hubby, a child and an aged man who can be a parent of either one (who cares!). So I politely (I am usually not so polite in early mornings, today I was!) asked him to please give me and a senior lady the seat. The guy started talking n playing with his son, the elder man started staring ahead and the lady, was so attracted to the scenery (yeah, right) on roadside. So i waited patiently till the conductor came to me, and asked him if it was possible that he can get me these seats. Then he said its ok and in a hurry, went to the back of bus (it was a feat, considering the crowd) all the while pretending to write tickets. And he totally ignored me. I started seeing red and once again asked them to stand up (this time, I tell you, I wasn’t so nice). Then also they ignored me and when i persisted, they told me that the conductor got them those seats and promised them that they will be seated till the end. By this time, i was nearing the end of my journey and i still had all mind to call highway police [9846100100] and get the conductor in some serious trouble. I  so wanted to. But i had to reach work place at 9, so it was quite impossible if ran after this. I know i should have done something. I cannot make such idiotic excuses and let people get away with crimes. Still I haven’t forgiven myself. And next time, am gonna do it, even if that’s the last thing i would do in my life.

What i wanted to say was that, don’t we have any custom and manners any more? When we were younger, did our mothers (or someone) taught us what we should do and shouldn’t do in life? Simple things like 'do not throw waste in road' to sacrificial things like 'leave your seat for old, pregnant and ladies carrying children'. Do men these days don’t know how to respect woman, or be a good citizen or to help a weaker person or just abide a bloody law?

 What i was so sad about was that, they had a boy aged 4 or 5 with them. What sort of example does his father sets for him? When he grows up, will he feel guilty when he sits in a seat and an elderly man stands? I bet he wouldn’t.

I hate to see men like that. That’s the only time i feel the adrenaline release in my blood. I am so glad that my brother does all that s good. The one important thing i would certainly want from my future soul mate is to be respectful to fellow citizen and have some decency in life. I swear i cannot respect a man without that quality! Never!!

This is a pic i clicked on the bus. You can see the "ladies" mark and you can see that I’ve to be standing to manage such a photo!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Guys.. I Fell In Love... Unexpectedly. (Its Nothing Serious, Am Just A Drama Queen ;) )

I never thought myself to be the kind of girl who would fall in love with a 50 year old. Even though it’s hard to admit, i am the one who is crazed over the young cute chocolate boys in my friends' circle. I propound the idea of marrying the same age guy, class mate etc, and not in my weirdest dreams I think of even liking a middle aged man. Well, brain proposes and heart disposes.
This new German guy at the resort is totally hot. As my previous experiences with European men are limited only to ogling and whispering behind their backs, getting to talk to and joke with this guy was a new thing, and it didn’t hurt that he is totally charming. I met him on his first day here and then H was on holiday. The next day I was on leave and H came back. And on the third day, when i came back, i saw that i have competition as H looked totally taken with the guy and we sorta competed for the attention a bit. (If she reads this, she would disagree immediately.)
Well, he is a doctor, looks intelligent, cool and hippy-ish (in a good way). He has this small bead necklace which is really cool. Even though he is 51(aehm..) but looks younger and cooler than the 25 year olds i know. And he looks at you with his piercing eyes and its really unsettling [shite, I sound like 15 years old in her 1st crush]. It all started as the small talks and on the way greetings. Then also, this guy is the most interesting, funny and good looking man I've ever met. And please, such combination is quite hard to find. And he takes such care when he talks. He looks at you like a lady, makes you feel like you are not a little girl, yet some times pamper you as a little girl. Ah... And I tell you that he has no idea that there is a part of me who gets glassy eyed and jumpy when I see him. Well, we are good friends, and I am cent percent sure that it would remain that way and only that way. It’s only a passing fancy, yet the feeling of the youthfulness and the innocence is amazing.
Did i mention that this guy has a wife? Well, he has one. She is a very sweet lady, funny and quite a friend, and he is hmm... Totally spicy and mouth watering.

PS: Actually the thing is that, the place has a lot of awesome and sexy ladies and no men at all. And if at all a guy comes, he looks 70 and is as adorable as your grand dad. So when finally a half cute man came upon, we pounced on the chance.

PPS:we got the first prize in the pookalam competition.[ i wrote about it in the last post.] The prize is some éclairs and some regular ball point pen. What a load of crap! Looks like the front office either have no idea of what to gift, or is still sour that they lost to us. But hooray!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Onam This Year.

The long fight with internet provider was won yesterday night. It was started so that I could at least get to the blogger. Everyday I had so much to write and its all gone into oblivion now. Will they ever understand me?

Well, now when I think back on the past week, I don’t remember much. Now I just wanna call the damned provider and shout at them.

The last week was ONAM in kerala. Its not a temple or religious fest, it’s a family fest. [does this sound like those essays we used to write when we were 6 or something? ] Well, for short, its like thanks giving in States, with more days, fun and rituals. Well, due to the job (all the seniors get holidays, so it was me and H working) and dad’s hospital stay, I was kinda missing it all. Home Onams are always about 10 days holidays, the pookalams (floral designs on courtyard) its competition [at college and home], the delicious smell of home made fried bananas, the feast, sitting on floor and eating from banana leaves, TV specials(recent addition), kheer (and its verities).... This year, nothing. so i was really getting sad.

Then at the resort there is this floral design competition. So when our wing's chance came up, me and H were told we are to help. so we tried by downloading new designs, and coming to work early to help. but there is this rude bad-boy(not in a sexy way), who just brushed us away and went on with the stupid designs of his, and made rude comments at us for being 15 mins late all the time. (this guy is so rude that none except us came to help him,knowing him well enough.) so we got really pissed off and so we went to the office and asked them to get us another chance.

while me and H with Lee(a new friend at resort) planned the designs, went to shopping, and arranged flowers at night, it felt like ONAM. We were all working hard, tensed yet joking, fighting and laughing, the tiredness and late night works, the arguments, the sublime scent of orange flowers, the tiresome job of cutting the leaves, the offbeat songs the radio played while we did was the same as it was at college. [did i mentioned that our batch were a regular winners there? No credits to me, but we were the batch who had the most fights, but also had an insuppressible urge to excel at whatever we did.]

at the end, everyone LOVED our work, even though there were serious jabs and comments which we now account for sheer jealousy, as the same guys commented on us were later found in a photo posing near it pretending to make it.[Idea acha tha.. but didn't escape us and the taunts]. the office later said ours was the best. So Yay!!!

Then there was this sadya (onam feast) at the resort, and it wasnt that good, and again i missed ONAM. On the Thiruvonam day, the beloved uncle and aunt (yeah. sooo mallu, calling elders uncle and aunt) who lives downstairs gave me this lavish sadya with 2 kheers and everything soo tasty, i again didn't missed much of onam.

And finally, i was given this one day holiday at the resort on the last day of onam and now am back at home!!! Yo baby, and here we took the new BIG TV by reliance and even though am watching more of their manual than the programs(all thanks to bro), and they are running Jodha akbar 24x7 and we are not getting any english movie channels by them, its cool. Dad is ok and we all are having so much fun plus the kheer and food items...

Yeah. Its Onam. How ever hard and different the life is, Onam will come to you on its own way. And Happy Onam to All mallus...

Friday, September 05, 2008

Finally...I made it here!!

Me and H came here and got settled into this apartment they have rented for us. It isn't anything flashy or heavenly, but we are happy with it. A bit hot but not an oven. There is a family downstairs, an Uncle and Aunty, and 2 doggies. Tommy and Tippu. (Way to honor the legendary king. actually its a popular name for Dogs here. Tommy too. But 'this Tommy' is a girl and the smart one. She is cute). The family turned out to be a distant relation of H and so we are getting all this free stuffs like sweets and chocolates, kettle, coffee mate etc. So all is ok here.

We have food at the Resort. Its buffet everyday, every meal. Honestly, they have spoiled all the magic of buffet for me with in 2 days. Actually i think its too much pressure on the taker. All this brain work and shuffling in front of dishes, fuming the brain about 'to take or not to', the worries on taste, questioning the boys on everything, looking at the end table when starting, keeping all the bubbling urge to discuss every fish with H bottled within me...... it all is too much. How uncomplicated is ordering a meal and having obscene and loud discussion with your friends, commenting the cute waiter etc at your own table..

The guests who visit this resort is 90% ladies from Germany Swiss and Austria. (yeah boys, all the hot europen girls. I know everyone of you will fight to be in my shoes.) And NO MEN! thats sad. absurd. tragic. outrageous. All those Cute European Boys, rush to this Resort. Now!

The resort looks really nice. see some pics i have clicked.

The work isn't much and it isnt indecent. So i am cool with it. And having H with me helps a lot. Those things on with i would have worried a hell of a lot if i were alone seems serious laughing calls now with H. And boy, we laugh a lot.

All about the work fun later.

Preview- A compulsive talker as the Boss, The German girl's insights on indian woman. And how laughing near a myopic patient can get into trouble.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Ranbir Kapoor n me!

Anyone heard a song titled 'small town girl' in bachna... Now, there is a hindi song in mah name?? Yey!! thank you folks..(Its by vishal sekhar right?)

BTW, isn't the looks and wardrobe of Bips totally small town in the film? yeah right. If thats small town, am thinking of changing my name to village girl. Apart from that, i wouldn't mind if i get Ranbir to cater to my each and every whims. Isn't that boy cute?

In personal fornt, dad went from ICU to Room, Mom went from sad to mad(dad is as whiny as it gets), me, from Lake shore to sea shore. Joining the resort tomorrow.

so, Life is GOOD.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Dear friends, all is well and dad is making excellent progress. Yes we are still in the hospital and he is still in intensive cardiac care unit, but when i saw him today, the old chap is back in form, by which i mean he is teasing the nursing staff, commenting on doctors and criticizing almost everyone. So i am not going to narrate the past 2 days of heart aches and depress you and myself. And there were so many new experiences. Of friendships made outside the ICUs, the Gossips about the staff and the patients, meddling relatives and the problems they make, my new job of attending calls 24x7 from people i've never even heard of....some other time folks..

Then what? Hmm.. we are at this hospital called Lake shore Hospital at Cochin. Its HUGE, beautiful and is at a lake shore. Its totally posh, i mean you guys should see the cars parked in the lot, and they are definitely way out of my league! But i heavily recommends it as the medical service is superb, patient care is high level and even if everything here is costly(costliest in this state), they make us feel that its well deserved. And above all, they saved my dad.

5 points which will come handy if you ever have to come down here(i sincerely pray that you would never need this info)-
1. Do not order the regular coffee. order cappuccino, and u get regular Indian coffee.
2. Do not order food to room, they serve you one or two dishes less than that at the cafeteria. Also at higher price.
3. The way in through the room service ordering place and lift there is less guarded (in case you forgot the pass).
4.There is a plan layout in every floor, go through with a well oriented person(my case, my brother, he is a civil engg student), connect with the floor above and below, investigate and find new new paths. Its interesting and the best time pass available.(My blog will be banned if anyone from there saw this.)
5.DO NOT order hot chocolate, espresso, and any other listed coffee if you are a coffee freak. It will destroy you.
You might be thinking what the hell i am doing in this hospital. I tell you, you don't even know whats going on here, and they say they take care of EVERYTHING and you can give over your loved ones to them and relax. They do an exceptional job.

I only pray for Mom to have a safe heart when the damn bill arrives.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

how in 24 hours your life can change from imperfectly perfect to perfectly imperfect.

as i last posted, friday,i was looking forward to this amazing beach resort and its pleasures. by saturday night, i turned a worried sick daughter/doctor whose father is in ICU under ventilation for congestive cardiac failure and bilateral pneumonia.more about it i'll write later, if everything worked out nicely.

so dear readers, pray for me. and please pray for my you all and thank you.