Friday, April 30, 2010

Doctor.. Doctor!!

Imagine you are going to visit a doctor. A cloud of different emotions hang over your head. You are afraid, hopeful, excited, calculating...
Then you go inside and what you see there?
Yes.. the doctor is Sleepy Sleeperson.
How you feel now?

Well, let me introduce my Vice.
Sleep.. which eludes me at night, has no problems appearing spontaneously in day time. Short visits. When i am inactive. These facepalm situations make maximum appearance during my work. Imagine me, doctor, with minimum patients, bored shit in afternoons, not to mention after a heavenly and heavy lunch, in summer heat, with rhythmic sound of fan... ideal situation to breed sleep, you see.

Usually life is cool. I get up when a patient tries open the door or my pharmacist calls me to inform an arrival. Or the attender brings the case sheet. I wake up and other than a clueless smile and bright eyes, nothing is amiss. That is Usual.
Then there is unusual. The attender is late. The patient is not patient(LOL) and opens my door without any formalities. The pharmacist is rapidly trying to call me...
And what can be the final nail on my coffin? Yes, me myself, in one of those mindless, deep, dream laden sleep. In which i cant hear the door, or the patient's clearance of throat, or even the phone, which is right near my ear.
Like this afternoon.
I am thinking if there were drool in the scene. Which would have been the icing on the cake. And truly, i cant even remember it.

I scrambled up.. got my wits together.. Lied that i had a headache.. Then went on with the consultation.
I will never blame her if she is not buying that medicine.

[PS: Looking back on that image, the resemblance in uncanny.]

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Last Wedding

So, H got married on Monday.
Last of my girlfriend to do so.
You know what this means. I am the last single one and my mom is on my back. :|

Tragedies was a beautiful wedding.. well, what all we saw.

Let me start from the beginning.
Since i decided that i would go to her wedding at last...Oh, i did forgot to mention that we were estranged for a while. Have i?

So,Let me start from the very beginning..
After college, we, me and H were the only ones who had the chance to work together. We came really close during this time. Even past her space issues and my nomadic lifestyle. Then she forgot to call and tell me about something i really should not have heard from someone else. Even though that someone was our mutual best friend. I, as usual, was pissed of. (Some say that i take myself too seriously when no one else does. Not true.) And thus started the longest period on non-communication between us since we were 19. The usual me who faced people who irked her, decided that i am done with being the confronting one and shut all my roads that lead to H.
Then came her wedding date, which was fixed while we were talking. I knew she would call me to tell about venue and all, so i dodged her calls. SO many times. My parents got concerned and even agreed to go to H's wedding on my behalf.
One day, while writing this post, it dawned on me that its easy to give away an 8 year old friendship and at this point, i would have to wait till i am 35 to reach that spot with someone else..IF that someone was anything remotely like H. And someone wise once told me that all the best friends you make in your life would be before you turn 20 and unless the clock turns around, i wont be making new ones. So, i swallowed my pride, took her call and after some hot words, some hurt ones, some soothing and loving ones, it was like that period never existed for us! Yay! Really. Girlfriends are the best! :)

So, to my eternal delight, Sony and my Soul-sis Di was also coming to the wedding. (Thank god i was going :P) I went out and bought a super awesome sari which would burn everyone with envy(I wish :P) and set off from my home the time she specified to reach the wedding hall in time.
Now, I would have killed H if it was not her wedding and 2000 people were not in attendance. Keeping her time meant not only i was late, but i was shamefully late. As i rushed in to the hall with Sony and her son Jo, thankfully we caught the most important part of the ceremony. Thank you Travel-God for that!
Di, who was coming from 220+ kilometers, was too late and only made it around lunch. And oh boy, what a lunch :D.
After photos and bye-bye, we(me and Di) went to Trichur and roamed aimlessly eating ice creams and french fries(not together.) Then i packed her off to her hubby and got home to a long bath and comfy bed :)
She is going to be mind-blowingly happy. I just know it. And no one deserves it better than this adorable, goody two shoes, sneaky bitch best friend of mine. Here is to you!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Love is in the Air

There is only one thing that is more sizzling than this Summer Sun. And that is love. Everyone around me is in Love. Marrying, dating, getting engaged and even getting dumped.

H is getting married on 26th. After some 6 months of chatting and complaining about overseas SMS rates, the day is here. Her fiance cant wait to get his hands on her. I would too, if i were in his place. She is that awesome.
One of my best friends is dating. Yup, getting over the last time he was in love was tough. I almost thought the kid got allergic to love. Thank god, he isn't. anyways, he is not telling me much, but i guess its for the best. I can be professionally bitchy and not to mention irritably possessive :P
Adi, is engaged, and for good this time. Poor guy was doomed the first time and good to see that this time, he is happy, relaxed and very very excited. He is too busy to catch up these days. Still, when i get hold of him, i can see that he is radiating happiness.
Old college room mate is engaged and ridiculously into PDA. I mean, we all like PDA and stuff, but there is a limit na? I would exchange the one hour car-pooling we had with a day in a dungeon full of scorpions. And they laugh at each others jokes that are really not funny. And i think that makes them soul mates :P
So, why am i going on and on about all these? Well, there is the obvious delight of gossiping. But apart from that, its tough being single in an Indian small town in your late 20s. Especially if you are a girl. Ah.. but your smalltown girl is a tough cookie :P. I get by. Its actually fun. The only hard part is trying to be happy about all these love around you. Trying to accept the fact the sometimes life is not fair. And you wont get your wishes all the time.
But when the time comes.. I just want it to be worth all these waiting and loneliness and heartaches.
Can't wait! :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Doctor is In

Commuting from work is hell. So one of these days, i was waiting for bus and an auto came which was in my route and i had to auto-pool (funny :D) with a middle aged couple. The travel was silent, incident free.
And when i was nearing home, i asked the auto driver to stop.
So, something about my home. I have this board with Dr.Smalltown Girl written on the side of the short path leading to my home. This was erected in mom's insistence soon after my graduation, most likely to show off, and has gained me much ribbing from fellow college mates who travel this way and see the board.

So, as i was paying the auto driver..
Middle aged Decent looking Man(MDM): Oh, You here to the doc's house?
Me: *smiling* Yes.
MDM: Hmm, if you don't mind me saying so, there is another doctor at the next stop. Dr.KM. He is very famous.
Me: Oh i know him.
MDM: Oh. then why don't you go there?
Me: Because, i AM this doctor.
MDM: *spluttering sounds* Oh.. Sorry..I thought..
Me: Its ok. Dr.KM was my teacher at college. But OK.

As i was turning to go home, the MDM was still spluttering and the auto driver was laughing his ass off. I could't resist a smile. :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Vishu!!

First of all, happy vishu and happy new year to all Indians to whom it applies! Have an awesome year ahead. :)

So, Vishu. Childhood vishu was all about sleeping till early morning, waking up by mom with her hand closing my eyes.. then opening my eyes to the Vishu Kani, the splendor of classically arranged riches. Then praying, followed by some crackers and sleep some more. Later, pocket money by mom and dad, also known as a Vishu Kaineettam. Then the splendid lunch. Altogether, one awesome day.
Four years ago, after my college term started, i started feeling like a lady and decided i can do a better job in arranging the kani than mom(DO NOT TELL HER!) and i pestered her into letting me do the job, and when i say since then my family has been seeing better kani, i am not bragging :D
So this year too, around 11, after everyones dinner, i started out doing and completed it in 45 mins(Yes its a lot of work) unlike the last years 2 hours. Hmm i am improving. :) And like every year, i slept, mom woke me, took me down stairs, i didn't tripped or opened eyes in between, which i do every year and later lie about, and had an awesome view and slept promptly later. Mom had made all dished and left the Kheer for me to make, which i didn't messed up.. We didn't do any crackers, as our neighbors have a 3 month old kid. But we were shocked when we heard crackers and went out to see them bursting crackers. *facepalm*.
So all in all, yet another nice Vishu.. may this be a nice indication of the year i am about to have. Amen.

So the treat for you! see.. see.. i didn't bragged et all..

And another view...

So once again, Happy vishu, have all the riches this year, and do forgive the writer's block-ed self of mine.
Adios Amigos!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Relationship Rants

There are easy and tough relationships. Believe it or not, EASY ones are the tough to find.
Tough relationships you can find everywhere. You probably live many of those at a time. Like the one with the guy across the hall who likes to hang out with you when all you want to do is finish a book. Or a friend of a friend whom you cant avoid who doesn't find your jokes laugh-worthy. You getting the drift nah? You are neck deep in tough relationships which you didn't even wanted in the first place.
Then there is the easy ones. The ones you find accidentally. One college buddy you talk to once in an year and still has the best memories with. A favorite aunt who gives you cookies and listens to you when your mom would've dispensed advices you didn't asked for. The easy ones that don't trouble you or make you think for hours or gives you head aches.
Aren't they the best ones?
Or are they? Think again. There is a whole other level of tough relations you live. Think of your best friend. Was it easy? How many best friends sail through clear seas to reach their destination? How many fights you have had? The tears in halls. The angry looks.. Or your Love. The doubts, the fears, the conferences with your best friends with nothing less than a pros and cons chart. Or even your own mom. The arguments, the nagging and discussing you with strangers as if you are not even standing there in company.
All these were not pretty. In fact they were nothing better than bloody and hurtful and something you can always live without. But they got you those amazing people who are in love with you, who you cant picture your life without. So the tough time was worth it, isn't it?
So what i am trying to say is, live through the tough times. Some may not be worth the effort. Honestly, most of them are not worth the effort. But some are and its worth the risk. :)

PS:This is so not what i set out to write. But, you know what? Giving up is easy. Holding on is not. And who wants the easy way out?