Thursday, February 05, 2009

Random Facts About Me Which Most Likely Would Bore You To Death

1. One topic am most interested is alcoholic drinks, even though i don't like the taste of it or smell, nor am i an addict.
2.Even though i will never say this again, flattery works with me. Always.
3.I am afraid of changes in life. Major ones. I do try the hardest to avoid it.And i am afraid of commitments.
4.I am a lot more feminine in nature than i will ever admit.
5.I avoid funerals at any cost.However close the dead person or his relative is. Have been to only two, that too when i was too young to protest.
6.A cat attacked me when i was 8 and i still cant bear the sight of one.
7.People always say "love those who loves you". I cant. i love those whom i love and if a person whom i don't like much loves me to death? i cant help it. i wont like him/her if it depended on my life.
8.I am an embodiment of all things messy
9.Am an attention seeker. But personal attentions freak me out.
10.I have stage fright. That too very badly.
11.I always forget people and close the window of past. I don't like people coming in through it.
12.i watch a lot of pirated movies. am not proud of it.
13.I am terrible at maths. Even scored a '0' once :D
14.I hated my school.
15.I read Harry Potter fan fictions a lot. I hate Slash and non-canon pairings. I once tried writing one, but lost interest faster than i could write.
16.I used to hate Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. I just love them together.
17.Di never reads my blog. Even though she featured in it more than anyone else.
18.I love watching advertisements.
19.I hate the taste of Pepsi and coke. Mirinda works for me. But they should make a Diet Mirinda.
20.I get mushy even reading a historical romance novel. Yeah, i am bad.
21. I use a lot of smiley while IMing. Especially while with Rude Boy
22.I love British Accent.
23.I am right conservative. In politics.
24.I used to wear the same dress for all the exams in college. throughout the 5 years. I still think that's my lucky dress.
25.I like talking about myself. Though i am better of late :P


Rudra said...

More to write...i know there is more... nice sum up though .... :-)

small_town girl said...

you know more about me. you write :)

Rudra ... said...


u havent added uncool things, crush list ....remember :D