Thursday, May 26, 2011

Heat and Ice

Seriously! What the eFF is with the sun? One more day with blazing sun and no electricity, i swear i am jumping into some local waterbody after writing a suicide note to sue the Sun to the next galaxy!
And Iced tea is divine! I was always the cold coffee girl and you just cant make it at home, never mind the gazillion calories! But iced tea! Refreshing, cool and surprisingly less chance of gaining you pound-a-cup.
Nestle has this NesTea, which the brother bought on a whim. It caught on until we started getting caught with a glassful every two hours. Not so economic, dear.
So i am trying to make the right iced tea at home. I tried half tea half water thing, full tea with different amount of tea powder and lemon extract... Nothing works as good as the NesTea! That tastes like CocaCola but tastier, and mine tastes like, well, Tea. With Ice. Damnit!

So, any tips? Best recipe? I am going to conquer this monster while the summer lasts. And after that i can go back to my hot black coffee, which is great.
Ah, June and Monsoon can't come faster, can it?

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Rajlakshmi said...

with load shedding.. life's horrible this summer... I love iced tea :)