Friday, March 11, 2011

Belated Birthday Bag

One of the past few days i got this from Di....
My very belated birthday gift.
But its all good. She waited till she went to the mighty Mumbai to visit her hubby to buy me the present. After bitching how pricey the Mumbai shops are. Hmmph.

After i got the gift and immensely liked it, i called her.

Me: Got the gift. Awful bag!
Di: I too thought so. Well, its a done deal.
Me: :O What is with you? I loved it. I was kidding! The bag is so me!
Di: Thats what i thought too.. Its not the awesomest bag, but it is so you.
Me: Thanks. But what is with the card?
Di: What?
Me: Some cutey-cutey thing? I thought you only sent me funny or emo cards.
Di: Oh yeah, last year when i sent that awesome birthday card na, i bought 2 more to save another visit. But ya know, i do these birthday-gift-card thingy only with you.
Me: Gee, thanks.
Di: So, guess whats coming?
Me: I know, the third card. Next year. :-/
Di: Exactly. Its rather economic you think?
Me: Grrrr!!!

Economic, my ass. She doesn't know whats coming her way! You remember the MFPA cards? Guess who is getting them for the next, oh i don't know, 10 birthdays!

Ahha! Gotcha!

Ohkay. Calm down. Deep breaths.

Thanks Di. Awesome bag. I take it everywhere now. And I love you.
And don't kill me now. *cute smile*


Rajlakshmi said...

thats lovely :)
such a feel good post :D

Archana said...

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