Saturday, December 17, 2011

I am ME.

I believe true love exists
I am cynical
I read wikipedia for fun
I believe in ancient texts of wisdom
I love gadgets
I am clumsy
I don't believe in  music genre 
I like finer things in life
I also am not crazed about money
I am childish
I like sick adult jokes
I hate latecomers
I am always late
I am stingy
I like surprising my loved ones with gifts
I am orthodox in believes
I read gay romances
I believe in Karma
I find hate tiring
I am spiritual
I gossip
I am cuddly
I forgive easily
I find peace in temples
I seek attention and approval
I am calm
I am materialistic
I look for deeper meanings in mythology
I talk to my gadgets
I don't talk to strangers on transit
I am expressive

I am Complex
I am ME


Rajlakshmi said...

being complex is good :D different likes you have :D

Mems said...

Love this! And, you've inspired me! I've written 'me' poems before & they always come out a little different than the previous ones. I think it's time to write another one! :)

quiet thoughts said...

Nicely Written :-)

Kitchen Boffin said...