Thursday, November 24, 2011

10 Day You Challenge- Day 8

Three Films
Here is three movies that i watch over and over again and doesn't get tired of.

  1. You Got Mail- My favorite feel good movie. Cute Meg Ryan and sensible Tom Hanks. And to boot it all, me myself had a huge crush on my penpal.
  2. Kal Ho Na Ho- Say whatever about KJo's drama theatrics. But the movie is doing old bollywood cliches and mocking them at the same time. I have laughed and cried with it. And to boot, SRK. I first started crushing on the guy when i was 8 years old. And first crushes die hard.
  3. Finding Nemo- I think this is like my all time favorite movie. I can't stop watching it once i start. Besides being the best entertainer that was ever made by pixar, it reminds me of my own Nemo aka Rudra. Dory says 'Hi! Do i know you?'

It is with pain that i am not including so so so many of my favorites. Jeez, meme's are gonna get me only grief.

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