Saturday, December 31, 2011


I would say the past one was a better year.

I was jobless in the beginning.
Now working, even though its with some real a-holes.

Moved to the City.
Loved it. Then hated it too.

Single status is still a status, though not much needed anymore.
Desp? May be.

Published a short story. Paying one.
But i think they'll publish next year.

The book reading was phenomenal.
Record breaking.

Got an android.
That was like last week.

Lost a few friends. And mostly because of me.
And i warn you, as you age, the worthy ones will get sparser.

Two lady babies to two friends.
They are so beautiful.

The year was faster than i thought.
May be its an age thing and 'age' is the word i hate the most in the world.

Planning something awesome for the future.
I just hope that i can see it fruiting.

And for 2012,
Please don't end.
Some of us got plans.



Nemo. said...

Happy New Year dory :)

Karan said...

Happy New Year ex-Smalltown girl(now city ? ) :)

PS:- I am afraid of the age thing too.

☆ Rià ღ said...

hope u have a gr8 yr ahead.