Thursday, May 14, 2009

Brand New Masi..

So guess what? i am Masi. :)
In reality, my oldest nephew is 13. He is followed by some more brats who all belongs to different cousins of mine. All these kids call my auntie or masi, i buy them gifts and treats, i carry them around when i meet them.. still i never felt like a masi. I have never been around when they were born, i was not ecstatic when i heard about their birth or their cry over the phone, i was not deathly curious to see them. To be frank i was never too close to my cousins or too fond of their kids. I only see some at some weddings or so. They will never hug me spontaneously or call me to tell me their biggest secrets.. Its rather sad. So, to the happy details...
Then came Sony's turn. My closest friend from college. One day, in November, she called me to say she was expecting. To be frank, i was not ready to accept that my Sony was going to be a mom and totally forget me. But as they say, life goes on. We kept in touch throughout and were very careful not to get her exposed to radiations by phone calls etc.. We were with her through the morning sickness and backaches and my greatest regret would be that i was not with her in person. But, some things are impossible. Isnt it? I was curious to see her in full pregnant glory. Then again, we planned, the kid disposed. He (as no name is fixed till now, lets call him Vava) came 21 days early jumbling any plans of finding baby names and meddling with my plans of visiting Sony.
And ITS A BOY!!!
I am ecstatic, even though i was looking for frilly lace dresses, pinky swears and cute girly ornaments. I swear i am not less happy.
Sony is the least dramatic of my friends. She doesn't have one silly emotional bone in her body. And thus, she is the only one in the whole world who can explain childbirth in a funny tone. I always used to see the emotional after-the-birth scenes from films and novels and feel quite emotional too. Fair to say, after Sony's recital of the events i was laughing out loud and the emotional filled scenes lost its effects :|
I can see that she would be the strict mom, who would always see through the harmless lies and quick getaway plans. Its a rather cute picture. I hope i would get to see some frames. And be a part of some. :)

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The Dramaqueen said...

Ohh.. I love babies!
(The happy ones :P)
*jumps with joy*

Congratulations, Massi :D