Sunday, July 19, 2009

In smalltown girl's life....

Its been long since i have written about my life. So a very unorganized and not so thorough but rather boring attempt at that..


I am working. AT LAST!!
New place, new people, new responsibilities... but sadly, staying at my parents' home makes it all less exciting.
Mom was pestering me about job since i finished studies. I don't blame her. We are not exactly Ambani or Mittal material. But some exams were making it damn hard for me to start. This lead to a lot of clashes. Between me and everyone i hold dear. So i was naturally looking for something that will take me away from the resentment. For someone who had only seen home during vacations since 11, i hoped it would be the easiest thing ever. How wrong i was!
Final line is, in younger days, when even i wished i was home, i couldn't be here and now, when i wish to be away, i just cant get out.


I tried a lot to find what i want out of life. Still haven't landed an answer. Marriage, kids etc is what is happening with every one i know. Somehow it doesn't appeal to me much. succumbing to an arranged marriage is what Indian girls from small towns do. But not every one of them think alcohol is cool or do crazy social networking or think that gay rights should be preserved.
This makes me think that it was a bad idea to think out of the box. If your fate is confined in a box, the best think is ignoring everything outside the box and get accustomed to the life in box, however ridiculous that might be. Or be prepared to be disappointed and destroyed.

But i cant change who i am. And i don't plan to. And i am prepared.


I gave up on love.
That is the only thing i have came to a conclusion in my life. Its not happening. So stopped wondering about it. That is a huge relief.


I am madly in love with social networking. Its the best fun ever. Though i am glad that my college years were not spent in long hours of orkutting or tweeting from class. Every second of those years, i was there, my friends were there. Or i would have missed chunks of memories. And i am a bit sorry for those who don't realise what they are missing out on. Go out and enjoy life too. However precious FB/orkut is.


We are under the rain attack. Rain Gods seems to be extremely pleased. A might less would have been appreciated. Its flooding here beyond limits. Clothes retain moisture, am wearing sweater(i happen to live near the tropical line), wet umbrella following me everywhere and rocky smelling like...well, dog. Its tad difficult to love rain in these circumstances. But i manage. :)

Nothing more.
Au revoir!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Springwalk (part1)

He met his best friend one fine day during his cyber travels. He was a cyber traveller long before that meeting. It was the only amusement for someone like him, who stayed away from campus politics, evening games or mindless chit chats, who went by dork usually, or other names which his classmates wished to bestow upon him at a given time.
Thus he fancied himself to be a cyber pirate, travelling far and wide in cyberspace, in fancy gear and star wars look alike ship, someone like Hans Solo himself.
It was a perfect day. That is what remember about the day he met springheels. It was a summer evening, but not so hot. As he returned from class, he saw the weeds in front of men's hostel had flowered and he couldn't stop smiling at the rich blossom of colours. He ran to kitchen and grabbed a vada from the counter. The usually grumpy cook's assistant Mani smiled at him for the first time or so. In that wonderment he ran up the stairs to his second floor room and evoke his sleeping laptop. No mails from dad to remind him of the existence of a father he tried damn hard to forget. Thus, after a succession amusing events he got ready to dive into the net sphere.
In that perfectly prefect day,during his jump from on page to another, one social networking site to the next, in a random quest for nothing, he met her. Due to his earlier happy occurrences, he was feeling less inhibited in his first chat with her. After he said bye, he smiled the whole day thinking about her.
She was perfect. She knew bits about everything under the sun and had an inborn curiosity towards things she didn't knew. Her every word was lively. She smiled, laughed, expressed every emotion she felt and amazed him with her cray ideas and stubborn childishness.He was tired of dumb chicks in his class whom he only knew by their chest sizes and not so dumb but rather crooked show offs he knew online. This girl was a different breed. fresh, spicy and full of life.

to be continued...