Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Look who is back and talking!

Ah, In case anyone is wondering, I am not dead (one of the things i KNOW about Internet is, no one misses you. That's a maudlin thought and i am too perky to be moody now).
Well, as you last know, i was in some sort of eating disorder control thingy last time we met. It was not pretty folks! I survived on just juices(twice daily) for nine whole days! There were days i thought i would go ka-razy and there were nights i dreamed of indulging in nothing but the finest cuisine. Now, i am truly back and is refraining from over indulgence. Most of the time. Oops. :|

And when i came back home after the, my bro says the modem has died and went up on a crack of thunder. Really monsoon? The best you could do was the modem? Now don't take it out on the computer please. So thats the delay in the blogging.

You remember the story i was talking about writing? Well, i sent it last month. Now fingers crossed!! You too do it na? Okay, now uncross it. :P I am having some crazy thoughts like, Did it reach them?(it was sent via email, not snail) or was my font readable (it was calibri, one of my fav) and such bullshit. Its my first time na? Allowed hai.

So, what you think of Yoga? This being the some health related day and all(see, i watch news! while playing on mobile) i wanted to know what you think. My friend Pallavi just started Yoga. And i am doing it these days. You have any experience? Hearsay? Let me know. I will let you know how it goes for me. :)

And a promise.
I'LL BE BACK. SOON. *shwarzenn-whatsthatdude style*

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Ramanathan Kannan said...

On juice for 9 days !!! OMG... How many kgs did you drop ? If it was at least 5kgs , let me know... I would also try it...