Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Puppy Love.

As you know, I am in a city now. Actually working here. Here the life is nice and i've made a few friends as well. One of them is a very beautiful and very nice girl from Brazil, named Barbara. Since the first day, I knew that she is brilliant and hard working, but the following incident brought to me something entirely different to my focus.

One day, in the afternoon, I was approaching the workplace and I saw this big commotion at the corner outside the clinic. I went and saw a very teary Barbara, and I was truly bewildered. What would make this seemingly strong and empowered woman cry?
I went to enquire more and I saw that she was clutching a very little and very sick stray puppy. Not to mention ugly.
She explained to me that she found him in a ditch and she just couldn't abandon him. He didn't seem to have any sibling or parents. A truely lonely soul left to die. She picked him and brought him to the clinic, where truly the raising of a dog was one thing that can get you fired. I thought of explaining this to her, but left that idea then and there.
Barbara went and brought some pedigree dog food puppies. But this puppy was even smaller for that. He hadn't weaned yet. She gave someone some money to get the dog milk daily. She said she couldn't take the dog to her homeland but wanted to do something for him as long as she was here. In a matter of days, the dog got better and was playing and prancing and doing all sorts of mischievous stuff a healthy and happy puppy is supposed to do.
In all of this happy-happy story, something was not right and someone was in a very difficult position.
Of course I am a dog lover and I wanted the best for the dog. But the problem was, if the office(a short walk away) found out that the place was harbouring and fugitive puppy, it was going to be my head under the axe (not a pretty picture.).
So I was pro adoption. Actually it was the only solution to the whole issue. Someone has to give the puppy another home. And fast.
We'd place the dog near the dog everyday evening so that some kid would take a fancy and take him in. Days passed. There were days when some boy would say he'll ask his parents and then we wont see the tail of him. We were getting a bit desperate.

Finally, yesterday a kid said if he can come a little after 4 after asking someone at home and take the dog. We shouted a very relieved "YES!". I had to leave shortly and didn't hear what happened then.

Today afternoon, like always, around 3, I said I am going to play with the dog. But then someone told me, "a boy yesterday took the dog home, you didn't hear?".
I was ecstatic. "Did anyone tell Barbara?"
"We didn't."
I ran off and told her the happy news.
"YAY!" She jumped in joy clapping hands, and swear to god, so did i. :-)
Finally, a happy ending! To all party concerned.
To the unnamed dog- Hello buddy, where ever you are, stay happy and healthy. I hope you have a loving family now, and a funny name too. And never forget Barbara, because angels work in mysterious ways.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Notes From The City

Well, this is the first time i am living in a city, so obviously i have some things to say about it! (Well. when was the last time i hadn't?). I have been on short visits to many, but staying, is indeed a different experience. This will increase as days go on, i suppose.
As first impressions go...
  • Too much people. I knew about this. But this makes everything rather sucky. No one has time for you! Even when asked an info! And Queues! J effing Christ, just kill me before one more line at any place.
  • I never thought crossing a road would be difficult for me. At crosses.
  • Street food: Yummmm!!!!
  • Choices in restaurants and bakeries: Yummmmmm!
  • Price of food: Not so Yum.
  • Living alone is scary. Especially when you have just read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, which details crimes commited against women in a very detailed manner.
  • Living alone meant having to clean my apartment myself, unlike home. But to be honest, i loved it. Felt very self-sufficient like. (Not so alone now. New room mate. Me don't like much.)
  • Chlorinated water makes my hair like rough fibers. Not a fan.
  • Missing family like crazy. Which can be translated to four times the phone bills.

Life is good. Shopping next week. Should be fun.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Smalltown_girl meets.... City!

Your very own STG has moved to a city recently for professional reasons. The name of the city is hidden to preserve the anonymity of the said super-person and for a variety of other reasons. Those amongst you who know the destination is requested to keep it to themselves and to wish her good luck.

So, as the news is out, the question is, am I a STG now? I guess I am. In my heart I will always be a small town girl, where ever I end up finally.

Now wish me the best! Everyone!

Sunday, June 05, 2011


Do you remember that story i was sending to be included in an anthology?
Well they accepted it. Nothing big.
*deep breaths*
Its not that big. Be calm. Graceful too. Smile.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Life And Death Of An Internet Friendship

I've had it, you have had it. I bet there is not a single internet user who hasn't experienced this. The internet friendships. There are those that go years long. Or those that die in hours. But there is always the similar pattern.

The Circle Of Internet Friendships.

Stage 1 - Casual Curiosity
The time you are aware of this new person on the horizon. You are not dying to know more, yet you are not shying away or deliberately avoiding them either. You don't change your profile to impress them or don't seek to know if they are online. Or Schedule your net time so as to suit this person. And you definitely, most certainly DO NOT THINK ABOUT THEM OFFLINE.
This stage is what you share with many many people. Some relations die at this stage, not getting into the next stage. That is good too. But if i did get into the next stage, it will complete the cycle.

Stage 2- Insatiable Obsession
You come to know a few things about this person and you like what you know. You are hungry for more. You are intrigued about this one and is happy when this person is online. You two make time to hangout together and you are on time for that. You schedule your offline life for your online time. With all the new found love, you are still insecure. What if all this is one sided. Is your friend as happy with you as you are with them?
You are doubtful. But its all worth it.

Stage 3- Delightful Comradery
You reach a stage in the friendship where you are secure with your friendship. The time of doubts have passed. Nothing can come between you and your friend, as tight as you two are. You share almost everything online. You have contacts offline too. Your friend randomly access your brain space and make you smile. You two touch bases because its wrong if it is not done. You are proud of your friend and this makes you feel better about yourself. You are happy with yourself and your friend.
You think nothing can go wrong. Nothing can burst this moment. Can it?

Stage 4- Insatiable Obsession- Reprise
Something is wrong. You can't pinpoint it, but it is there. You know you two are drifting away. You don't want to, but you can't help it. You are compelled to find something via social networks again, the way you first connected. You try to read between lines. You try to be online when the other is. You don't want it, but you know the fight is going out of you. You are resigning to the facts all these present. But you are escorted to some last attempts of saving the normalcy, hence the obsession.

Stage 5- Casual Curiosity- Reprise
Yes,you guessed it. The relation comes to a full cycle. You know this person and they never leave your mind wholly. You see each other on networks. You get the news and you 'like' or retweet each other. You are interested in them, happy to know their success and new moves, but you don't sweat after it. Finally they are another number in your phone and another person in the mailing list.
It is finally what they say, 'OVER'.

The whole point of this exercise is, life goes on. Nothing is stationary and it is not a bad thing. But enjoy the little joys when it lasts. Lord knows it is not going to last forever.
PS: This is, in some ways related to my past experiences and some people in my life. But by no means is it accusatory or poking with the wrong end. I thought this was funny, when looking back on some of the happiest and saddest times of my life.