Monday, May 30, 2011

Plane Issues

My mom in no way is an illiterate village folk. She is well educated, worked as a teacher for over 30 years and is well read and up to date on current events. But there are times when she appears a bit naive and inexperienced in worldly things. Like on this fine afternoon when we(Me, Mom and aQQui) were on different stages of reading paper and siesta-ing after lunch.

Mom: So, do Aeroplanes have bathrooms in them?
Me: No mom, they don't.
Mom: Really? I don't believe it. Don't they aQQui?
aQQui: No mom, think how it is even possible. Trains open to tracks na? How can they do that with a plane?
Mom: But... that is really terrible!
Me: Yeah. You know why they ask people to check in 4 hours ago on internationals na? They make them stop drinking or eating then.
Mom: Really?
Me: Uh uh. And they advice people to 'go' before entering the plane too.
Mom: Wow.
aQQui: If the planes have stops on the way, we can go then.
Mom: So why they talk about food on planes on TV?
Me: That... they only give that right before you have to get out. So that there wont be any 'incidents'!
aQQui: Yeah! They are trying to invent something to stop these. But as of now, nothing has happened.
*By this time we both, but me mostly had started snickering*
Mom: You two are such nasty kids for tricking your mother! I don't even know why i bothered asking you. *huffs and walks away*
aQQui: So, when do you think we went overboard?
Me: Around the food serving?
aQQui: Probably.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Heat and Ice

Seriously! What the eFF is with the sun? One more day with blazing sun and no electricity, i swear i am jumping into some local waterbody after writing a suicide note to sue the Sun to the next galaxy!
And Iced tea is divine! I was always the cold coffee girl and you just cant make it at home, never mind the gazillion calories! But iced tea! Refreshing, cool and surprisingly less chance of gaining you pound-a-cup.
Nestle has this NesTea, which the brother bought on a whim. It caught on until we started getting caught with a glassful every two hours. Not so economic, dear.
So i am trying to make the right iced tea at home. I tried half tea half water thing, full tea with different amount of tea powder and lemon extract... Nothing works as good as the NesTea! That tastes like CocaCola but tastier, and mine tastes like, well, Tea. With Ice. Damnit!

So, any tips? Best recipe? I am going to conquer this monster while the summer lasts. And after that i can go back to my hot black coffee, which is great.
Ah, June and Monsoon can't come faster, can it?

Sunday, May 22, 2011


How often does miracles happen? If not in your life, in someone else's?
I will tell you about two of my friends.
Sruthi and Haari.
Sruthi and Haari were my college mates. Not best of friends, but they had two good friends in common. Me and Sony. And you know about Sony, who gave birth to Joe 2 years ago for which i am still pissed off at her, because i specifically asked for a baby girl to spoil. It is not too much to ask, eh? And how is anyone supposed to spoil baby boys? Am getting off track.
So, Sruthi married 4 years ago, to this guy who scares the shit outta me. But he thinks she walks on water and her smiles generate angels, so we tolerate him. They have been trying to have a child for eons and after two consecutive abortions, Sruthi was depressed and was losing hope.
Haari married last year. To another guy who looks imposing and scary, about whom i am not passing any comments on. She went abroad with him and got back a few months later. Why? She got preggers faster than she wanted to. It was a happy news, which i was one of the first to receive. (She stayed abroad for 4 months because, apparently, unlike in India, they do tell they sex of the child after the sonogram. And she was told it was a boy!)

Well, she came back and told us that her due date was May 19.
Who calls the next day and says her EDD is also on May 19?
Apparently they got a positive and as they had been cheated by fate before, so Sruthi and Mr. Sruthi kept it secret for a while.

Anyhow, the dates were a match! And after some awkward ribbing from us nosies, we forgot it, as people rarely give birth on EDDs.

Towards the last few days of the May, Sruthi informed us that she was scheduled for cesarean section on May 16th. Haari said that her doc is pushing on 19th for a normal delivery and asked to get admitted then.

On monday, around 9.30 in the morning, i got a prearranged sms from Sruthi's scary ass hubby, informing us they had a girl child. Rejoiced, i called Sony. And then we both called Haari, to whom the call went unattended. Sony and I were both doubtful, but we let it rest.

Around 6 PM, i got this call from an unknown number.

Me: Hello!
Unknown rough voice in phone: Hi dear, this is Haari. I just gave birth. I was all an emergency.
Me: *gasp*
Haari: Would you call Sony and tell her?
Me: *gasp* Yeah!
Haari: By the way, i guess the tests went wrong, it is a girl.
Me: *GASP*

So, that is it folks! One day, two girls(who are mothers now) and another two baby girls. Guess i have enough little ones to spoil now. And a wonderful story to boost.

Miracles do happen.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Look who is back and talking!

Ah, In case anyone is wondering, I am not dead (one of the things i KNOW about Internet is, no one misses you. That's a maudlin thought and i am too perky to be moody now).
Well, as you last know, i was in some sort of eating disorder control thingy last time we met. It was not pretty folks! I survived on just juices(twice daily) for nine whole days! There were days i thought i would go ka-razy and there were nights i dreamed of indulging in nothing but the finest cuisine. Now, i am truly back and is refraining from over indulgence. Most of the time. Oops. :|

And when i came back home after the, my bro says the modem has died and went up on a crack of thunder. Really monsoon? The best you could do was the modem? Now don't take it out on the computer please. So thats the delay in the blogging.

You remember the story i was talking about writing? Well, i sent it last month. Now fingers crossed!! You too do it na? Okay, now uncross it. :P I am having some crazy thoughts like, Did it reach them?(it was sent via email, not snail) or was my font readable (it was calibri, one of my fav) and such bullshit. Its my first time na? Allowed hai.

So, what you think of Yoga? This being the some health related day and all(see, i watch news! while playing on mobile) i wanted to know what you think. My friend Pallavi just started Yoga. And i am doing it these days. You have any experience? Hearsay? Let me know. I will let you know how it goes for me. :)

And a promise.
I'LL BE BACK. SOON. *shwarzenn-whatsthatdude style*