Wednesday, March 30, 2011

While I was not Blogging...

So... Where was i???
The same smalltown_girl, who was dead on blogging crazy over this year and was doing just that for the sheer joy of pestering you guys was not so at it lately. Why? A gripping question indeed.

1. World cup- As you all know, India is playing semi today. With Pakistan. Sheer pressure match. Since someone said over twitter that no one will blog today, I had to. Swimming against tide and all. Its the slog overs now. I had been watching it while tweeting. Have to say it. Twitter makes every celebration double. Its a funny ride and I urge everyone who like cricket to it. So this match. While I got tensed and got off twitter, India played well, so the Superstitious Me is not tweeting anymore. Anything for the team.

2. I had been reading this book series. Special Forces. I wont recommend it to anyone. But it has been an absolutely wonderful ride. I am amazed that I did daily functions at all, let alone blogging. And as a promise to myself, gonna read more action and less romances. Word.

3. Now good news. A press has accepted my synopsis for a short story in an anthology. Awesome na? Well, now they need to accept the story. Hmm. Its on works and you, cross your fingers for me.

Thats all for now. Am jumping all over the house finding spots to sit that'll win the match.
Yes, am crazy. But you all love me anyway.
Have to say, I love you more.

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purple moonbeam said...

WE WONNNN!! *woot woot*

CONGRATSSSS on no. 3!! :D Super awesome news :) If they liked the synopsis, they should like the real thing na? Only logical. All the very best.