Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A letter to the flasher who flashed me his not so fleshy bits

Dear Flasher,
How I wish that I never had the misfortune to meet you in this life. But since we met, or better said, since you found me and made me find you, I cant resist dropping a few lines for you.
How I was to guess that a mere a scroll from hospital to the bus stop will make me the (mis)fortunate recipient of the stunning vision of you. So, I was walking by the road, thinking about the cake I was planning to make(how delightful and innocent!) and that was when I heard the whistle you made. I have to give this to you, you whistle very very nicely. So I turned, expecting to see someone I knew, and ah! there you were. Your dress was parted and your face was not so visible. Suddenly embarrassment clouded my senses and I turned and walked away. God only knows why I felt that, since I was fully clothed if you recall. Later when I thought back on the incident, I realized two things.
1- I didn’t see your face, which means I will meet you in future and wont recognize you to comment on the show, and
2- I didn’t see the "show" or not-so-much-of-a-show, to comment up on it.
So, dear flashy person, I don’t know why you chose me to be the recipient of your benevolent free show, but I can imagine that you cant get any woman to look upon you willingly and later not to shriek at the (shrunken) spare parts which can decidedly put a school boy proud.
Finally, dear, I really do understand the humiliation and shame you carry upon your shoulders. And I forgive you. I wont recommend you size enhancing drugs or Viagra. (then again, there is so little those can do) I wont look down upon you(well I didn’t had a chance, did i?). Because you gave me a funny story which made my whole family and friends and some colleagues laugh over. And believe me, they laughed not over me, but your show (or the lack of which).

Thanking you,
Your very friendly,(its a catch phrase, so dont attempt to find my friendly-ness)

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Let Love Light Our Way

February is the month of Love. Of happiness. Of stopping by the road to enjoy the beauty of a flower. Of gifts and i-love-you's. Of planning and sneaking off. Of Red. Of Love, glorious and cheap.
Its also the month of loneliness. Of broken hearts. Of living in the past. Of looking out for future unknown. Of Hope.
And in love, we believe. And let love light our way.

(NB: Picture is of the lamp lighted at my home every evening, like most other malllu homes. For prayer. This was taken on a power cut night when it was our only source of light and amusement.)

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

For The Helpless Cub

God knows i am not the most charity minded person alive. And also that i don't use my blog for the purpose. But some sights just move you too much and you feel so helpless that you want to cry. And if such profound moments of sanity does not make you charitable, may be nothing ever will.
I had one of those moments when i saw this video in TV.

(courtesy:aircel and

It is pathetic that one day, mostly in near future, we would be telling our next generation how a tiger used to looked like. How magnificent an animal it was. How graceful and proud it walked. How it was in abundance. How cute the cubs looked. And how it was our NATIONAL ANIMAL. And how we looked on carelessly as it was being poached and killed one by one. And how we lost a heritage and legacy.
If you feel a heartbeat for the plight of the last of them who are left to be hunted down, join hands with and help their cause. Roar for them. Spread word. FaceBook it. Blog about it. Tweet it(god knows you tweet too much). And just show you care.

Lets Save This Cub!