Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Celeb Encounters

So, i met this guy.
[don't be fooled by the picture. Can be really ugly]

He is under treatment near where i work.
Not a fan. But curious in a way you wonder about the lion-tailed macaque.
So, saw from distance a few times.
Haughty airhead a-hole.

Then this girl got admitted in next room.
Only saw from afar.
For those who don't know, Mallu heroine.

Now we are waiting for the gossips to start.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Friday, November 25, 2011

10 Day You Challenge- Day 9

Two Songs

  1. Lucky by Jason Mraz feat. Colbie Caillat- Best friends-became-lovers song ever. You feel bouncy and happy listening to it.
  2. Baby Its Cold Outside- Its so comforting listening to this. And it does reminds you of holidays. I like the glee version better because (a) huge Chris Colfer Darren Criss fan and (b) the two male voices removes the male-female crossover irritation i have when i hear others.

    These two are in my 'most played songs' list.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

10 Day You Challenge- Day 8

Three Films
Here is three movies that i watch over and over again and doesn't get tired of.

  1. You Got Mail- My favorite feel good movie. Cute Meg Ryan and sensible Tom Hanks. And to boot it all, me myself had a huge crush on my penpal.
  2. Kal Ho Na Ho- Say whatever about KJo's drama theatrics. But the movie is doing old bollywood cliches and mocking them at the same time. I have laughed and cried with it. And to boot, SRK. I first started crushing on the guy when i was 8 years old. And first crushes die hard.
  3. Finding Nemo- I think this is like my all time favorite movie. I can't stop watching it once i start. Besides being the best entertainer that was ever made by pixar, it reminds me of my own Nemo aka Rudra. Dory says 'Hi! Do i know you?'

It is with pain that i am not including so so so many of my favorites. Jeez, meme's are gonna get me only grief.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

10 Day You Challenge- Day 7

Four Books
[Four books?? Four? This is cruelty towards a bibliophile!]

  1. Harry Potter Series- I am, like everyone else, is a Ka-Ray-Zee fan. I love Ron and my college desk was covered with doodles of Ron's name and hearts. But more than the best book series ever, HP brought me back to serious reading again. And i can't thank JKR enough for that, ever.
  2. Chetan Bhagat's FivePoint Someone-I love all his books. Even with his bollywood masala stories and predictable endings, i still love him. Because he inspired me to write first. And to start a blog.
  3. Julia Quinn's Bridgerton Series- Fun-Fucking-Fantastic read. That's what this was. My favorite is Colin's story. Also Anthony's.
  4. QI Anthology- This book is not out yet. But its still in my Fav-Four. Why? Because, Yours Truly has written a story that's gonna be in it. Say with me, "YAY!!" :D
That is it then.
Adios, amigos.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

10 Day You Challenge- Day 6

Five Foods
[Five? That is one extra short list!]
  1. Biriyani- Who does not love a good dum Biriyani? My favorite is one made by aQQui. He is an awesome cook. Sadly all my family's cooking gene went to the boy.
  2. Cake- I make cake and i love my own plum cake. But my favorite has to be black forest. Just thinking of it, all black white and red makes me have a foodgasm.
  3. Different Chaats- Who doesn't?
  4. Chocolate- Any form, any day! Bring it on.
  5. Ice cream!- Me big baby!! :P

Five Foods i want to taste some day
  1. Pancakes and maple syrup.
  2. Belgian Waffles- Real hot ones.
  3. Ribs
  4. Crème brûlée
  5. Anything from Mexican cuisine.

Monday, November 21, 2011

10 Day You Challenge- Day 5

Six Places; I want to visit.

  1. Italy- Rome, Venice, Milan... All the countrysides... Wine... I just wanna go there and relax... Ooh, did i mention the hot Italian guys?
  2. Greece- All the blue seas and white buildings... Picturesque. Did i mention the hot Greek guys? :P [I think i read way too many harlequin and mills and boon in my late teens. I think all the guys in the mediterranean are tall, dark and handsome and rich to boot.
  3. India- I live in India. But the country is so vast and wide and it holds so much culture and beauty. I especially wanna see Eastern India, palaces of Rajasthan, Leh, Temple towns of Tamil Nadu, Puri, Varanasi, Kolkata... With Mom. :-)
  4. Russia- Not so much now, but during my college days, me and Di had this romanticized version of Russia with the white nights and grey surroundings. Now i would really love to visit St. Petersburg and Moscow for all the art and the churches. With Di, of course.
  5. United states- just because of the food, i swear. I think they don't have any cuisine and they make it as they go along and they have come up with some real crazy combos which i watch regularly on TLC. Damn it i wanna go. With my partner in crime, aQQui.
  6. Home- At the end of the day, there is no other place you'd rather be. :-)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

10 Day You Challenge- Day 4

Seven Wants;

  1. To publish a book. Fiction; and have at least one person i don't know like it.
  2. Fall head over heels in love, and have the favor returned. Well, who doesn't want that?
  3. Go into business with Di, and enjoy every crazy minute it. It will be crazy. She is as neurotic as God makes 'em.
  4. Own Sony Ericsson Neo V. Which i will most likely fulfill before all the rest. And a Galaxy Tab. Greedy much?
  5. Travel around the world. And go to all the amazing food places i watch on TLC.
  6. My parents to be really really proud of me. Not the "aww, my baby" pride, but the "Wow, she's really awesome" version
  7. Have a Genie appear before me and ask for my 3 wishes. Or 10. :P
Would it be too much asking the Genie to look like this?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

10 Day You Challenge- Day 3

Eight Fears;

  1. The Apocalypse- i am serious. I really believe that the world would end next year and then i will leave without making a mark on this then-nonexisting-world.
  2. High heels and bike riding- This is fairly recent.I am not the tallest person and i am afraid that when i get off from the back seat, the heels would trip and i would fall with the bike on top.
  3. Commitment- Ehm.

  4. My loved ones departing- I used to have nightmares of it, though its a lot better now.
  5. Thieves, burglars and such- I am always paranoid when i come back to a vacant house.
  6. Horror movies.
  7. Snakes- They are the creepiest creepers of 'em all.
  8. Ending up alone for the rest of my life- That is, if the world by chance did not end.

Friday, November 18, 2011

10 Day You Challenge- Day 2

Nine Loves;

  1. Books

  2. Coffee

  3. Tiger cubs
  4. Music. No specific genre, but anything that sounds nice and don't hurt my eardrums.
  5. Monsoon
  6. Baking
  7. Writing [Blogging]
  8. Home cooked meals, especially festive ones, with my family
  9. Talking with loved ones; Di, aQQui, Mom, Nemo, H, Sony, AD.....

Thursday, November 17, 2011

10 Day You Challenge

I admit that is a ruse to get me to blog regularly. Fingers crossed.

10 Secrets
  1. I hate when people show me their family photo albums. Looking at ugly strangers is not my way to spent time.
  2. I am mighty jealous of my work friend who is engaged. Am not jealous of her relationship status. I am J because her fiance is buying her a smartphone. I want a smartphone!!
  3. I think coldplay is mediocre. And i like westlife. I know. :|
  4. I hate almost everyone i work with. And they think i like them
  5. Sometimes on weekends i forgets to brush teeth in the morning and remember it around noon. You think i am gross now, do you?
  6. I eat a tub of ice cream and watch HIMYM when i am sad or depressed.
  7. I cry reading romance novels. Judge me.
  8. I believe that world will end in 2012 and all my future big plans is set for 2013 so that if world ends, i am not in the middle of something.
  9. I have googled "the most painless way to suicide".
  10. My story which got accepted for publishing is queer themed. The publisher is Queer-Ink Press. So Yeah, i write queer stories. I am not queer.

Phew. Too much sharing?