Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Smalltown_girl meets.... City!

Your very own STG has moved to a city recently for professional reasons. The name of the city is hidden to preserve the anonymity of the said super-person and for a variety of other reasons. Those amongst you who know the destination is requested to keep it to themselves and to wish her good luck.

So, as the news is out, the question is, am I a STG now? I guess I am. In my heart I will always be a small town girl, where ever I end up finally.

Now wish me the best! Everyone!


smalltown_girl said...

*checking to see comments work, as carpediem told me it isn't*

Archana said...

So STG how does it feel to be a city girl? Do u party till the wee hours? Or u just slog it out? Cook for urself or take a take-away? endless options.
Enjoy yourself and keep writing.

All the very best to u

Nemo said...

All the best Dory.....

Jobin said...

good luck !

pssstt.. where are you >?