Sunday, December 21, 2008

The question is,who does arranged marriages?

Every third advertisement in TV these days is or and even, believe it or not, is not affiliated with My foot,who cares??) 
The country which is progressing with the speed of Japan's bullet trains, its nice to know that we still follow some traditions. Even though the Nx Gen in India is in a rush to embrace the western culture, The number of people registered in such sites is alarming. The rate with which the number of of matrimonial sites are increasing, it seems that either the youngsters in this country are trusting computers than their heart to find the most compatible girl/boy(that's going superhuman..woohoo!) or are too lazy  to take the time and effort make a girl/boy fall in love with him/her. The second one seems to be the obvious. 
What sort of idiots would search for their life partner in a website? Middle class? Upper class? Big town? small town? Metro? Rich? Poor? Hot? Hideous? Apparently every tom dick and harry is there. 
How do i know? I am there too.
Not my choice i tell you. Mom is obsessed. A girl unmarried at 26 in a metro is a bit alarming. Then pray think about small town
To save myself from being shipped to the hands of geeky lazy bums, all i could do was fill all the columns with 100% original data, which mom didn't checked and is thankfully enough to scare away aspiring life partners. Actually i don't think even 10% people there is filling in their correct hobbies and time passes. Then all girls wouldn't cook well and all boys wouldn't love adventure.
What ever happens, even i die a spinster, am not going to have an arranged marriage. Now all i need to do is drill some sense into mom, which is divinely difficult. *sigh*

Saturday, December 20, 2008

A poem.

You’ve pierced my heart and left me to die
I sit all alone and wonder why
It’s hard to go on without a heart
It was your razorblade words that tore it apart
Scribbling down sentences to describe how I feel
Nothing I write can feel this real
The mirror reflects a pain that will never fade
I’m trapped in a mess that I’ve made
Duct taping broken pieces that fit into place
Mascara running down my face
At a frantic pace my fingers missed
A lose piece fell and slit my wrist
Just enough to see a peek of red
The way this night ended I’d rather be dead
-- Sad Girl by ~AkikoWeasley

the poem illiterate in me loved this one. less complex may be. my bestest online friend Rude Boy aka Rudra [with whom i have been talking daily for about 3 months. yes, daily. dont get any ideas, he is most likely the only online boy i have been this close with, yet never been hots for...and nithin too, but he was 14.] thinks that this poem is kinda absurd and too sad. He writes poems, so i sorta believe him. but, i LOVE this one. really. May be, just may be, i am A SAD GIRL.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Dry Pressed Flower which Brings Me A Spring!

Sony was my first friend at college n one of the best till now. She is more like a sister to me. Not the brightest of friendships, but rock hard, with the faint glow of trust. 
So, when we were in our 1st year at college, (that is 6 years before) she gave me this pressed flower of golden shower tree(in front of our college, there was this tree that flowered irrespective of seasons..i think she got the flower from it.God, i miss college!)
the thing was that, the gesture was so casual and irrelevant, i dont remember anything about it. she just gave me that and i put it in a book i was studying then. Somehow, for fun i think.. i put it in the 143rd page. 
The amazement started after 1 or 2 years, when i took the book again, and was quite touched when i saw the flower in there, safely resting in the 143rd page. Sony was also amazed when i showed it to her, i think. After a while i forgot it again. and though out my course, the little flower made cameo appearances.
After college, sony got married and moved to a metro, i stayed small town and single. Recently, i again took the book and saw the flower in it.. safe and beautiful. unchanged. its like my friendship with her. not much the 'lets-get-on-roof-n-shout-out-we-r-best-friends' type. the silent presence, the comfort, the trust, the confidence..
Today when i saw the flower, it felt like sony is trying to convey that if also she is not there with me, she will be there for my joys and sadness... through thick and thin, for ever. 
Miss u dear. SO much. Mmuah! And all the best with the baby. Am gonna spoil 'her' rotten!! :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Aquarian.

My zodiac coffee mug says i am..

stubborn(thats outrageous.i refuse to accept that!)

Societal(i should start going out n see how correct that is.)

Mental poise( my friends always forgot the 'poise' part)

Opinionated (am I?what u say?)

Unconventional(if i say yes, wud it look different on me?? :O )

Musical(hostel mates, thanks for that BESUREE award!)

Glamorous(Mom, heard that?now stop harassing me. i look fine!!)

Eccentric( its normal for one to drink coffee only from a particular mug?and water. and juice.)

Rebellious and unpredictable(all these sound like fart, so i broke the mug. )


Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Take care of ur laptops..

See friends, am not the kind too give out gizmo advices. i dont think myself to be a know-it-all in that area.
Once, while reading RD aka readers digest, i came across this little notes to watch out if u own a laptop. I read it and saw serious flaws in my part in handling of my machine(!) and thought of sharing it.
Those who take care of their laps like their serious appendages[;)] and those who subscribe to RD skip this ok?
So, putting on my Gyan Guru Jacket, here i Go....

1.Buy an external mouse. (And considering the frequency with which i break it, 10 will make a good stock)
2.When you close the Lap, put a soft cloth over keypad. (when they say SOFT, go for really soft, because the US guys take softness very seriously!)
3.Laptop cooler(whoa! What the eff is this?? Dont they know how i got one, and now i need to buy a COOLER? 'i' dont have a cooler!!! 
4.Shut down it after use. Do not travel while in sleep. ( this one is a genuine request.)
5.Clean it periodically.( You should try it too :D)
6.Switch bluetooth off while not in use.

As much silly it may sound, please do it, cuz they make earth a happy place to live in!