Friday, April 24, 2009

Fake or Real?

Everything about this years IPL was total sham. Sleep generator.
Then happens the FAKE IPL PLAYER (
The poison pen.
Deep throat.
Master mole.
When all sorts of discussions ranging from "is he caught" to "is he for real" goes on, what i think is, nothing has been more interesting than this guy in the second shot at IPL.
Fake or Real, he rocks.
Try him. He'll make IPL'09 look interesting.
And that is something.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Coma. To Blogging.

So why i am not doing the single most thing i love the most? (Its Blogging, before you strain your brain.)
So, the bane of my existance, the love of my life, my most priced possession is not working. And that would be my laptop. And every word i said about it is true. I am pretty attached to it. Literally. (And yes, i do read trash novels a lot. :| )
So, fingers crossed. It will take two weeks. Damn! Cant wait to blog!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

My Early Internet Escapades..

The year is 2001-o2. I was in my 1st year at college. I had my own gang, the 1st in our batch, and we were adventurous people [If adventure is going out all day, shopping and trying out all the food parlours]. Computers and Internet were fairy new then. And popular too. So how can small town girl and her friends miss out on that. So this is about the really embarrassing moments of ours before the computers.

1. The curious case!
This one features me and Sony. We were in this cafe, and the owner was a friend. So once we spotted a web cam in there. So while talking with him on the pros n cons of the web cam, he asked us if we wanted a demonstration. The curious cats jumped in. So he fixed everything, connected it, and entered a chat room, selected a person... and in the video it showed a.. er.. man's appendage. Suddenly everyone was busy. I was looking at the ceiling fan, flower vase.. anything other than the screen. The owner guy was covering the screen with his hands and trying to close the window at the same time. Sony who didn't had a clue what was on screen was trying to see past our friend's fingers. So i hastily paid the bill and dragged sony out. Till now a web cam reminds us of this. Recently Di called me when Ray bought a new laptop. And wen Ray was out of hearing range, said "this comes with a web cam! Remember what happened to you and sony?" Hard to forget, with friends like these.

2. Hacking is never a good idea.
As I had a HUGE thing for my pen pal A, so i decided to test if he loves me or not. What can i say, I was young silly and in love. So i thought if you love some one, you would make their name your password. (I still do, with modifications. :| ) So it was me and H, who decided to test his email ID. [I am a bad bad person. I know.] So, the thing was, i typed my name in the password slot and waited, holding my breath. And YAY!, it opened. I was happy, he loves me!! I was grinning like mad. I should have stopped then and there and respected his privacy.  No, I didn't. (yes, i totally don't deserve him!). So i when i saw some links from a porn site (:O), i was shocked, so was H. My only excuse is that i am small town and i was 17. Porn was taboo and sick to me then. So i thought A was a psycho and was mad at him for a while. And was thoroughly embarrassed in front of H. Later A found out this and i was more embarrased.

3. Fools rush in!
Full caste was on this scene. Me, Sony, H, Anu and Ambu. We all went to this new cafe. The guy asked us to come back with in 15 minutes, as only one room was free then. And they were in a hurry. So instead of taking a coffee, we decided that one room is enough of all five of us. He tried to reason with us, but who listens. So he showed us the door of the cubical and rushed to his job at hand. We all rushed in to the cubical, someone touched the mouse, screen came on.. with a very naked woman(who looked good). As we saw this, without even thinking, every one rushed out. Faster, i must add. And went to the front desk, told the guy that we changed our mind and will be back in 15 minutes. And we never went back. The thing is no one thought of closing the window until we hit the coffee shop.

4. Fast and furious.
This one is me and H. Again. By then, we had moderate gyan on porn and decided to see after checking mails. So this page opened, which was quite stunning, and before we could do anything, the whole system got stuck. We started panicking. The friendly desk man could come in anytime and ask if all is fine. What would we do if he looks at the screen. We were so panicked that we decided to switch off the computer. Not shut down, but switch off. We reached this decision and achieved the target in less than 3 minutes. After which we rushed out and said to the guy that we have shut down it. And ran out, never returned.

Thank god that our small town had enough Internet cafes. And our skin was tough.