Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What Makes You Different, Makes You Beautiful..

He breezed in with the apparent ease of a autumn wind, pleasant and cool, and i didn't even noticed. Well, if i hadn't noticed, he wouldn't be here. But i failed to notice the changes at first. You know when you do not realise that you are different, but when you realise it, its actually too late to change.. Am i making sense?
So, a list of things that he makes me do.
  • I was always a night person. But i could sleep early and wake early once. He moulded me in a way that i can only sleep late and wake up late too :|
  • I avoided yahoo like plague. It was always gtalk. He made me a yahoo addict. Now i cant think about gtalk. I add everyone in YM.
  • I always liked smileys. But he made me a smiley addict. Now i think i emote like YM smileys. Which is actually cute. Like the ':-S' worried smiley..
  • He asks me to listen to absurd songs and later makes me like them.
  • He blabber about arsenal so much and instead of hating it, makes me love the club. [i still like Christiano and Manc]
  • He makes me use FB even though i don't have any friends there. :-S
  • He makes my life a living hell by switching off the phone without telling me and leaving me to worry if he is alive or under a truck. Thus he makes me realise how neurotic i am.
  • Then, he will Sms and makes me jump around with joy.
  • He makes me want to hit him and kill him one day and next day, to hug him to death.
  • He makes me feel guilty about having rice. [ i love RICE!]
  • He behaves like an annoying cry baby and still makes me wanna gather him and magically disappear every one of his worries. >:D<
  • He makes me open hidden doors inside me and pour out the biggest secrets [seriously dude, how you do that! :O ]
  • He makes me want to pray to god that he will stay single so that we would always be friends, at the same time make me pray that he would find true love and happiness. :)
  • He makes me want to give up on arguments and apologise first. [that is so out of character]
  • He does things and later makes me see those from his point of view and acquit him of all the charges. EVERY SINGLE TIME! :O
  • I empathize with a lot of people, but never worry about them. He makes me worry about him. :-S
  • The simple things he does are, he makes me laugh, cry, angry and happy.
  • And he makes me realise how beautiful and perfect life can be, even though its so incomplete and fucked up. :)
So, you wanted a post on you. :)
And this is far from complete.
Generated as a result of a job where sit in a room, alone and with nothing to do.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tagged. Again!

1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn on a random page and find random line

Thai red curry
relish the flavor of this aromatic and spicy Thai curry with fresh steamed rice.
yes, its a cook book.

2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can
i can almost touch the vase.

3. What is the last thing you watched on TV?
MTV roadies. rerun.

4.Without looking, guess what time it is?
looking- its 12.26. :|

5. Now look at the clock, what is the actual time?
looking- its 12.26. :|

6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
TV. Brother calling mom.

7. Before you started this survey, what did you look at?
Facebook, orkut and the tagger :) RB's blog

9. What are you wearing?
Unmatching pair of churidar. :| very unglamorous.

10. Did you dream last night?
I cant remember. :-S

11.When did you last laugh?
15 mins back. Teasing mom about her obsession with brother.

12. What is on the walls of the room you are in?
A calender, My convocation oath.

13. What do u think of this quiz?

14. Which was the last film u saw?
The Dark Knight.
I was sad seeing Joker, so could never watch it fully. finally.
And i am not lying.

15.If you became a multimillionaire overnight, what would you buy?
Plush apartment in a Metro.

16. Tell me something about you that I dunno.
Er.. this is tough. I hate rings. They irritate me. 

17. If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?
Make prejudices disappear. And world peace :D

18. Do you like to dance?
Yes i do.

19. George Bush
Concealed dictator.

20. Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?
Dhan. If i have a say in that. But i still prefer a girl.

21. Would you ever consider living abroad?
Yes. No. I am not sure. Hell, Yes. I would.

22.What do you want GOD to say to you when you reach the pearly gates?
"Ah. i have been waiting to see you. Why you accuse me everyday?"
Am sure about this. :|

23. People who may do this memo in their journal.
:| i didn't liked it much myself. :|
And RB already did this. So none.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Days :|

Year was 2002, my first year in college. I had joined in November. So was quite popular by then and having the best time ever. So around march 20, i got this call at home, from a teacher. He was also from my home town, and i knew him personally. So sir called me and told that his house warming function is on April 5 but to reduce the congestion, he is doing one batch per day, and asked me if April second was OK. I was the friend and room mate of our class rep, so i said yes. So sir asked me to organise it and call him once on the previous day.
I was quite happy to be the teacher's favourite kid, i kind of was, so i told everyone.. collected cash along with Anu, the class rep, bought the gift etc. Our seniors asked us when we are going, and we replied April 2nd. 
On the previous day, in the morning, while i was passing the corridor, my very political, but funny senior Mami called me. He asked me have we bought gifts etc. And asked whether i have called sir. I told i would call in evening. Mami told that evening, his batch is going and sir would be busy so i should call in morning. I said OK, went to class, told Anu, and as mobile phone was not a commodity then, started towards the office to call. All our seniors were out on the corridor and was grinning. I said hi to everyone and suddenly something clicked on my head.
Yes, it was APRIL FOOL :|

My April firsts are embarrassing memories which i keep locked in somewhere, but it clearly comes out and really really annoys me in a periodic basis. The thing is, i can be fooled easy, not because i am an innocent, mind you.. it is just that i forget the day, and thus never suspects anyone.
So that was the Story. My Biggest April Fools Ever.
The thing i would never get is how Mami imitated sir. because, sir's voice is his one trade mark feature. But he did, convincingly. :| And i would forever be thankful to him for breaking this before the call to sir. Or i would have been a joker in the staff rooms too :|
And throughout college on April fools  this story was remembered fondly by many and by a rather irritated by me.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

FPL (Foreign Premiere League)!!!

Just when we thought the IPL couldn't suck any more, being the NRI Premiere League, John Buchanan had to go ahead and do THIS.
How can anyone think about dethroning saurav from being the captain of Kolkata Knight Riders? [The only foreign captain in IPL 2008 was Shane Warne, and he won the Cup. But think again, who else was in the damn Rajasthan Royals from India who could hold a candle to other legends like Sachin, Dravid, Ganguly etc. So it was not such a huge wonder for Shane Warne to take up the responsibility of the sinking ship and they played well because they where never under stress. Jeez they where already the lowest team, and couldn't go lower. And everyone is glad they won (&%$#@*).]
Anyways,back to THE team. Kolkata Knight Riders. I personally think the best part about IPL is the City Home Away Theme. It was really exciting. something like EPL. So how can anyone visualise cricket in Kolkata without Ganguly? He is the Icon player for some reason right? Not just because he happen to know bengali. Not just that, Saurav was the highest run getter for the team last season and that was not just because he played every match. He got wickets, was a better captain than many others and lead the sham of a team. And he was man of the match in 3 matches. Seriously, Hussey and Shoaib were the only foreign players who played decent. What was with Ponting, Gayle, Hodge and other Tom Dick and Harry's?? No one stayed whole season, no one played well, Ponting was astonishingly out of form, Gayle was noted for his viral fever and Hodge came when the tournament was in the last stages and didn't played well. Did he?
And Who the hell is John Buchanan to decide the fate of Dada? Did people came to Eden Gardens to see him smile? I have issues with Aussie coaches. They think too much, act stupid and produce sham results. Ref- Greg Chapel. Also they have serious problems with Saurav. And now this guy decides that Dada is not good enough.
And look at the proposed captains.. Gayle, Hodge, Hussey and McCullum. They aren't even the captains in their own teams. Some aren't even fixed figures on their national teams. Why is he not talking about L R Shukla? And what is with these Inexperienced foreigners. Seems our dear Buchanan is all set to migrate the team to Australian. First it was his son, then other Aussie crews and now this!!
So welcome to FPL and Queensland Knight Riders..
Sheesh!! Who would watch that?

PS- At least SRK is sensible. He knows what sells and what buffs! Even though is might be the one who harbours personal vendetta against Ganguly for not being his ambassador to the Bengal Ministry.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

BSNL is all you need!

Finally i was so damn happy when BSNL broadband landed home. After months of waiting and countless calls to authorities.. it came. My heart was singing actually. I couldn't stop grinning and i actually scared RB with my too cheerful mood i think. Well, i was literally jumping up and down! 
 Bsnl is likely the No.1 company in India who is not at all bothered about their customers and still survive. How this company still makes profit is a national wonder, more spectacular than the Taj, albeit the ugliness. So the boasted speed of 2 mbps super speed, bsnl is all you need was not there. So what? What if the speed is not even 1 mbps? Who wants that much? I am open to negotiations! And it was great compared to my connection. I mean, i could watch youtube! Yes, old connection was pathetic. So at the end, i was happy even though the packet was a bit wet.
Well, as the nature will have it, every good thing must come to an end. So Smalltown Girl slept with a smile at night. And restrained herself from using the net the whole day, and connected it around evening. The thing with broadband is, i don't even know what the problem is, which totally sucks. In the dial up connection, i am usually the expert and scaring the airtel customer care people was my hobby (:O). Since the broadband of bsnl has apparently no customer service, i am literally stuck. If you google for help, you would have to be an expert in the area or it would be like watching Ram Gopal Verma ki AAG. Frighteningly unfamiliar.
For a global thing, Internet is remarkably complicated and i seriously wonder how it gained this much popularity.
The worst thing is, i couldn't even connect dial up, so the frustration of venting it in blog was also diminishing. As you see currently, i am not even angry, but actually quite happy and content that at least my old dial up is working.. :D
Way to go bsnl, this is how you teach people to be patient and peaceful with life. We should introduce the system amongst Al-Qeida. Then Mr.Bin Laden and the Dalai Lama would become best friends. And world peace will be the next possible thing.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Attention Please..

Someone out there who reads my blog. 

Small_town Girl

Dear Reader,
I am thinking of changing the name of my blog. You know, the http:// name. So, please suggest me a good one if u can and help me.
So, seriously, i wanted this name "midnightconfessions" as i do my blogs in night( not so unusual i presume), but this person (lets play hang man. read B-T-H) stole it 3 years ago. Why i would be jealous? She was first. But she doesn't have the basic courtesy to do ONE blog post after pocketing this beautiful name! Dammit! :( 
And also what does pondering mean?

pondering - deeply or seriously thoughtful.

And do my blog look like something serious and deep? Am a shallow bitch. *sigh*
That name aside, please help me in finding something good... soon.
And don't forget me.


Mama Mia!!

The other day mom came home.
Announced that she found my twin on streets.
Now, this is the woman who gave birth to me (even though there are moments when i doubt the fact). So if she says i have a twin, i have. 
So i rushed down to see this twin of mine...

And this is her idea of a joke. HA HA!

PS:i think sugar free comes in standard size bottles. 

Sunday, March 15, 2009

5 Things Small Town Girl Never Learned In Life

1. Believe that things/people/good times are NOT  for ever.

2. Stay away from where she is not needed.

3. Avoid someone dear.

4. Take things lightly and forget.

5. Be Practical.

By this, i don't intend that Small Town Girl is an angel. She is devil's own child. With a heart.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sometimes i just wish this blog was anonymous. You know a place where i can write the deepest darkest secrets of my life, and have an opinion from someone who doesn't know me at all and won't judge me. Where i don't have to edit parts in fear that one day my brother Aqui would read this and wonder what a bitch his sister is. Well, he will wonder that now also, if he reads it. But the point is, i cant write anything too personal, as it may offend someone, i cant write too sluttish, as it may destroy me or any secrets, because, well they are secrets in big letters.
It all brings back to the the question why i started blogging. I wanted to blog from the second i knew there was a thing called online journal. And my earliest wish in teen ages was to be a writer. Am not being modest when i say i don't have the potential to be a writer. May be i have. But then again, half of the people who blogs writes better than me. How much people would be writers then? So, i think one of the best inventions in world history is blogger, making a writer of everyone who wants to be. Boring things aside, i think blogger is the only book i will ever publish in my life, writing not being my career. So when it is like my book, i want everyone whom i love to read it. So, not being able to write the darkest deepest things is a small compromise to pay when you have the love of people who know you.
Still i wish i had an anonymous blog.
Well, i can do two blogs right? ;)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Writers Block! So Snaching Tagged Posts :|

Seven things I plan to do before I die-
1.Find true love.
2.Buy an apartment for myself in a metro and shift there.
3.Get drunk.
4.Finish reading all books of Fyodor Dostoyevski.
5.Go on a holiday with mom and no one else.
6.Get a hickey. ;)
7.Publish a book.

Seven things I can do-
1.Make friends easily.
2.Make people laugh.
3.Recognise am dreaming while during nightmares and make myself wake up.
5.Forgive anything when the guilty party is someone dear.
6.Read a 500 page book in one day.
7.Find out hidden things. (jazoozi ;) )

Seven things I can't do-
1.Pulling off a lie.
2.Watch horror movies.
3.Drive any vehicle.
5.Fake laugh.
6.Keep away from food. And from my mobile for more than 15 minutes.
7.Sleep without listening to songs

Seven things I say the most-
2.Ha! Gotcha!
3.I was not sleeping!

Seven things I say the most on my blog-
1.RB and Di
2. :|

Seven things that attract me to the opposite sex-
2.Stylish dressing(preferably branded)
4.Ability to make me laugh.
5.Good body is a point. Even if i am as near to the saint as possible. ;)
6.Impressive knowledge in all things techno.
7.Good smell.

Seven celebrity crushes (including characters in movies)-
1. Ron Weasly-longest and strongest
2.Heath Ledger
3.Hugh Jackman
4.Tristan-from Tristan+Isolde, played by James Franco. So it goes for both
5.Danny Messer- in CSI NY, played by Carmine Giovinazzo.
6.Brett Lee
7.Will Turner aka Orlando Bloom
(I've written a full blog post about these men here)

Tagging- Everyone who LOVES their blog. Well, who doesn't??

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Love Story Part 3 (final part)

Part 2

Year 2006. 1 month since the last post's incident.
Place: A boys get together. @Ray's hometown.
The common friend mentions Di's inquiry to Ray. Who went all calm and asked "Oh really? Di? Huh! Ok! You have her number. I will call her if i find time." All this in the most indifferent tone he could muster being a very enthusiastic guy. All the while a very triumphant animal roared in chest awake from a long sleep. Collecting the number in a very nonchalant way, Ray walked away from the cafe with a smile.

A week later
In vet boys hostel-Ray's Room
Contemplating the decision to call Di. Calling. Cut the phone before it rings. Repeats. And finally goes to sleep.

3 days later
Di's room
Di n STG studying(Di studying and STG browsing on phone).
Suddenly Di's old 3310 went off and on answering, a very macho voice said hello and asked her if she remember an old friend. Very confused but that much sure Di answered in an unbelieving tone "Ray?". After 10 minutes, when the call is over, she looks at the very anxious looking STG, and says aloud "Yes!"

Thus began a string of conversations.
High school crushes who never talked in their time together, catching up on each other, their characters, which have changed and so unrecognisable, but still lovely and somehow understandable and lovable.
Two worlds which were different in every little thing, but despite all that colliding together and emerging as a whole new beautiful world.
Two people who loved each other so much their time together and apart, falling in love, again anew and even though they are the same, this time the love is more mature, more stable and more spicy.
Our favorite kind. ;)

End of story.

Ray proposed 23 days after the call. It took some very tactful sms and one half drunk man seriously in love.
With a very happy parents, they were wed after 2 and a half years later.

Love Story- Part 2

Year 2006
Place- Di's college hostel.
Di hadnt seen Ray for 5 years now. Di was doing medicine and from her family contacts, she knew Ray was studying for Vet and is gonna be out of college soon. Di had moved on. New place, new life, new friends. Tons crushes and college stories later, she had no regrets in love life. None concerning Ray or the the things that didnt happen with him. Somewhere a
long, she spilled her first love's story to her best friend, who, along with others used to tease her about it. And that was all there left of Ray. An old memory which still brought a smile to her lips.
This day Sony had an exciting news to tell. Her Brother was engaged and her sis-in-law-to-be was studying in Vet College. Sony, who wanted to do Private investigation on this poor soul who was going to get the chaabi of her home, discussed this with Di's best friend, Small Town Girl(STG) and deviced a plan. Find out it en route Ray. Sony had the clearest of aims, where as STG was evil. STG, who believed in fairytales and magic, decided to play Fairy Godmother and along with Sony pestered poor Di for two days after which she relented. She called a commom friend to ask for Rays number but the call went unanswered.. Multiple times.
Its safe to say that STG was more diappointed than Di and Sony. Di once more pushed away thoughts of Ray with regret (or relief!).
Life was never going to change.
Or is it?

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Love Story..Part 1 ( If This Doesn't make you go awww! nothing Will.)

True Story. All characters are living and wont die anytime soon.

HERO- we call him RAY(or RAY MACHO as he says.) He is funny, cute and very romantic.
HEROINE- Di. Obscure, cute and practical (Can be Macho. :P)

Time- 1998.
Period- after 10th class for Ray and Di
Di was overconfident that she would win the prize for the highest mark grosser in their local karayoga(something related to nairs in kerala). (she was a geek!). With expectations flying high, Di reaches the office, to be surprised to know that someone beat her to it. And that too a very cute boy who at first sight evokes curiosity in her mind.
Enter the hero, Ray, who see the girl who came close second. Not Bad, he thinks. Both politely waits for the cash prize while passing secret glances [;)]
As it turns out, they were neighbours and their parents were pretty good friends. The thing was Di moved to the place recently and they both studied in boys and girls schools which prevented any meeting.
Ray remembers that when Di left the office, he was looking out and wondering if he would see her again.

Later in same year.
Place- TKMM college, Haripad. Reception
Di along with mom, goes out to get admission for +2, or pre-degree. While walking in, see Ray coming out (Dil goes WOW! but stays as calm as a mountain). Stops to chat with Ray and Dad. Who asks something like "where are you joining for tuition?".(Way to start a conversation with your lady love!!) Parts ways again.
By kismet they join the same college, and the same tuition even.

TWO years.. same college.. same class.. same tuition.. cycling through same roads daily.. exchanging notes.. dubious staring at each other in class.. obvious flirting.. not so obvious sexual frustration.. academic phone calls.. oh-so-knowing glances from friends.. parents' teasing.. jealousy at each other's opposite sex friends.. hiding all these from the world.. even from self..

And after all these and much more, and to the wonder of friends and families of both parties, they go different ways, without saying a word to each other, to different colleges, away from home. Away from life they knew. And away from each other.

All the while burying in deepest corners of their heart, a love that they both knew would never come true.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Chor Machaye Shor!

The other day i was telling this hostel story to RB, and in his insistence am blogging  it. So if u found this boring, its his fault and if u found this funny.. its all ME!
Our hostel is quite a big one, hosting around 130 girls in 3 floors. (Its doesn't sound that big huh? well it has a badminton court in the middle.. ) So the  Christmas holidays of 2006, our batch, being the only batch with exams in near future was alone in hostel. Many from our batch were also at home, so the total was around 20. My room mate through college, Di, woke up at 2, and opened the door to go to bathroom which was at the end of corridor. So when she stepped into the corridor she she saw this figure running fast and hiding behind a column.. She who possess immaculate sense even in the midst of sleep, got back and bolted the room. Then i was forced to wake up. When i came to sense, she told me about the person in corridor. I the COWARD FATSO, told her to go to sleep and never to open that door again. She decided to call our neighbour, having seen my support. Rest in bullet points.
  • Di decided to call Jassy, and in the midst of calling her i reminded Di of the free Hutch sim card we had. Di changed sim after staring at me like am an alien and called Jassy. I thought i would be praised for my rational thinking in dire circumstances. But till now, people laugh about that. Why, i would never know. :|
  • Jassy and Di went out spotted the thief who ran then.. We woke up all girls, watchman(who was grumbling) and called the men's hostel.
  • Boys came faster than wind, having their Christmas wish came true, to see the inside of  ladies hostel and the girls in their night dresses :P . So the search began.
  • Before the boys came, we girls did our own search during which everyone took one fire wood for protection. Fez, for extra protection i think, took a HUGE wood, which somewhere along, fell on her leg and had to be bandaged for a week. :D
  • Boys searched every room. Either they were searched by thief or locked from outside. Finally they found a room which was locked from inside. It was our dear friend Sishu's room. Boys were sure that the thief was inside. With Sishu. So they started banging it. After 10 minuted of heavy banging and calling out, a very sleepy and disgruntled Sishu came out and voiced out 'what boys were doing in the hostel'. I think sishu's hair which will put Kankana Ranaut's hair from Gangster to shame scared the boys off and they went to search outside hostel.
  • While outside, everyone banged into one another and told the story on how close they were to catching the thief. Boys and their egos!!
  • Our friend Naz's phone was the only item which went missing, which she left in her room en route to bathrooms. We were more thankful that her izzat was safe as she was roaming in revealing clothes ;) . And some of us were wondering HOW this guy found a phone in Naz's room as her room was the messiest room in the whole hostel and that just surpasses mine.
  • Sony and Srut being the coward-est asses in hostel stayed in their room throughout it.
  • I was thanking god that my room mate spotted this guy, as, if she went out, he would have entered our room, where i would be sleeping. Unlike other rooms, where the room mates were in home during the grand theft, in ours, he would have a person ie ME! :O
  • Thus the day was all together the funniest Christmas story ever, even for Naz, whose phone wasn't that good anyways. We all remember the thief very fondly.
I am Missing college and hostel. All people involved are heavily missed and remembered.. :) where ever you all are stay safe...

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


When it comes to AdSense (this AdSense meaning actually having a sense to understand Ads), Dad is a pathetic weirdo. I mean, his interpretation of every ad is SO imaginative, i cant even imagine the connections that goes in his brain..

Latest example- this new vodafone ad(i couldn't find the video link to add here) where a girl is in toilet, brushing teeth in morning, she checks her weight and see that its (finally!) 55. She jumps around and vodafone's message comes saying- to call your friends and tell everyone as local call rates is now 60 ps/min.
So what is there to understand in this ad??How can anyone misinterpret this? You will see!

Now, Dad's interpretation- The girl has so much dirt in her mouth, she brushed and then when she checked weight, she is surprised.

:| No comments.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

It Was So Not Me!

Usually am not the kind who advertise my foolishness. And am not THAT stupid, i tell you. You have to believe me, its truth!
 Then what happened? And Why am i writing this? Because RB n Su found this exceptionally funny funny and Aqui insisted i blog this. So here i go..

This evening, i was connecting my lap to Internet through my mobile(airtel, its so swear-able a word to me now, right next to the "F" word, but so is BSNL and their never arriving state of the art connection) so i had to put out my Memory Card, as it can slow down the connection(the customer care people comes with the weirdest of all reasons). Finally a connection was made, and i was floating through world wide web... enjoying pleasures it offer(i was simply browsing and chatting, please don't be imaginative here). So to increase my pleasure, i thought of having some chips with it. Mom had made this amazing  jack fruit chips. So i hijacked some to my room. So while chatting and eating, i had this chip which was actually straight and not salty. and quite hard too. As i have always accepted a challenge, i bit into it with all my strength. kdm...kdu...kde... Some noises from my mouth.. Horrified expression on my face.. OH MY GOD! Can it be? Can i really bite my memory stick?? Some black plastic pieces and a very mutilated gold foil came out of my mouth!
God, I have done it!
Thus I officially became a member of 'Blabbering your Blunder Club'.