Thursday, October 29, 2009

And that almost summarizes it! Almost.

:) I Love this image.

PS: if anyone has any copyright issues with this, say so. I will remove it. Please don't sue me.. Can't you see the innocence in my eyes? :D

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Smalltown Life Update!

I felt like blogging and have no idea what i want to write and what i am going to.
Phew! That is a first! :P
I have this test and interview on Tuesday, for which am not prepared for. Jesus, tell me one place in the world where there is no MCQs to haunt me! I am going to settle there. And mind you, that better not be Pakistan or Palestine or Iraq! Lets settle for a no-bomb, no-MCQ area. :D
And the most unfair stuff is that the 10th class exam is going to be optional from next year! WTF! Already its grading system and now no exam too?? Why it was not so some 10 years ago(OMG I feel so ooold :( ) Then it was like "You better score well missy, or you are going to get an awful lot from your parents and your teachers and you wont get a plus two seat and you wont have any friends and you wont be anything in life and you will shame the whole family and before all that why cant you just suicide" I envy the kids now :((

In the past month i have learned how fickle online relationships are. You hold on to your mirage of friendship and you wont even admit to yourself that its all gone and what you have is a rather pissed off mood and heavy heart. Not so pretty except in films.
So advice folks.. that too free :D - Do not get into anything with anyone whom you cant hurt physically when you are angry. Violence doesn't solve problems, but relieves a lot of undue stress.


H got engaged. She was the last of my single best pals. But as i reckoned in this post about my best friends, we are going to be fine. So huge congrats goes to the guy for bagging the best chick on the block. She is awesome and I pray she stays awesome too.


I have been in facebook for a long time now. Since June 2008 to be precise. Trying out all the applications and all.. Its fun. I once heard orkut is like a family meet but FB is like a pub. Totally true! Sad thing is all my real life friends, well, most of them, are still in orkut. :(
Me and Aqui were SO in to farmville, my parents got worried. We were like putting alarm to wake up and harvest and discussing the crops and animals over dinner. Now, me along with him quit the game after getting to some 28th level. Goes on to prove everything after a while is lame.
AM keeping in touch with my girl side with the Yoville, which is too girl-y for Rudra and Aqui. But bright dresses and very short cut off jean is oh-so-impossible for the smalltown me is rather cute and not to mention sexy. Now you can guess that my avatar looks like a ____. Right o!
Speaking FB, FB keeps me in touch with all my twitter friends!! Like Chetan and Shamz and Nabeel and Aneesh... Not to mention Adi too.


I am bored of twitter! Whomever thought twitter is a serious competition to FB has no idea how boring twitter can be in a long run. I have a rather low boredom-threshold, so i am telling this now. Anyways i got Adi and Pallavi and Chetan from there and for that a huge thank you goes for whom ever is concerned. Am thinking of stopping the social networking there and going back to my mini blogging days.


Love feels good.
Which does not goes on to say I am in love.
Lets say I have feeling it will be.

Adios, amigos! For now!!
See you soon!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Random Facts About Me Which Most Likely Would Bore You To Death -2

After the previous Random facts about me, i think its time for a new one, amazing that i know i am!
So, here goes..

  • I am super clumsy. Torn dresses, ink smudges, random cuts, fall on face.. ask me.. i have done it all.
  • I dont believe in lotteries or draws on anything that tests my luck. I am not lucky. If i was phoebe, i would say numbers are against me :P
  • I believe in ghosts. And i am scared of scary films. I really believe there is a video of THE RING circulating and if ever i see a spoof copy of it, am going to make a replica and smash the TV.
  • I sometimes read books just because i want to say i have read it. And i have loved many of those, like God of small things and Kane and abel. Same goes for movies.
  • Song can make me go nuts over them. Hearing one continuously for hours, hearing emo ones when am sad and get more emo... is all normal for me.
  • Rudra says i am a wanna be bong. I am not arguing.
  • When i am really happy or excited, i talk an awful lot. like blurting out stuff to strangers etc. I would prefer myself locked up then. :P
  • I suck at mathematics. Big time. There was this class test in 9th, trigonometry i think, in which i scored 0 and decided that i am dropping the subject as soon as i can, and i did. :D
  • I am afraid of heights. Its not like any phobia, i am just afraid. :P
  • I dont like reality shows unless they make something. Like food or clothes :P
  • I can not share silence to save my life. With strangers this gets me very fidgety.
  • When i was a child i used to think that i could sing, which caused a lot of situations which are grossly embarrassing when i look back :| The funny thing is Di cant sing at all and says she likes when i sing. It is only for her that i swallow my shame and sing out loud. :)
  • I fall in love with heroes in my books. Except Robert Langdon may be, but he is not so much interesting, is he?
  • I am a very physical person. I love to hug my beloved ones for no reason :)
  • I dont have a favorite colour. This annoys the hell out of me when i do facebook quiz-s.
  • On a stage, before an audience is my living hell. There is no other place i hate more. For proof, i have not been upstage in the whole of my college life, 6 years. Even for the send off when i really wanted to say something. And read this along with the fact that my friends used to say i had ADHD. Am weird :|
  • I do swear. More than i should. Am safer because my parents' mother tongue is not English.
  • Avoiding me really bugs me.
  • My favorite place in whole of world was room no. 212 in my hostel, small room, white washed walls with posters of Ganguly and Nadal, messy with a capital m and Di as my roomie.
  • If i grow old alone, it would be with 5 dogs. i would never be a cat lady.
  • In all my scary dreams i see snakes. They are like the animals that creeps the shit of out me the most.
  • I always wanted to live in Russia or Germany or Kolkata. It was for the love of Dostoevsky, World war and Ganguly respectively.
  • My childhood dream was to be a doctor, which i did and is very displeased with the childhood me. Not creative at all. I dont hate the job, but i think i should be in creative industry.
  • I eat a lot when i am depressed and happy. Depression hands me straight over to chocolates :P
  • I can not like someone with whom i cant have a normal conversation. I would say the best way to woo me is to be world wise and to know how to impress me with it :P
i believe i have not repeated anything, but as this is RFAM-2, it will be less interesting. So check out the first one! (yay, self-pimping!)

Take care fellas!! Love you all, especially those who comments :D

Monday, October 12, 2009

I was rummaging mom's closet when i found some very nice looking blankets tucked away in a rather obscure manner. I pulled them out and they were simply aww!!
Then, very conveniently mom came in.(She guards her closet like a lioness. I think there is family jewels or something i don't know of :P)

So i asked her where is this new blankets from.
Mom- "They are they for some two or three years"
Me- "Then why are we not using them?"
Mom- "Ah.. I brought them for a specific purpose"
Me- "And that would be...?"
Mom- "Hmm.. They are for receiving my first grandchild."


Mom looked at me pointedly.
Did i mentioned that i am her eldest and only daughter?

Oh indeed.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Hooray! J in J!

my J in J campaign starts today. From Oct 1- Dec 31

What it is and how it is etc is a secret as of now.
It will all be posted on January first week.
Let it be a success. Fingers Crossed!

Pray for me, awesome friends of mine and fellow bloggers!