Monday, January 31, 2011

The One with the New Year Resolutions

I know! Who writes about new year resolutions on Jan 31st, right? Only the smartest person on the blogosphere!!

See, every year i take up this humongous tasks at new years. Then go on and promptly dump it the next week. So its better to see how i fared in January and then talk about them right? Right.

Also this year i decided the resolutions would be fewer and smaller to tackle. So that i wont have to embarrass myself while writing it. And make it easy on you, my lovely reader.

So, it goes like this.

1. Regain my Twitterati : I was crazy over twitter an year and half ago. Then i stopped it, mainly due to work and other life interventions. I sometimes miss the world like crazy. Where you can went your thoughts and comment on celebs on their face and mainly get information as it happens. If its happening, its in twitter, right? So i reclaimed my twitter joy and set out to find old and new friends, and just be a loud mouthed hussy.
How it went: Yay! success so far! S0 all you cute ones, get to twitter now and follow moi, the @smalltown_sree.

2. 10 a month blogging: I will blog ten posts a month, like i used to in my early days. Now, don't look so crestfallen!! Clearly, as you can see, it ain't happening. I will have to work on it next month. There goes your face again!

3. I would be happy this year: I don't know why people take up this oath. You cant remain happy or sad all the time. Life is a good mix of the two. So far, its been mixed and i hope the happiness can shadow the sadness in the days to come.

That's it!! Only 3! Doable, i hope. And i would see how it went in December. You have to stick around and see for yourself. Promise me!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jigsaw Of My Life

I was finding myself a bit 'J' recently. Yes, the big J. Jealous.

Lets see how it all began.

Ray, who is the husband of Di, who is my best friend, got transferred to Mumbai. Promotion+transfer. (He won't forgive me if i don't mention that.)
So, he is moving. She can't move since she is doing post grad in Kerala. [thus i am saving all my freak outs of my-best-friend-is-moving-to-std-code-so-she-wont-call-me-all-the-time for laterz]
So what she is gonna do? She is moving to a hostel.

That made me worried. And later jealous. Why?
See, last time she had a room mate, that was me. And i was her best friend.
And who knows what kind of girls are in hostels these days! they will be all so helpful and kind and god-knows-what! And they will steal my friend from right under my nose! Not right under, as i am not there, Still!!

I knew this was happening when she joined the post grad. But i gave the ultimatum that 1)she cant sit with same person for 2 consecutive periods. 2) she cant go to lunch with with the same person for 2 days, unless its in a group. 3)she will call me every two days and talk. Ray was on-board with this in the case if any one of these people being guys. All turned out great when all her classmates turned out boring 'girly' hippies who couldn't get along with anyone. Ha! I was laughing my silent but expressive 'buhahaha' while sounding oh-so-comforting when ever she was on call with me bitching about them.
Right when i was starting to relax, she moves to the college hostel! And got a room mate!
And she was busy for a while adjusting to her new schedule and all, so there was fewer calls, but there were some.

And i was getting a teeny meeny J on her new roomie.

But i should have had a bit of faith on my socially awkward, emotionally closed off best friend.

Yesterday, i got this sms at night.
My room mate failed and she is desp.
Always on phone and in bed.
you know i am bad at handling this.
what to do? :(

I vowed to be with her in sickness, shopping and roommate issues, so i replied;
You are good at not caring na?
Do that.
May be she needs space.
Remember when you needed space
when we were roomies and i always barged in?
And who are you
and what have you done with my beautiful but cruel best friend? :O

At this point i was starting to worry that this is going a bit too touchy-feely for my liking.

But I shouldn't have worried. She is, after all, one in a million.
She replied;
I am not caring!
my problem is that,
should i make attempts
to make her feel that i care?

All worries begone, (she is crazy! But my crazy best friend!) i decided to help out. I was, in fact, out PR manager.
Just ask her if she needs anything occasionally.
If she is telling you something, listen.
Or pretend to, while thinking how awesome your last roomie was.
And dont gloat, laugh too much
or talk loudly in that god-awful voice of yours.
You'll do fine.

Why am i worried? She is my jigsaw. I have my jagged ends and she
has hers. And thank god, they fit together perfectly.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Cost of Being a Smartass

There are days when I am so darn proud and happy for the fact that I am street smart that I have to resist giving myself a hi5 in public. Today was not that day.
I was waiting for the bus to take me to the clinic in the morning. I was late owing to being tormented by (bitching about) Justin Beiber after seeing him back to back first thing in tv. Dont ask why I watch tv if I have to leave home early. And dont even start suggesting driving. You know why!

So I was late and rather pissed and when the bus finally arrived, I rushed and was first in the disorganised queue-huddle at the door. Yes, I always manage to be at the front, I just hate standing. People were getting off and there was this girl(13ish) who was last, and a rather mannish lady(b****) started pushing in and I had to side step so as to get this girl out alive. This took considerable time and my good deed for the day was done, so I rushed(pushed) in to salvage something for my posterior and there was this 50ish aunty sitting alone in a two seater and I went to sit down.

Aunty- this seat is taken!
Me- huh. *sitting down near hear rather forcefully* it is taken now, I guess.
Aunty- *to the daughter who was entering then* sit on the side seats!
In my defence, It was a 45 mins journey and I was going to work. And the whole time aunty passed angry glares at me and pushed me even when the bus was not passing a curve. Mean aunty!
So when I reached my destination, I got off, and sat down under the fan in clinic and sighed in relief. Nightmare over!
Except, I had no idea.

After about 10mins, receptionist came in.
R-lady: You got a patient.
Me: great, send 'em in.

Enter aunty and the girl. Yes, same aunty and same girl. My life is over.

Aunty: *half laughing and half glaring* YOU!
Me: *half scared and half guilty* you? :-S

Long story short, aunty and girl(who turned out to be her granddaughter), was coming to see me, as the girl was uh.. um.. sick.
I know. I am despicable.
In self-defence, she did not look sick. :|
Thankfully aunty did not beat me with her handbag, and after some chats, became quite friendly.
When you think something is finally over, shit will hit the fan on full speed. Again.
After asking me where my home was, she asked me if I knew a teacher who lived there.
Me: *OMG-here-it-comes face* yeah, thats my Mother.
Aunty: we know her! Very well too. She taught her*pointing at the girl*.
They very fondly took mom's number from me and went after the consultation.

Dont say anything. You cant call me something that I haven't called myself.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Prodigal Friend

Sometimes in life you make the stupidest decisions, and implement them without thinking about it.
You just feel hurt and you want to hurt someone so bad.
In the end its not only them that suffers, but you do too.

A few months ago, in a fit of jealous rage, you ostracize your best friend.
Not Di, the other best friend.

You just wanted him to feel what its like being avoided.
You should have given him some space or just talked to him about it.
Then again, you are not known for making the perfect decisions.

Then comes the slow burning reminders.
If you shared your life, your whole life with someone over a few years, its natural that everyday brings something that reminds you of them.

The Christmas with out a drunken mate.
An IPL auction.
Advices you terribly seek from no one but him.
Gossips you itch to share.
A movie he was urging you to see. (Inception)
Songs, habits, smoking.

You want to take back the deed.
But sometimes you want something so bad, doesn't mean its possible.

Your hands itch to make a step.
But you don't.
Like they say, pride comes before pain.

But you know, when it grows too much, you have to bite the bullet and face the consequences.
Good or bad or incredibly ugly.

Finally, you cant take it anymore.
Whats the worse?
He wont talk to you. How is that worse from the current situation?

An sms.
No reply.
Okay, that's settled then.
You can sigh and move on.

48 hours.
Sorry Miss. Smalltown girl, replying late.

Oh god.
You cant stop grinning.

Yahoo Messenger.
Old times.

I was ready to go on bended knees.
Thank god he is no meanie.
I would really look weird on my knees before the computer.

Nothing is changed.
Or everything is, for the better.
Na, nothing is changed, for better or worse.

Thank God.
And after 10 days, on 11-1-11, you feel like its a New Year

PS: Ooh, and he is fat now! That's like a dedicated new year gift.
Rudra, don't dump me over this now :-/

Friday, January 07, 2011

Onions that make you Cry

We welcomed the decade with a Biriyani. By we, i mean my brother, as my knowledge about cooking can not fill a 2x2 sheet.

But i do help him in cleaning the onions, washing the rice etc.
Thus i was almost finished with cleaning the mountain(it seemed!) of onions when mom walked in.

Mom: You finished?
Me: Yes.
Mom: Leaving them there? Out?
Me: Yes, why?
Mom: Put that under a hood or something.
Me: Why, mommy, why?
Mom: You want thieves in the house? The load of Onion is worth a robbery.
Me: Ha ha. :|

Seriously, with the price of onion, i wondered how much price hiked the Biriyani in hotels are these days, or how much they will be scrimping on onions. When i thought more about it, native kerala cuisine does not use onions. Of course they do now, even in sambar, but its an adaption, a familiarity. With the invasion of north indian cooking and the fast food, onion has become one of the essentials in Malayali kitchen as well. We have no one to blame for being this dependent on the vegetable.

To make a Chicken Biriyani:

Chicken- 150 rs
Onion- 80 rs
Rice- 80 rs
Other knickknacks- 100 rs
The pleasure of eating the Chicken Biriyani at home when your parents criticize you on your weight gain through the whole meal : PRICELESS!

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Hello! Hi! Hola! Greetings!

Happy new Decade folks!
Who would have thought we'll be here, now, ten years ago?
Bet you didn't.

Did any of you thought you'd be here, at this place and position 10 years ago?
If you had, congrats, but i really wouldn't wanna be you.

So where was i? 10 years ago?
In a school, right after the christmas vacation.
Hating it. With the sword of 12th exam hanging upon my head.
Hopelessly in crush with guy in my class, who is married now. Not to me, thank god.
I honestly don't know what i was thinking.
When looking back, its hard to admit that we were so stupid, right?
(Remember how everyone told us how 10th exam was the most important in our life? We believed and died trying to score the best. Then when we got to 12th, they said it again. We fools believed it. After that.. entrances.. college exams.. Fool
s again.)

Well, in a broad spectrum i think, this will always be the most important decade of my life. I finished school, chose my course and college, finished it, then i entered the professional life. What can be more important?

So what you remember from last decade?

A lot of smiles and laughter.
A few tears.
Tours i loved.
Exam days i hated then and have fond memories of now.
Countless films and tv and music.
Few good people i will never forget.
A lot of ones i did and another few i wish i could.
A best friend.
One love to rule them all and one love to end them. (I am on an LoTR Movie Marathon)
Loads of Memories.

Have i changed a lot?
I think i have.
I am still socially challenged, lazy, friendly and a little crazy( i swear).

But i am not naive, romantic (in heart), simple or upbeat. Hope its all for the best.

Don't have any idea why i scribbled all these. But hey, moi blog. (Of which i am totally proud!)

Wishing you pretties Everything you need, and not all that you want, cuz you may try to take over the world. :P