Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rickety Rocky

As you know, Rocky is my very handsome, rather temperamental, much loved German shepherd dog who is 4 years now. As our longest lasting dog, he is totally ingrained to our life. We don't leave him alone, even cancelling trips and visits.
The dog obviously love my mom. She is the one who gets him the food, so no surprises there.
He loves my brother like something crazy. He only sees him when he comes from hostel. And they have some sorority-brother thing going on. The dog is all over him when he is home. Rocky, who lives in the dog-house and rarely enter the house when he is out, is sneaking in when ever aQQui is home. Yeah, the dog loves him pretty fierce.
The dog almost hates dad. Well, dad is not the most dog-friendly person in the world. He don't do caress and massages. His general show of affections will leave you painful.
Then there is ME. Usually i come after Mom and Bro and waaaay above Dad. I guess i am not that fascinating. I get him snacks and chocolates when i go out. I sneak him biscuits and everything, so he likes me fine.
Or used to. Now i think he hates me.
It all started with the Summer. Its hot and sweaty and he scratches. And thus injures himself. Then this slowly grow and before it gets really out of control, someone has to find it and apply some medicine. The medicine is generally a flea repellent plus antiseptic. As you guessed, it burns when you apply it.
And in case of Rock, i do it. Me being in health care makes everyone think that i am the personal doc of the Dog.
Whenever dog gets any health issues its me who end up feeding him pills the size of USBs and apply whatever that needs applying. Do you still wonder why he hated me now?To the dog, i am synonymous with pain, burning, awfully shoveled tabs into his mouth, cheating him by covering the same tabs in stuff like jam....
This time the wound is fierce and he hates me as much. To a point he avoids me, runs in the opposite direction and generally not approaching me for petting. And he barks. At me. And looks really angry.
Well, i thought it was for the betterment of the dog and i would take one for the team. I know somewhere inside his brain he still got feelings for me. (GSDs are the 3rd most intelligent dog in the world.) But however much i am fine, it hurts so bad when he barks at me and avoids me. I never thought my dog's feelings would matter much, but it does.
You know what will hurt more? One of these days he is going to plan a surprise attack on me with improved guerrilla tricks and modern technology. And i would talk about it of i survive the ordeal.

Till then, Adios!
Keep yourself in the good grades of your dog.
He loves you, but he can overpower you in a flash.


survivingbrain said...

Get a CAT (and pamper the cat in front of the doggie.):P

let the dog be jealous of the cat. :D

Ramanathan Kannan said...

Your dog looks too clean... Let him out a little bit more... My GSD is untrained. So he has no manners. He will do as he wishes. He even holds the part of the chain next to the collar when taken for a walk... So it looks like he is taking me for a walk... And he knows how to open taps and doors, but does not know how to close them.. And he is a very good actor. His ' please take me out' pleading look deserves an Oscar. He likes to position himself outside the main door and poses like a Sphinx. He will not let anyone in without a playful little love bite aimed at the ankle. He comes to watch singing competitions and football matches on TV... Will eat only meat, eggs and Pedigree... Always leaves the rice untouched. My mum takes care of the medicine administration, so I am not hated :) And he is only 1 yr and 3 months old... And he is really BIG. If he grows any bigger, we will be in trouble... Oh, i forgot... He is very jealous. Wont let anyone in the house talk to anyone outside the house... He will bark like mad, till you stop the conversation and switch the attention back to him...

Archana said...

looks like I have the best situation. I pet my neighbours dog, Play with her and generally when I want to get rid of her reach for the water jug!