Thursday, December 01, 2011

Bitchology Lesson No. 17

Know what the Bitch likes. And keep a healthy supply of it with you. Shower it generously, but always make it clear that you worked real hard to get this to the bitch. Bitch is mollified that you are working for it and is happy.
Remember, A happy bitch is a less trouble bitch.

[NB- Bitchology obviously is a lecture on the aforementioned character who are recognized not by their look, but solely by the bitchiness. Surrounded by them means death and if you have to survive, you need the tricks.]


Me said...

Ummm...hmmm.. Nice series :)

Richa said...

Nice Series indeed.

Why not fight the bitch back and show her who the boss is?
Or, just ignore?

smalltown_girl said...

@Me- Thanks.

@Richa- You can't when the B is someone you work under. Then you are in a whole lot of trouble. :-/