Wednesday, March 30, 2011

While I was not Blogging...

So... Where was i???
The same smalltown_girl, who was dead on blogging crazy over this year and was doing just that for the sheer joy of pestering you guys was not so at it lately. Why? A gripping question indeed.

1. World cup- As you all know, India is playing semi today. With Pakistan. Sheer pressure match. Since someone said over twitter that no one will blog today, I had to. Swimming against tide and all. Its the slog overs now. I had been watching it while tweeting. Have to say it. Twitter makes every celebration double. Its a funny ride and I urge everyone who like cricket to it. So this match. While I got tensed and got off twitter, India played well, so the Superstitious Me is not tweeting anymore. Anything for the team.

2. I had been reading this book series. Special Forces. I wont recommend it to anyone. But it has been an absolutely wonderful ride. I am amazed that I did daily functions at all, let alone blogging. And as a promise to myself, gonna read more action and less romances. Word.

3. Now good news. A press has accepted my synopsis for a short story in an anthology. Awesome na? Well, now they need to accept the story. Hmm. Its on works and you, cross your fingers for me.

Thats all for now. Am jumping all over the house finding spots to sit that'll win the match.
Yes, am crazy. But you all love me anyway.
Have to say, I love you more.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Adult Talks- Mono and Polygamy

[Adult talks while by no means explicit, deals with serious topics i don't usually discuss in this blog. Family and friends, get the hell out now. You are still reading, aren't you?]

[Cross-posted at Seriously Saying]

I was reading a book in which the characters were in an open relationship. Together and separate. Since it was a book series and the first book featured them in a closed relationship, this new open sex disturbed me a whole lot and got me thinking about the issue a lot.
Is monogamy so overrated? Can humans be happy in a monogamous relationship? And since the majority of the relationships that we see are closed and monogamous (at least to us and their partners), are we pretending to be happy while monogamous?

When i did the research (means i read wiki), i found that only 7% of mammals were monogamous. There are roughly 5500 mammals. You do the math. This means the majority of upper crest of the living beings on the earth prefer to diversify their sexual choices. Interestingly, 90 percent of birds are mammals. No wonder they call the ladies, birds.So what does this mean for us humans? Are we really monogamous? Or are we restricting ourselves by social boundaries and hiding our true sexual appetite? Many of the scientists and other anthropologists believe that humans are actually polygamous. This polygamy does not mean the Mormon polygamy, where there are more than two sexual partners, but it is still a closed relationship. But here it means the literal word. Many sexual partners. Since the website airs my views, i am not going into the ‘anthropologists says’ part. But to my own.
Humans differ from other animals in a verity of things, including a large number of emotions and the control over them. We feel deeply for the things that we consider our own. We don’t give up easily. And we definitely have a possessive mind and emotional attachment.
I don’t believe that humans are meant to be polygamous. We can have a real game picking the one mate that suits our mental and physical needs, but that is that. I think its absurd to play around after that to destroy what you have with your partner. There consensual partners who are open to each other straying, alone or together. They might have a lot of fun and good times in the meanwhile. But i am doubtful about it working in a long run.

The thing is, when animals mean sex as a reproductive method, humans mean sex as way to connect with each other and show their affection. That is why we do more sex than that to ensure progeny. Thats why we do birth controls. Thats why there exists homosexuality in humans as a life long relationship mode, where as in animals, when it exists, it is another way of showing dominance. The emotion humans invest in sex is the reason polygamy has the chances to fail. When ever there is sex, there are increased chances that you might get attached to the person who is not your partner. Since we humans do so much for love, it is likely that you are going to go beyond the boundaries for the new person, thus destroying the initial relationship you had.
Polygamy, in a careful form gets you a lot of enjoyment and thrill. But it might make you distant and alone if you are trying hard to stay unattached. If you are in an open, no holds barred relationship, it can go even better, but it can also grow sour. There is nothing that destroys a relationship faster than jealously and possessiveness.

Can humans stay happily monogamous is another question. We are easily swayed people. Our eyes are always drifting. While looking is not an error, cheating definitely is. I believe that when we want, we can stay faithful to one person, if that is the right person. If your partner/spouse engages your mind and thoughts and fantasies, why you need to look outside? But while in an otherwise wholesome, but sexually incompatible relationship, your choice to stay monogamous might feel constricting to you.
When i am not a prude as this talk might make me sound like, i would any day prefer monogamy, since human minds and their connections are fragile, and i believe they are to be treasured.

[PS: i got a new blog at wordpress called Seriously Saying. I made it to say few points i would rather not say here in my family friendly blog. I might cross post not so offensive to thou sensitive eyes topics from time to time where as that would comprise of all the articles in the AdultTalks tag and some more. * fingers crossed *]

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Belated Birthday Bag

One of the past few days i got this from Di....
My very belated birthday gift.
But its all good. She waited till she went to the mighty Mumbai to visit her hubby to buy me the present. After bitching how pricey the Mumbai shops are. Hmmph.

After i got the gift and immensely liked it, i called her.

Me: Got the gift. Awful bag!
Di: I too thought so. Well, its a done deal.
Me: :O What is with you? I loved it. I was kidding! The bag is so me!
Di: Thats what i thought too.. Its not the awesomest bag, but it is so you.
Me: Thanks. But what is with the card?
Di: What?
Me: Some cutey-cutey thing? I thought you only sent me funny or emo cards.
Di: Oh yeah, last year when i sent that awesome birthday card na, i bought 2 more to save another visit. But ya know, i do these birthday-gift-card thingy only with you.
Me: Gee, thanks.
Di: So, guess whats coming?
Me: I know, the third card. Next year. :-/
Di: Exactly. Its rather economic you think?
Me: Grrrr!!!

Economic, my ass. She doesn't know whats coming her way! You remember the MFPA cards? Guess who is getting them for the next, oh i don't know, 10 birthdays!

Ahha! Gotcha!

Ohkay. Calm down. Deep breaths.

Thanks Di. Awesome bag. I take it everywhere now. And I love you.
And don't kill me now. *cute smile*

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

How to Hide the Dirty Secrets in your Gadget

Last week, friend of my brother, Chembu, smsed me at night. He asked me if i had ever stored a personal email as a wordpad document. He said he found one while rummaging in a folder in his computer, which he had copied from my computer when i gave it to him for some repairs. I said yes and asked him to delete it as fast as possible. I hope he did that, because that was a rather embarrassing letter to "A".

So, i wanted to give a few points to gadget users, to avoid embarrassing situations.
How to Hide the Dirty Secrets in your Gadget
  • Never ever store porn in your mobile. How ever deep you think you hid the folder. There are people who can always find it, especially those who look for them. Like me.
  • Never leave the phone alone when you are in the midst of reading something racy in it. Don't minimize the OperaMini or pdf reader and give it to someone. Its always safe to exit. People will never think its a plot in the story you are reading. To them, its just erotica.
  • Do not, for the love of god, create folders inside folders thingy. Easiest trick on book.
  • Personal letters, passwords, other details... store it in google notebook or just in your mail. And at least never lose the google password.
  • Do not surf your files while in front of 15 year old cousins. Or do it carefully. I still remember them laughing as a naked chest of this dude came on screen.
  • Always, always clean your download list. And/or torrent list. Name is more than enough to get the wrong idea to anyone who checks.
Now a few tricks to evade detection. Old school, but effective, i think. I am not saying i use these.
  • Racy reads (including erotica) if in word format, store it after a very normal text and save them together. No one is going to read till the end of anything to find what is in it.
  • Videos, to save them from appearing in media search, store as winrar. And take it out when you want to see. (this one was all thanks to a friend of mine who does not wish to reveal his name.)
  • Photos can also follow the above option. Especially if its nekkid pics of you. I personally suggest not to save any nekkid things of you anywhere. Its not worth the humiliation on detection.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Race of Life

Do you ever feel like you are in a race you don't know about and the time is running out? You have to make a move, you have to make choices, you have to think, everyone is getting way ahead of you but you don't know what the hell you need to do to stay away and/or alive?
I am in such a race. I don't know if i want to be in it. I am almost sure i don't want to be. I don't know when it started and when i fell so behind. But nonetheless i am in and i am losing.
Time is such an important factor in a crowd that doesn't believe in late bloomers or last laughers. You finished the race? Are you checking the milestones? Yes? You win. No? You suck.
And i suck big time.
I was always late growing up. I learned to take care of myself when i was 16 or something. That too barely. Considering i was living in a boarding, it created some pretty nasty episodes. I still am not an expert in it. I arrive for anything and everything late. I am a perpetual and professional late comer.
Does anyone get that? No. I am always asked, "where in the race are you?". I say "i haven't begun," and i get, "aw, poor girl! get going."
Come on!
May i won't ever run. May be i don't want to run. May be i am too scared and lazy to run.
But the race is on and until you reach the milestone, or die trying, you are nothing but a big freak.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Why I hate MFPA

You haven't heard of MFPA?
Mouth and Foot Painting Artists? Well, apparently, this is a group of handicapped people who paints with their mouth and foot. And thus, this association provides them a monthly salary and all and then they live happily ever after.
How is it any concern of mine, you ask? Good question darling.
This year they sent me a few of their paintings in card form. Its free. I can use it as greeting cards and sent it to whom ever i please. Awesome, right? Total win-win!
The catch is that, i have to send them money for it if i want to. IF I WANT TO. Like i am the salazar slytherin who doesn't take pity on the poor peoplewho don't have hand and foot. See, if i were more practical, i would've avoided this and put the whole thing behind me in a flash. But i bet they didn't had that in mind when they chose me to slaughter.
The thing is, unlike the MFPA guys, i don't earn much money. I don't even have regular income. I am, like any other practitioner, trying to establish a practice, and there are days when i earn a lot. And there are days when i don't. I like think that my life is like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's. You know that story.
So the thing is, when people send me abso-fucking-lutely beautiful cards, i pay for them. I have to. And i even though they kinda dragged me into the middle of this, i am going to.
What i want is, i want you all to go to their website.

Join their newsletter program or just buy a few paintings. Its gorgeous and you are helping someone.
If you want to help more people, you can send ME money. *batting lashes*
Just drop a line and i am so going to get in touch. I take checks or credit cards or free food. :P
And these are some cards they sent me.