Friday, April 22, 2011


I am the kind of person who, if i were living in a country any less morally uptight that India, would have done some really shitty things and ended up in a rehab. And not the cool kind the Hollywood things go to. And since i live in the morally uptight India, i am not a alcohol/drug/anything addict. Yet i manage to go to a rehab.
To cut the story short, i am obese and before i make some really shameful Guinness record like 'the youngest person to die of heart attack'(Oh wait, some stupid 10 year old kid already got that. F***) I checked myself(more like my family and extended family forced me to) into a facility that will monitor my diet and hopefully make me a better eater. Damn, a better NON-eater.
Basically its just eating some fruits from time to time and a lot of water. And i think i am doing pretty well. Even though i occasionally have dreams of masala chicken and chocolate cookies.

So all you pretty people, watch what you eat and stay healthy while i curb my insane love for edible things.


Karan said...

Do you know of a rehab where they make you eat and you end up gaining weight? :)
Weighty issues, horrific, for people on both sides of the line. But there is a huge number on that side, very few on my side!!

Archana said...

Families can be bad I know! My fly. used to joke because I was painfully thin not they have fun at my expense as I have gained weight.

But remember they love you1

Ramanathan Kannan said...

I too need to join... So where is this rehab place ?

Anonymous said...

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