Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First chat
Me: hi
Him: :)
Me: Why smiling?
Him: A person should always smile. to make others feel good. :)
Me: nice! :) *yeah right! what a pompous ass*

6 months later..
Me: :D
Him:Why smiling?
Me:I am happy to see you!
Him: /:) U see me every day!
Me:Cant i be happy?
Him:OK. You can! *this girl is nuts*

First IM

Me: I really like you.
Him: :)
Me:You don't think i am irritating.
Him:No *Jesus, YES!*

Millions of chats later..
Him: :-(
Me:What happened now?
Me:Are you drunk?
Him:Not really. :(
Me: cheer up na? :) *Jesus! FML :|*


First Birthday Together(mine)

Him: Happy birthday :D
Me:This is the 20th time you are wishing me. :)
Him:So what? Happy Birthday!
Me: :D *He is so thoughtful*

Next birthday together (mine)

Me: Why you are not wishing me? :O
Him: I was sleeping! Happy Birthday BTW! *Jeez didn't i wished her a million times last night at 12?*


First Birthday Together (His)

Me:Did you got the card i sent?
Him: No.
Me:You will. Happy birthday! You are the best.
Him:Thanks :) *aww sweet*

His next birthday together- Today
Me: Did you liked that AWESOME gift i picked?
Him: Yup.
Me:You will get it soon.
Him: OK :D -greedy eyes- :D
Me: :P Happy Birthday! You are not the best, but i love you all the same :P.
Him: Thanks. :P *rolling eyes*


I can go on and on about YOU ME and US.
And nothing is unknown to you.
Nothing will change if i say or didn't.
So its just, Happy Birthday Buddy! God bless :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Birthday, again. :-/

So it was yesterday.
The dreaded day. My Birthday.

Someone wise once said-
"Every birthday after college is a sad reminder of getting older, unless you get drunk and wake up next to a beautiful/handsome stranger."

Hmm. After loads of wishes from everyone, a cake, a mommy's kiss, a very nice song(haappy buddddday tooo youuu...") and some photos, i am 27.
Frikkin 27.
How can anyone celebrate 27? Its practically 30.
I cant even think about 30.

On the verge of apoplexy, i want to thank Rudra, for everything that he is, Pallavi, for that overseas call that was awesome, Di and Sony, chetan and adi, and My family, for the cake (It was so delicious, i almost forgot that i am getting old!).

So, wishing for smiles and happiness and friendships and love... and something extra.

Pic: Birthday in yahoo. Small favors. The Picaso inspiring pic is by Rudra.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

15 Useful Tips On Rudra Mishra

This shall, in future come to know as a reference guide to aspiring best friends and girl friends. (Or not. :P) [PS:Guest posted at Rudra's Blog.]

So why me? He is my best pal and he says i know him the best. And i think that qualifies me more than enough.

Special mention:The facts are more fictitious than reality and the sole purpose of the guide is to elicit a laugh and to torment Rudra.

So here we go..

  1. Do not think Rudra loves Arsenal. Rudra is Arsenal. This might sound crazy, but if you keep this in mind, you will understand a lot. Like why he never talks during a match time or why looking at Arsene Wenger's wrinkled face with anything less than admiration would invite his wrath.
  2. Second one is along the lines of first one, still deserves another point. Tottenham Hotspurs is not a football club. In fact they are nothing, so do not deserve respect or attention or even mention. And always, always refer to them as SPUDS. Every sentence with spuds should have minimum 3 words like dumb ass*****, motherf****** or dirty scumbag.
  3. Do not ever say ARSE. In or out context of arsenal. If its imminent and you cant replace it, you are allowed to use ass or buttocks or posterior instead.
    (Some clarification here- You cant be ignorant of everything arsenal while being near him. His highs and lows are so associated with them, and many of his friends too. The club is larger than life. And you always come after the club. ALWAYS. First its rather annoying, but getting used to it is the only solution.)
  4. When in tight spots caused by yourself, do not hope for comfort words. He is a stickler of propriety. He will try everything to pin the blame on you, even when he is a third party. Its his way of comforting you and getting you ready for facing the situation. But after some minutes, he will come around to comfort. Same goes for fights with your own parents or siblings where you were wrong. And in those you were not. And the times when did the right thing and it still backfires.
  5. Rudra watches emotion filled reality shows. And you are not to make fun of it. Because hmm, sometimes its good to be emotional you know. (HA HA HA) *solemn look*. And, if you make fun of him, you will hear from me. So the list of shows include little champs, perfect bride [=)) i thought only girls watched it!] and other similar ones.
  6. Do not enter into arguments or debates with him if you are a sore loser especially without fact-sheets and brutal high pitched voice. To give some credit, he debates good. And he never listens to what ever you says. Frustration and urge to throw stuff at him is a constant result and if you don't live with him and/or is handling expensive stuff, stop the argument and count to 100. If it still doesn't work, hunt him down and kill him. [Cheat code: Act really upset and rather teary. He will write 'you are the winner' in a paper and sign it to stop you from sulking]
  7. One word: SPACE. This means a lot to him and so you should honor him with it. (Or not, as, after a while he gets used to you badgering the heck out of him in every 3o seconds :D)
  8. You can trust his movie gyan to the absolute. Even though he can be judgmental about some films you friend suggested(whom he hates[refer 11]) and can go overboard with them. Sometimes he even forces upon you weird films with rats as stars (not even animated :O ) or try to disguise horror ones for normal movies. Still he is pretty much perfect there.
  9. He loves rain to the point of making you hate rain. So if you want him in your life and still have a rain-loving-heart, learn to tune your mind to other frequencies during monsoon. Or you can go blah-blah-blah in your head. Listening to him going on about rain will make you positively sick of anything rain. So self preservation calls for aforementioned methods.
  10. Do not pwn him more than 10 times a day. After that that he is just morose. Girls with designs for him, don't even think about pwning. He only tolerates pwning from a limited number of people.
  11. Rudra will say he is not a strictly possessive person. But i beg to differ gentle girls, he is. In a non interfering way(thats the best kind na?). Step around it carefully girls, one wrong step and you are in ditch. Kidding, he is after all not a ditcher.
  12. DO understand the guy has LDA (Latitude Dependent Amnesia). Not a rare disease amongst guys i think. Symptomatically he forgets you when he moves to a new place. And he will come around to you eventually, but then he would have forgotten that he forgot you in the first place and will never apologize. Its a disease People.. Poor guy. Awful na? (And do not be sad. You will get your revenge. You can remind him and make him shameful for months, and later, you can even blog about it.)
  13. Rudra says words like ewww and awww and such, and you are to be glad that he is in touch with his feminine side. *solemn look*
  14. You cannot discuss censored topics with him. He starts with getting disturbed and saying ewww (refer 13), and later moves on to twitching, looking for change of topic or soon, a heart attack. True Story.
  15. Pink boxers are sexy. And manly. Do not argue the point.

The author shall not be responsible for any of the failures that are caused by this guide. As, the author didnt took money from you, and the author is not a very responsible person :D. Though, any success will be taken sole responsibility for.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

In the life of a 5 rupee note.

He was old and tired..
Restlessly passed on and on from one hand to other for years.
The officer, the chai guy, shop cashier, fish walla...
The years started showing its might on him..
Battered and torn inside out..
People who used to pass him in earnest slowed down.
Looked at him with doubt before accepting him.
And one day, quite expectedly, he was unaccepted.
Just like that.


So I am stuck with a 5 Rupee note.
I think i got it when i was dreaming and not actually seeing the change the guy gave me.
The next time i had a use of 5 rs, that is on my work to home journey, i took it out and gave. Innocently.
Sadly the recipient was not an idiot like me.
"Arre, yeh note nahin chlega!"
"What? Oh! Sorry!"
And just like that it got stuck with me.
Just like that.

Its not that i am THAT impoverished.
But seeing this useless piece of crap every time i open my purse is rather annoying.
Its like they say- dead money.
Except that this one is really dead.
Or really close.

So today, when i returned from work, i took it out.
Deposited in the box where i put useless stuff which i cant throw away.
Along with my last unburned letter from A.
And the chocolate wrapper someone gave me.

I am at peace.


Ah this box is great.
Not so cozy as the AC locker.
But good.
The chocolate wrapper looks seriously out of date.
Still its nice.

I am at peace.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Remembering Grandpa

Grandma is visiting. (This is mom's side. Dad's side has remarkably short life span and they say all my genes are from him. Now you know why i don't make long term plans.) So, coming to grandma, mom-grandma relationship is really filmy and its a long story. In short, they don't like each other. Mom was the daddy's girl in her family of 5 kids. So grandpa(Appoopan, as i used to call him) was quite chummy with her and when ever mom tells her childhood days, all the happy tales feature him.
Llater when mom married and had me, Grandpa came to live with us. As it was tough on mom to go to work and to juggle me, a miniature jumbo. And till i was around 2 and half, he lived with us and then he left this world.
I have no recollections of him, though everyone starts talking about him as soon as they see me. I used to be confused why it is so. I mean yes, he was my grandpa. But he has numerous other grand kids before me. So why me?
Then one day i said a curse word related to grandparents. It was quite innocent. Everyone says those so much so that its not so curse-y anymore. Mom looked at me in shock and sadness. And reproached me beyond my comprehension. Then she told me about him.
That, since the day he saw me, i was never seen anywhere except in his arms. That he used carry me around, where ever he went. That he used to play games with me. That he used to call me baby seal, as i was always rolling around in the bed.
He was a witty old man, carefree funny and jolly type. He used to play cards well and everyone teases me how i shuffle the cards like him(i am an expert shuffler), he used to fish and was rather good at it too. These were what little people tells me. He didn't brought national changes, but he loved me.
Dad, who always criticizes everything from mom's side, only speaks fondly of him, even saying that those days living with him were some of the best in his life. They even bought a dog, chief, and i don't remember him too.
Then grandpa had to go back, and soon he fell ill. When mom went to see him, (he couldn't speak then) he gestured with his left arm to ask her where i was, as i was quite a fixture on that arm for more than two years. Days later he died and i don't remember that too.
Today while we (dad mom and me) were sitting in kitchen veranda and talking about grandma's visit, mom sadly said how happy she would have been if it was him and not grandma(yeah, that sums it up) and dad also grew sad thinking of him and again said how fond he was of me and they both thought how he would have liked my brother aQQui, who looks like him. And there i was, the cherished granddaughter, the one whom he loved more than the rest and the one who knew nothing about him.

I have never missed another person more in my life.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Hai Mirchi...

For the masala in life that i lack this year, i dedicate this photo.

Location courtesy- Ma's vegetable garden.

Friday, January 01, 2010

This year is going to be LEGENDARY!!!
(Barney Stinson, acknowledged)

Looking forward to

... meeting new friends.

... cherishing old ones.

... moments of fun and laughter and happy tears.

... exclamations and exuberance.

... craziness and closeness.

... embarrassing moments which gives others laughs.

... jokes that are corny, lame and quite laughable.

... proud moments and self assurance.

... richness and humbling moments.

... kisses from kids and elders blessings.

... hugs are holding hands and smiles that light up faces.

... pranks that went well and pranks that went all the wrong way.

... "good girl!"s and "you are so busted, young lady!"s.

... embarrassing smiles when getting gifts and ear to ear grins when giving them.

... impatient stamping of foot when its a special day and when you are so pissed off.

... winning moments and graceful loses and sore loser faces.

... unexpected smiles and whats-there-to-laugh-in-your-joke faces.

... giggling with pals over phone and code words that mean i-am-near-parents.

... nervous tensions and sigh of relief.

... nicknames and endearments and swears.

... acceptance and fame and content smiles.

... love and friendship and kinship.

...and a world of happiness.

And thats all i want.(Not too much na?)

I pray its gonna be that.
For You and Me.

Have an amazing New Year.