Saturday, January 28, 2012


Have you ever craved SO much for a mere 4 Rs that you wanted it more than you ever wanted a million bucks? Even for a short time?

Today i decided to go watch shopping for the fastrack watch my BFF was buying me. I went with my work BF, KP. The deal was, i didn't had any money with me. [sidenote- i don't usually keep cash with me as i am a big ass spender. I would rather carry a card] So i had exactly Rs 0.00 with me to carry me through the shopping and the travelling. She took the bus ticket to the shopping center and i got the watch, (yay!) which is kinda tame, but stylish. Not the point of the post though.
Later the night, we finished shopping, but kinda late, as i am an indecisive jackass. We paid(via card) and by then KP was late for her home. We ran to the bus stop and i watched on as she got on a very timely bus (not a usual thing!). As the bus started rolling, it dawned in my mind that, Here I am, alone in the middle of a city, with absolutely zero cash with me.
Oh. My. God.

I only needed 4 rs to get me to the hostel and i have never ever wanted 4 shining one rupee coins than then, when i felt alone in the midst of a frikking crowd.
Before the crazies began, i started to look for an ATM and i could find none in sight. And finally i asked one shop guy for directions to an ATM and I had passed right by it! (And who in the would would plant a bunch of trees all around an ATM? For gad's sake, it for people to find. Not to play hide and seek with!) And i got the money, got change from a shop and finally got in a bus.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Endless Love

Some love stories begin beautifully. Hearing them makes you want love so badly that it will hurt. But there are some love stories that are different. It will still hurt you badly.

I was talking to a new patient. [Basic case taking. They share their woes. We pretend to listen while looking for valid points to fill the case sheet.] Old lady, arthritic, very pleasant but a sadness hiding somewhere in her face.

"My husband died 6 months ago. He is a very nice man. He took extremely good care of me. He would urge me to go out every day and do something very simple like a walk. He was not so healthy, but he would still come to give me company." She smiled wistfully.
"On that day, like usual, he made me a cup of coffee. He had bought me a walking machine, treadmill. I said i am not walking, and he said he will instead of me. He walked for a few minutes. And usually after walks he would lie down for a few minutes to rest. Before lying down, he asked me to drink the coffee he bought me. He never woke up. They said it was cardiac arrest." By this time, her words were choked up and her tears were streaming down her face. And mine were brimming with tears too.

This is what i said earlier.
Some love stories begin so beautifully, it will hurt you. Some love stories end beautifully and it hurts even more. Or do they really end?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sacred Science- The Dewarists

The best song i have heard in a long time. This one is extra special as it is based on my homeland, Kerala. The video captures the essence of the traditional aspects of Kerala and the music by the guitarist adds a modern touch to it, and its just 'WOW'.

Tell me how you like it.

Copyrighted by Dewarists and Star World.

Friday, January 06, 2012

New Year? Really?

This is the first time I've not felt the celebratory light of New Year in my life. And i live in a city. That is saying a lot. May be finally i am at the level of maturity that makes you take everything in colorless tone. Literally, old. That is bad. But i think mostly its the fear to grow old while i accomplished so little in the life so far. Peter Pan syndrome. With a little insecurity thrown in for company.

January was the most loved month for me. For all the birthday gifts it bring. Now its my most hated month. And don't blame if i switched off the mobile on the freakishly frightening Jan 25.

And to all young folks, Happy New Year. And to all my folks, I know dear, I know.