Tuesday, October 07, 2008


On Sunday evening, i went to bigbazaar with H. We are really crazy once we get in a mall. We run around looking prizes n reading descriptions, n try not to buy anything. Actually, how many of you shop from bigbazaar? In my Bro's opinion, they have very low quality things there, but what’s wrong in looking? And the crowd and the rush never fail to excite me!
So, i saw this copy of "The 3 mistakes in my life" for sale, and being someone who loved chetan bhagat for his writing also [the good looks came first], couldn’t resist. I loved fivepointsomeone and even one night @ the call centre, even after many discouraged me from reading it. So, i got my copy of the book and slept soundly as we were really tired. The next day, early in the morn, i got a mail from H's cousin in US. He sent me a PDF of the book which i can read on my mobile. Hmm.. Money drain!! Whatever, i loved Chetan, and i thought, here I am owning the complete collection of an author apart from Harry potter.
So, i began reading in earnest and finished it around 7pm.  I loved it. Less than fivepointsomeone and more than one night. This is a more mature book, and our dear author is really improving.I loved the way each character was outlined and how it is so intricately linked with social and political incidents of India. I loved vidya and the sarcasm she brought as much as ish's laid back, macho, cool guy attitude and true to real life govind. Still, Ryan would forever be my favourite that came from Bhagat. I really fancied myself to be in love with him. As a matter of fact, Hari, from FPS is so like Ranjith, Di's fiancĂ©, its scary.
Some of my real life news:

Sony is gonna be a mom. i dunno if am happy for her or not. She is not the friend i envision with a kid. I was sad when she told me, and now, i think am coming in terms with it. It’s really annoying, Life and everyone is going somewhere and have some aim or anchor in their lives, while I don’t. The one thing i am happy about is I don’t have morning sickness and Sony is so miserable with it!

Di's wedding is approaching and she is busy as hell. And I don’t have a dress.

My Job is not running smoothly, Me and H have fights with management for our entertainment. And it’s not pretty.

Talking about pretty, the prettiest girl I’ve seen so far is at our resort. Pity she doesn’t know any English. We really would love to be friends with her. But she talks so much, its fun just watching.

Oh, and Dad has a 70% coronary block. Bypass surgery is inevitable. And Mom needs treatment for Anxiety neurosis.


Nikita said...

Hey our taste in reading is so similar. I too have the complete collection of Chetan Bhagat and the Harry Potter Series. I liked 'The 3 mistakes of my life' less than FPS but more than 'One nite' :-) Gosh!!
A suggestion - buy a sari for your sister's wedding :-)

Rudra said...

Wishing ur dada and momma a very happy and healthy life ahead..dnt be tensed.!!!

and congrats to ur sis!!

btw bhagat last book was also very much ok-ok stuff..nothing can match the first one!!!!!

MUS said...

evn i dint like his 3 mistakes. its so loosly written. btw wishing ur parents a grt time ahed!