Friday, September 05, 2008

Finally...I made it here!!

Me and H came here and got settled into this apartment they have rented for us. It isn't anything flashy or heavenly, but we are happy with it. A bit hot but not an oven. There is a family downstairs, an Uncle and Aunty, and 2 doggies. Tommy and Tippu. (Way to honor the legendary king. actually its a popular name for Dogs here. Tommy too. But 'this Tommy' is a girl and the smart one. She is cute). The family turned out to be a distant relation of H and so we are getting all this free stuffs like sweets and chocolates, kettle, coffee mate etc. So all is ok here.

We have food at the Resort. Its buffet everyday, every meal. Honestly, they have spoiled all the magic of buffet for me with in 2 days. Actually i think its too much pressure on the taker. All this brain work and shuffling in front of dishes, fuming the brain about 'to take or not to', the worries on taste, questioning the boys on everything, looking at the end table when starting, keeping all the bubbling urge to discuss every fish with H bottled within me...... it all is too much. How uncomplicated is ordering a meal and having obscene and loud discussion with your friends, commenting the cute waiter etc at your own table..

The guests who visit this resort is 90% ladies from Germany Swiss and Austria. (yeah boys, all the hot europen girls. I know everyone of you will fight to be in my shoes.) And NO MEN! thats sad. absurd. tragic. outrageous. All those Cute European Boys, rush to this Resort. Now!

The resort looks really nice. see some pics i have clicked.

The work isn't much and it isnt indecent. So i am cool with it. And having H with me helps a lot. Those things on with i would have worried a hell of a lot if i were alone seems serious laughing calls now with H. And boy, we laugh a lot.

All about the work fun later.

Preview- A compulsive talker as the Boss, The German girl's insights on indian woman. And how laughing near a myopic patient can get into trouble.


Nikita said...

Cool Resort ya. Lucky Girl!!!!

Fictional Desi said...

looks like you're having a great time!

moon's muse said...

Gee!I am the compulsive talker :P