Thursday, October 02, 2008

'Kehne ko jashn e bahaara hai' - the title was a part of the parcel.

The days are going rather dull.. Actually nothing is happening at all. I have not much work,and no new friends, So i just grabbed this question answer thingy from Trillian, (she is a cool girl. and an amazing writer too!)
So, there is this list of questions, first you turn your ipod/mp3 player/any player into shuffle mod, then for each Questions, press next, and the song that comes up, is the answer. well, sorta. And DO NOT CHEAT. I started doing it for fun and to escape studying with a sleepy H.

Some inferences you are likely to draw from it are.
1. I am a die hard knight rider. As in the fan of Kolkata Knight Riders
2. I am a sucker for bollywood songs.
3.My sense of music is rather too offbeat n ordinary. And my playlist is a century old.

So,Look what came up.. :) . And i solemnly swear i didn't cheat.

#if someone sys, "is this ok?"you say-
'korbo lorbo jeetbo re'
and thats a weired answer. i know

#What would best describe your personality?
'yeh ishq hai'- Jab we met.
Thats actually is ok..i am told that i resemble a mild version of Geet.

#What do you like in a guy/girl??
'suntha hai mera huda' from Pukar
no idea.

#How do you Feel today?
'Yeh..tumhari meri baatein'-Rock On!!
thats what i feel about H these days. But not today. I hated today.

#What is your life's purpose?
'dhadkan keh rahi hein yahaan koi aane waala hein'- Strings
Seems all i need is "someone". May be true!

#What is your motto?
'Rock on!!' -Rock On!!
wow!! am i cool or what? Its lyrics actually say a lot about me. And what a coincidence!

#What do your friends think of you?
'Aahistha aahistha'- Ahistha ahistha
It has some touching lyrics like 'yadon ki parchaiyaan tumse hi hai' and 'tum dil mein shareek huye'. actually i believe it. I loved everyone of them. Well, almost. And i think i made their life happier like they did mine.
and i like Himesh reshammiya once in a bluemoon. this film's track is good.

#What do you think of your parents?
'salaam-e-ishq'- Salaam-E-Ishq
Its more on romantic, silly love. Well, i love them, not in the 'aankhon mein, baaton mein' way.

#What do you think about very often?
'koi jo mila tho mujhe aisa lagtha hei' -breathless- Shankar Mahadevan.
I dont even listen to this song, how it got in my player? In the mean time,I seriously seem to need an affair.

#What is 2+2?
'Socho ji socho aisa hota tho'- Salaam-E-Ishq
Very Funny! But its a very happy romantic song.

#What do you think of your best friend?
'Mere Sanam' - gupt
Its for Di. when i told her, she didnt believe me. Actually i love her in a 'tujh se bichad ke mar jaayenge hum' way. Scary. But True.

#What do you think of the person you like?
'Tumko paya hein tho jaise khoya hoon'- Om Shanthi Om
Isn't that a tad extreme?

#What is your life's story?
Hamesha tumko chaha- devdas
I have no idea why this came up, but i seriously think of 'Ant' my ex-pen pal now.

#What you want to be when you grow up? (oh, come on! i'm big enough!)
Maine payal he chankai- falguni pathak.( i swear its not a song i listen to. Stored for some dance or something.)
Am I that desperate for a lover??

#What you think when tou see the person you like? (is this a repeat question?)
'Chhaliya chhaliya'- Tashan
No Idea. None.

#What do your parents think of you?
'Thode badmaash ho tum, thode naadan ho tum'- Saawaiya
This was the most amazing coincidence!! I know its mom. She loves me to bits.

#What will tou dance to at your wedding?
'sindbad the sailor'- Rock On!!
its a favourite. But at my wedding??

#what will they play at your funeral?
'Khamaj'- Fuzon
and i'll love if you'd do that. This is a special instruction to Di, H n Sony. Play it. Among Others. And put on some dance numbers. Make Amar in-charge.

#What is your hobby / interest?
'zehreelay'- Rock on!!
(weired. and i hate that song. and snakes.)

#What is your biggest secret?
'Loose control'- Rang de basanti
:D. Di laughed a lot on this. As i absolutely have none! I cant keep secrets.

#What you think of your friends?
'nihaal ho gayi'- Thoda pyar Thoda Magic
idiotic song. yet, 'seedhi sapaat zindgi bavaal hogayi,teri ek nazar se zindgi nihal ho gayi'.

#What should you post this as?
'Kehne ko jashn e bahaara hein'- Jodha Akbar
yah. right.

Pretty ok na? all of you, just try, if u have tons of free time or studytimes to escape from.

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