Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Guys.. I Fell In Love... Unexpectedly. (Its Nothing Serious, Am Just A Drama Queen ;) )

I never thought myself to be the kind of girl who would fall in love with a 50 year old. Even though it’s hard to admit, i am the one who is crazed over the young cute chocolate boys in my friends' circle. I propound the idea of marrying the same age guy, class mate etc, and not in my weirdest dreams I think of even liking a middle aged man. Well, brain proposes and heart disposes.
This new German guy at the resort is totally hot. As my previous experiences with European men are limited only to ogling and whispering behind their backs, getting to talk to and joke with this guy was a new thing, and it didn’t hurt that he is totally charming. I met him on his first day here and then H was on holiday. The next day I was on leave and H came back. And on the third day, when i came back, i saw that i have competition as H looked totally taken with the guy and we sorta competed for the attention a bit. (If she reads this, she would disagree immediately.)
Well, he is a doctor, looks intelligent, cool and hippy-ish (in a good way). He has this small bead necklace which is really cool. Even though he is 51(aehm..) but looks younger and cooler than the 25 year olds i know. And he looks at you with his piercing eyes and its really unsettling [shite, I sound like 15 years old in her 1st crush]. It all started as the small talks and on the way greetings. Then also, this guy is the most interesting, funny and good looking man I've ever met. And please, such combination is quite hard to find. And he takes such care when he talks. He looks at you like a lady, makes you feel like you are not a little girl, yet some times pamper you as a little girl. Ah... And I tell you that he has no idea that there is a part of me who gets glassy eyed and jumpy when I see him. Well, we are good friends, and I am cent percent sure that it would remain that way and only that way. It’s only a passing fancy, yet the feeling of the youthfulness and the innocence is amazing.
Did i mention that this guy has a wife? Well, he has one. She is a very sweet lady, funny and quite a friend, and he is hmm... Totally spicy and mouth watering.

PS: Actually the thing is that, the place has a lot of awesome and sexy ladies and no men at all. And if at all a guy comes, he looks 70 and is as adorable as your grand dad. So when finally a half cute man came upon, we pounced on the chance.

PPS:we got the first prize in the pookalam competition.[ i wrote about it in the last post.] The prize is some éclairs and some regular ball point pen. What a load of crap! Looks like the front office either have no idea of what to gift, or is still sour that they lost to us. But hooray!!!

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