Saturday, September 13, 2008

Onam This Year.

The long fight with internet provider was won yesterday night. It was started so that I could at least get to the blogger. Everyday I had so much to write and its all gone into oblivion now. Will they ever understand me?

Well, now when I think back on the past week, I don’t remember much. Now I just wanna call the damned provider and shout at them.

The last week was ONAM in kerala. Its not a temple or religious fest, it’s a family fest. [does this sound like those essays we used to write when we were 6 or something? ] Well, for short, its like thanks giving in States, with more days, fun and rituals. Well, due to the job (all the seniors get holidays, so it was me and H working) and dad’s hospital stay, I was kinda missing it all. Home Onams are always about 10 days holidays, the pookalams (floral designs on courtyard) its competition [at college and home], the delicious smell of home made fried bananas, the feast, sitting on floor and eating from banana leaves, TV specials(recent addition), kheer (and its verities).... This year, nothing. so i was really getting sad.

Then at the resort there is this floral design competition. So when our wing's chance came up, me and H were told we are to help. so we tried by downloading new designs, and coming to work early to help. but there is this rude bad-boy(not in a sexy way), who just brushed us away and went on with the stupid designs of his, and made rude comments at us for being 15 mins late all the time. (this guy is so rude that none except us came to help him,knowing him well enough.) so we got really pissed off and so we went to the office and asked them to get us another chance.

while me and H with Lee(a new friend at resort) planned the designs, went to shopping, and arranged flowers at night, it felt like ONAM. We were all working hard, tensed yet joking, fighting and laughing, the tiredness and late night works, the arguments, the sublime scent of orange flowers, the tiresome job of cutting the leaves, the offbeat songs the radio played while we did was the same as it was at college. [did i mentioned that our batch were a regular winners there? No credits to me, but we were the batch who had the most fights, but also had an insuppressible urge to excel at whatever we did.]

at the end, everyone LOVED our work, even though there were serious jabs and comments which we now account for sheer jealousy, as the same guys commented on us were later found in a photo posing near it pretending to make it.[Idea acha tha.. but didn't escape us and the taunts]. the office later said ours was the best. So Yay!!!

Then there was this sadya (onam feast) at the resort, and it wasnt that good, and again i missed ONAM. On the Thiruvonam day, the beloved uncle and aunt (yeah. sooo mallu, calling elders uncle and aunt) who lives downstairs gave me this lavish sadya with 2 kheers and everything soo tasty, i again didn't missed much of onam.

And finally, i was given this one day holiday at the resort on the last day of onam and now am back at home!!! Yo baby, and here we took the new BIG TV by reliance and even though am watching more of their manual than the programs(all thanks to bro), and they are running Jodha akbar 24x7 and we are not getting any english movie channels by them, its cool. Dad is ok and we all are having so much fun plus the kheer and food items...

Yeah. Its Onam. How ever hard and different the life is, Onam will come to you on its own way. And Happy Onam to All mallus...

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Rudra said...

well good feeling..
nicely written dear....

happy onam to all!!!