Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Dear friends, all is well and dad is making excellent progress. Yes we are still in the hospital and he is still in intensive cardiac care unit, but when i saw him today, the old chap is back in form, by which i mean he is teasing the nursing staff, commenting on doctors and criticizing almost everyone. So i am not going to narrate the past 2 days of heart aches and depress you and myself. And there were so many new experiences. Of friendships made outside the ICUs, the Gossips about the staff and the patients, meddling relatives and the problems they make, my new job of attending calls 24x7 from people i've never even heard of....some other time folks..

Then what? Hmm.. we are at this hospital called Lake shore Hospital at Cochin. Its HUGE, beautiful and is at a lake shore. Its totally posh, i mean you guys should see the cars parked in the lot, and they are definitely way out of my league! But i heavily recommends it as the medical service is superb, patient care is high level and even if everything here is costly(costliest in this state), they make us feel that its well deserved. And above all, they saved my dad.

5 points which will come handy if you ever have to come down here(i sincerely pray that you would never need this info)-
1. Do not order the regular coffee. order cappuccino, and u get regular Indian coffee.
2. Do not order food to room, they serve you one or two dishes less than that at the cafeteria. Also at higher price.
3. The way in through the room service ordering place and lift there is less guarded (in case you forgot the pass).
4.There is a plan layout in every floor, go through with a well oriented person(my case, my brother, he is a civil engg student), connect with the floor above and below, investigate and find new new paths. Its interesting and the best time pass available.(My blog will be banned if anyone from there saw this.)
5.DO NOT order hot chocolate, espresso, and any other listed coffee if you are a coffee freak. It will destroy you.
You might be thinking what the hell i am doing in this hospital. I tell you, you don't even know whats going on here, and they say they take care of EVERYTHING and you can give over your loved ones to them and relax. They do an exceptional job.

I only pray for Mom to have a safe heart when the damn bill arrives.


Al Walling said...

uhmm.. readin about the hospital with a father (sick father) brings me bad miserable memories.....

small_town girl said...

oh.. am sorry.