Sunday, November 16, 2008

My new friend... Bow Wow.. Part 1

Before beginning this post, you must know that i am crazy about dogs. I love everything about them, from the charm to the idiocy and the loyalty to light skirt-ness. And Every single one of them.

So, the main road from where i get my cab every day, my apartment is about 10 minutes walk. When i walk with H, we both comment on everything under the sun. And usually Tommy escort us to road. Tommy is our landlord's dog, who is loyal but disobedient. On this way, there is a home, which is uninhabited, and no, this is not a haunted house, as the house is quite modern and too small to interest any ghosts. Also in this house is 3 dogs. 2 GSD boys (German shepherd dog, aka, Alsatian) and a Labrador girl. Everyday, on our walks, they start barking matches with Tommy and I, who has a very sweet GSD (rocky is his name) at home, i never gave much thought on them, other than comparing them with rocky on who had more height and fur. 
When i say these dogs live in a house which is lonely, it doesn't mean the people there goes to office everyday or is on holidays. The house is not lived in for more than 1 year and someone feeds the dogs everyday. And the Gate is Locked.
Thus one day i was returning home alone, i came upon the house. Then i saw this big GSD dog, near the gate, limping. It was his left front paw, which was hurt. He looked very sad and very much in pain, I was torn between going to him to be barked at and going my own way to wonder about him later. So, taking all the dare i could muster, i went to the gate and said in my most tender voice, hello. He first looked at me, and slowly came near the gate. By then, my only hope was that i could run fast if he barked at me, avoiding my true intentions. Then, The Very Brave Small Town Girl, risking the fate of looking like a fool taking to a dog across a gate, asked him how he is and whether its paining too much. His doubtful dark eyes turned friendly and sad and he slowly extended his paw towards me. I patted him for a while and he started to moan, which i think is because of his having got someone finally who would listen to him. I comforted him by being there as much as i can, with the stares from passer by's and children going home after school. As i cant stay there on the wrong side of a gate for more than 15 minutes, i walked home. 
On the way i thought why would a proud and not too friendly dog like a GSD would come so close to me with the slightest of the invitations. Why no one is taking him to the Doc? Why is he sad?Why would you leave a perfectly lovely dog alone? When you move your home, would you leave a child back? Isnt a Dog special? What he must be feeling at his owners? Is it only the pain? The poor guy would have been so lonely and depressed, sad that he doesn't have someone to love, doesn't have a child to play with, or a M'am to tease, some one to run around with, something to chase, some one to talk to him if he misbehaved, someone to order him around..
 And as i thought about him, i came to know how worthless your life would be if you have no one to love. And i cried all the way home.


Nikita said...

Awwww.... poor dog.

~anu~ said...

how true that is. dogs need to be treated like children and they go on to become your best friends. i remember my dog greeting me with tremendous energy everyday i came back from school. can't imagine leaving poor creatures behind. i am feeling bad too. :(