Thursday, September 04, 2008

Ranbir Kapoor n me!

Anyone heard a song titled 'small town girl' in bachna... Now, there is a hindi song in mah name?? Yey!! thank you folks..(Its by vishal sekhar right?)

BTW, isn't the looks and wardrobe of Bips totally small town in the film? yeah right. If thats small town, am thinking of changing my name to village girl. Apart from that, i wouldn't mind if i get Ranbir to cater to my each and every whims. Isn't that boy cute?

In personal fornt, dad went from ICU to Room, Mom went from sad to mad(dad is as whiny as it gets), me, from Lake shore to sea shore. Joining the resort tomorrow.

so, Life is GOOD.


Al Walling said...

uhmm... nah, i havent checked out the film.
honestly, i dont really want to..

but the title track is catchy.icant deny that.
hey... i hope all's well in the :( and icu department.
like i told u,i have terrible memories in the hospital.
anyway, resort??
ooh lala...!!!!

Animesh Raj said...

nice to hear about the recovery of your father. and about bipasha's wardrobe i really wish every small town girl adopts her dressing sense!!

small_town girl said...

@ al,
i dont want 2 watch it either!and resort is oohh la la.really.
read on

(like ur name.its unusual. in a good way)
thats some dream boy!!